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Katt Anomia - Visual Takedowns: How to Dom with Your Eyes

Katt Anomia - Kink University

20th August - Learn the art of non-verbal communication, or rather, non-verbal domination, using just your eyes and face. This tutorial teaches you how to stare someone down, convey to them what is on your mind, how you feel and what you need them to do without ever saying a word. Discover how to put your submissive/slave in their place using only a glance. ...Read More
MsMadyson - Feminization, Crossdressing and Sissification

MsMadyson - Kink University

30th July - If you're a Dominant looking to guide or command the feminization of your submissive--or a person of any gender wishing to acquire or transform yourself with a feminine mystique--this tutorial by MsMadyson provides the coaching needed to transform them (or yourself). You'll learn: what you'll need (clothing, make-up, and beyond) and where to get it, how to apply make-up, walk in high heels, conceal a penis, choose and wear bra padding, and more. ...Read More
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