Verta in Kink - The Holy Vessel (Hardcore Gangbang)


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Worshipping at the feet of her lord, the gorgeous Verta is a lust filled Virgin Mary come to tempt her Jesus with blasphemous sins. But Jesus knows and preaches that what you bring forth shall save you, and Mary is the holy vessel that they all must fill up to protect his sacred lineage. Tied up in rope, Verta takes deep throat blessings from Jesus and all his followers. Hard pounding holy fucking, sacred double penetration, deep angelic double anal and fisting of the holy follower, Verta takes and worships cocks in every hole. One after the other, the followers fill up this holy vessel, but only Jesus is allowed to seed in the blessed cunt. Finally, to remove her of the 7 sins, Verta is baptized in a barrel of holy water bondage. ...Read More

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Straight, Gangbang, Anal, Double Penetration, Blowjob, Bondage, Corporal Punishment, Bdsm, Blowbang, Role Play, Fisting, Double Anal, Creampie, Rough Sex

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Small Hands, Owen Gray, Charles Dera, Will Havoc


Verta - The Holy Vessel (Thumb 01)
Verta - The Holy Vessel (Thumb 02)
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Verta - The Holy Vessel (Thumb 17)
Verta - The Holy Vessel (Thumb 18)
Verta - The Holy Vessel (Thumb 19)
Verta - The Holy Vessel (Thumb 20)
Verta - The Holy Vessel (Thumb 19)
Verta - The Holy Vessel (Thumb 20)
Verta - The Holy Vessel (Thumb 21)
Verta - The Holy Vessel (Thumb 22)
Verta - The Holy Vessel (Thumb 25)
Verta - The Holy Vessel (Thumb 26)
Verta - The Holy Vessel (Thumb 27)
Verta - The Holy Vessel (Thumb 28)
Verta - The Holy Vessel (Thumb 30)
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Verta - Verta is bound down hard and fucked harder. Brutal face fucking and cervix pounding creates orgasms

Verta - Sexually Broken

12th June - Welcome Verta to the pages of Sexually Broken, we are always giving you new faces and helpless slut that love getting destroyed by cock.Bound onto a sybian we start by fucking our helpless sluts throat while the most powerful vibrator in the world makes her cum over and over. Then we put her upside down and mummify her to a bench so we can fuck her face into subspace. While getting throat blasted we step in and fuck her ready wet pussy to yet more orgasms. In the end we put her perfect ass up in the year and fuck her tight pussy to several screaming orgasms!This girl love the big cocks and now she love the bondage as well! ...Read More
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Verta - Chocolate Cheerleader Camp 06

Verta - Chocolate Cheerleader Camp 06

14th June - Verta is out front of the house practicing her cheers when her stepdad gets home from work. And wow does he get an eyeful. She is not wearing underwear. What if the neighbors see? She says she needs freedom to move. She asks him to sit down and he gets a bird's eye view of that tight little snapper. Next thing you know she's naked and they are banging in the front yard. How the fuck did this happen? ...Read More
Verta - Vivacious Verta

Verta - Teeny Black

10th August - Say hello to cute and teeny Verta! Shes here to shoot her very first porn and we couldnt be more happy to be her first! She tells us how she loves when people watch her masturbate and watch her have sex! Verta striped for us and laid on her back to show us how she plays with herself - fucking herself with the glass dildo and making herself orgasm! After she oiled herself up our boy came in and Verta went to town on his meat, giving him a wet bj making it nice and hard. She hopped on his dick and rode it like a real pro, spanking her own ass as she was getting filled! Our boy fucked her real good and made her cum then it was his turn! Verta dropped to her knees and took his load in her mouth! Let us know what you think about her in the comments below! ...Read More
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