Angel,Sonya in 'Kink Partners' - Ashley Fires SciFi Dreamgirls: SassyBot (Ashley Fires SciFi Dreamgirls)

Back in the HRX lab we are testing our newest prototype, the beautiful Fembot Avian. This prototype has an attitude with the HRX staff until Doctor Pierce realizes that she is set to 'Sassy mode' she must be shut down and modified so she will be more compliant. Sonya walks Avian through not one but two masturbation sequences and made to experience many orgasms with the help of Doctor Honeycutt and Sonya. Sonya also instructs Avian in how to test her vaginal capacity. While doing so Sonya springs a very large leak and Avian has a very steamy malfunction.

Released : January 5th, 2021
Tags : Big Tits, Black, Dildo, Doctor, Ebony, Fetish, High Heels, Kinky, Lingerie, Masturbation, Nylons Stockings, Redhead, Uniform, Vaginal Penetration
Male Models : Colin

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Angel in 'Kink Partners' Ashley Fires SciFi Dreamgirls: SassyBot (Thumbnail 2)
Angel in 'Kink Partners' Ashley Fires SciFi Dreamgirls: SassyBot (Thumbnail 3)
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Angel in 'Kink Partners' Ashley Fires SciFi Dreamgirls: SassyBot (Thumbnail 17)
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Angel in 'Kink Partners' Ashley Fires SciFi Dreamgirls: SassyBot (Thumbnail 19)
Angel in 'Kink Partners' Ashley Fires SciFi Dreamgirls: SassyBot (Thumbnail 20)
Angel in 'Kink Partners' Ashley Fires SciFi Dreamgirls: SassyBot (Thumbnail 21)
Angel in 'Kink Partners' Ashley Fires SciFi Dreamgirls: SassyBot (Thumbnail 22)
Angel in 'Kink Partners' Ashley Fires SciFi Dreamgirls: SassyBot (Thumbnail 23)
Angel in 'Kink Partners' Ashley Fires SciFi Dreamgirls: SassyBot (Thumbnail 24)

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Lilly Ligotage in 'Ashley Fires SciFi Dreamgirls:HRX Surrogate Autonomous Mode'

Lilly Ligotage - Ashley Fires SciFi Dreamgirls:HRX Surrogate Autonomous Mode

If you love hot sexy Android Women obeying your every command, then you have come to the right world. For the first time Technosexuals, ASFR (Alt.Sex.Fetish.Robots), and Robot Fetishists alike now have a movie series that caters to their specific technological sexual proclivity.Episode Description: HRX Surrogate 1 is a brand new prototype. This android has 2 modes. In Surrogate mode, humans and other robots may control them. In Autonomous mode, they are able to function like any other HRX model.HRX Surrogate 1 (Lily) stands frozen, motionless. Sonya (Chelsea) enters and switches her on and commands her to enter Autonomous mode. HRX Surrogate 1 greets her master and inquires how she may pleasure her this morning. Sonja explains that she is a robot as well and not her master. She is not programmed for pleasure and she is only there to run program Alpha testing on her. Sonja commands HRX Surrogate 1 to assume position M, open her C-Panel, and stand-by to begin testing. HRX Surrogate 1 asks Sonja if she will enjoy the testing? Sonja explains that she will because she is programmed to enjoy it. Dr. Pierce enters the lab and sees both robots frozen, awaiting his presence. They greet him simultaneously and he orders the testing to begin. Sonja starts thrusting her large dilator apparatus in and out of the Surrogate's pussy. Dr. Pierce asks the statist of the Surrogates V Cannel. Sonja recommends an increase of pressure by 15% for user sensitivity. There seems to be issues with her pleasure sensors so the Doctor makes some adjustments to her open panel and asks the Surrogate how she feels. The android starts screaming in ecstasy! Dr. Perce is pleased with the Surrogate and decides it was time for some human trials. First the Doctor orders Sonja to lick her robot pussy. Both Sonja and the doctor have their way with the Surrogate until the doctor explodes all over the robots face. She is ordered to self cleaning mode and then freezes. Dr. Pierce then commands Sonja to prepare for Surrogate Integration testing.Cast: FemBot Surrogate 1, Sonya, Dr. Pierce

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Angel in 'We Love Wet Pussy'

Angel - We Love Wet Pussy

Angel recently has had some issues with her arm muscles, and the whole time Angie has been a sweet friend, taking care of her arm. But Angel and Angie have a secret! They both go absolutely nuts for a sopping wet pussy, just like we do here at Webyoung, so it was a perfect fit to shoot these two nubile teens, doing what they love most!Angie takes her time, running her tongue all over Angel's perfect body. Angel reacts by fantasizing about what glorious pleasure Angie has planned. Before long, Angie has her hands on Angel's pussy underneath her panties. The plan? Make Angel as wet as possible, so Angie can taste her sweet nectar, and be fulfilled sexually by seeing how intensely Angel feels the passion Angie lays before her. Angel is so wet by the time her shorts come off, that her panties are soaked to the point of transparency from Angie's fingers and her licking. Using her fingers, Angie stimulates Angel's fruit through the thin fabric, and Angel reacts by writhing her beautiful frame against the couch, and Angie's expert mouth. Angie peels Angel's soaked underwear to the side, to access her pussy using her strong tongue. Angel uses her fingers to feel her hardening nipples, while Angie rubs gently to coax and lick up the liquid nectar from Angel's teen pussy. Angie uses her fingers to tease Angel before taking a seat beside her to share Angel's flavor with her by her passionate deep kissing. Angie strips to get more comfortable while she fingers and licks Angel deeply until she experiences a sopping wet orgasm. Now it's Angel's turn to get a taste for Angie. Watch as Angel uses a similar technique to get Angie excited, using her fingers and kissing her crisp white shaved pussy. Soon Angel has Angie screaming at the top of her lungs while fingering her saucy wet pussy until she cums hard.

Angel in 'Pajama Party'

Angel - Pajama Party

Angel can't decide what to watch on a lazy morning in early summer. She calls up her friends Kaitlyn and Janine wondering if they'd like to come over and chill with her and be lazy in their pajamas. The three of them reminisce about the last pajama party they had, and it has been way too long since then. Once the girls are over they decide on a movie. But curiosity gets the best of them and since Janine's top is a bit see through Kaitlyn touches her soft little breast through the thin fabric of her light blue shirt. Angel and Kaitlyn gang up to caress Janine, who clearly doesn't mind the groping which is evident by the fact that she lifts her shirt to help them with their invasion. Angel takes control in demanding Kaitlyn expose herself too! By now, the table has turned and now Angel is the only fully clothed one. Janine and Kaitlyn coax her to peel off her top but, they do it themselves in a playful whim because they just don't want to wait!After a pillow fight they begin to make out with each other and undress. Janine is the first one in the buck and Angel can't resist tasting her savory peach. Meanwhile, Kaitlyn tastes Janine's warm mouth with hers. Angel is slowly licking Janine inside and out making sure not to miss a single spot! Kaitlyn begins massaging Janine's breasts. Janine re-positions herself on the outside of the three leaving Kaitlyn in the middle. Janine removes her pajama pants while Angel kisses her. Kaitlyn's innocent face warns that she may be out of her league... but, Angel (who is rubbing her own pussy) and Janine (who is now eating Kaitlyn out, and using her fingers to encourage Kaitlyn to be wetter) will show her how it's done. Angel lifts her body above Kaitlyn's face and forces her shaved pussy down into Kaitlyn's warm mouth. Janine exchanges some of the liquid from Kaitlyn and her own mouth with her pussy, beginning to masturbate herself a bit in order to keep the sexual energy of the three at the level high they've already set. The view of Kaitlyn's pussy and Angel's behind inspires more gusto forcing Janine to use her wet finger to rub the soft folds of Kaitlyn's pussy gently apart.Moments later Janine is suddenly in the middle with Kaitlyn servicing her pussy while she eats out Angel's. Kaitlyn is rubbing herself as the taste of Janine drives her wild. Janine is in such a horny state that she spanks herself and Angel responds by rubs her supple tits. The lady train continues and the soft sounds of breathy moans fill the air becoming more frequent each time eventually rising to full voiced moans and heavy breaths. They reorganize thier slender bodies into a three way masturbation with Angel in the middle tending to kaitlyn on her left and Janine to her right who is rubbing Angel. Kaitlyn is rubbing Angel's breasts and all are content to have an extra hand. Janine can't resist sucking Angel's breasts. As if by an act of wind, all three are instantly propelled into a frenzy of moans and cries of pleasure writhing under each other's soft yet strong hands. You can see that they are all equally satisfied by their closed eyes and the screams of intense pleasure all three release into the fresh crisp air of the room while enduring the climax of their orgasms all together. As quick as they came they are back into the pillow fight! girls will be girls!

Angel in 'My First Kama Sutra'

Angel - My First Kama Sutra

Angel has never read the Kama Sutra but, after a trip to the library, she discovers that all her dreams can come true after all. Upon her arrival home, she goes straight to the couch to open the new book, where she discovers a couple of interesting positions and notices the beautiful artwork. Inspiration runs aplenty and Angel has a few new ideas she can't wait another second to try out on herself. Angel's top comes up, revealing her soft, young natural tits. The buttons get undone on her denim shorts and finally her intimates are revealed. She can feel her loins vibrating in excitement beneath her panties. Finding the way under her underwear, her soft young palms glide to and fro between the fabric and her soft clit and love lips. With each rub against her shaved pussy it gets wetter and wetter. After finally stripping the last pieces of fabric from her body, she becomes fully exposed and you can see her soft supple skin waiting to be caressed and stimulated. Angel's goosebumps are a good clue to how ready she is to have her tasty wet fingers deep inside herself while she's perched up on her knees, as if she's ready for your cock to take the plunge into her sweet hole. Angel tries a few other positions, imagining what it might be like to be with a man. The fantasy drives her to the brink of orgasm, and finally she reaches the pinnacle pleasure. Angel decides to save the book for her next exciting sex lesson.

Angel in 'My New Experience'

Angel - My New Experience

Young lesbian teens Angel and Dila are going to spend the afternoon together. After flipping through some magazines together, Dila just can't control herself and can't keep her hands off gorgeous little Angel's body. Dila wastes no time undressing her girlfriend and goes straight for what she wants most, a taste of that perfectly shaved teen pussy. Licking up and down the already wet slit she can't wait to taste the young beauties cum all over her tongue. Eager to return the oral favor, Angel strips Dila down and has her sit up on the back of the couch, her knee high sock covered legs spread eagle so the petite young teen can have her fill of delicious pussy. Before Angel can finish her off, Dila pulls out their favorite toy, an orange vibrating dildo. Laying Angel down, Dila slips the sexy toy deep inside her girlfriend's pussy, pumping it in and out while kneeling in front of her. Putting Angel in the doggystyle position, Dila puts the dildo between her lips and begins to thrust in and out of the tight pussy, while she fingers herself eagerly. The site of the thick cock thrusting in and out of her little lesbian lover's pussy is driving her nuts, especially when Angel reaches back and begins to finger herself too. Before she can cum though, the girls decide to lie back on the couch, legs intertwined, pussies only inches apart, and begin to rub their clits in unison. Gyrating lasciviously and watching each other masturbate, our lovely teen lesbians are soon in the throes of orgasmic bliss, moaning, shaking, and looking deep into each other's eyes as the release of their passion finally erupts forth like a volcano full of pure molten lust.

Angel in 'Donk in the trunk'

Angel - Donk in the trunk

Angell wants to meet Jmac. Shes friends with Tony and knows he can set something up. Tony does his magic and the meeting is set. Jmacs always late so in the time prior he asks Angell to put on a little show. She gives him exactly what he wants, shaking her sweet ass like she has something to prove. When she licks one of her nipples Tonys in awe at the length of her tongue. She insures that she knows how to use it. She continues to show off, proudly displaying her pretty, pink pussy while spreading her legs to show how flexible she is. Jmac arrives just in time, Angell being nice and wet, and ready to fuck. Upon closer inspection Angell learns what Jmac is packing and cant wait to be filled by his pole. She sucks him off and show how well she can use her talented tongue. They move to the couch then, where Jmac pounds her pussy hard. Angell rides out without ever losing her breath. In between her cries of passion she demands Jmac to cum all over her ass. Jmac does just that and leaves a beautiful, round and brown, cum-covered ass.

Amirah Adara in 'Double fly'

Amirah Adara - Double fly

Choky was in heaven seeing double with Angel and Amirah. They were enjoying an afternoon together and things got frisky pretty quick. Amirah and Angel got into some passionate kissing and heavy petting and of course Choky made sure they had plenty of space to get into it. He let them really get into it and get real horny, then he slid in between them. Choky was like a kid in a candy store with all sorts of goodies to grab and suck on.

Angel in 'Dick in the Shrink'

Angel - Dick in the Shrink

Johnny has an addiction. He loves sexual intercourse way too much. Realizing he has a problem is the first step, the second step is to get some help. Although Dr. Angel is new to the world of sexual addiction, she's still one of the top psychiatrists in the country. After listening to Johnny's sex tales, however, she's going to have a little addiction of her own...