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Entice in 'Master of The Class'

Entice - Master of The Class

By now you would think girls would learn not to be late to any class The Master is teaching. But Sadly for Entice she has not learned this lesson.Because of her tardiness The Master is going to teach her a lesson she will never forget... Never escape from.The Master will ensure Entice is never late again... He will transform her into a robot and make sure she submits to his horny pleasures... He will have her cum again and again.

Entice in 'A Super Heroine becomes My Fembot'

Entice - A Super Heroine becomes My Fembot

Super Heroines Love to Hunt for The Master. That's what Entice is doing when she is caught and Transformed into his Robotic puppet.The Master tells Entice to orgasm and makes her Cum over and Over for her new Master!

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Entice in 'Restraint'

Entice - Restraint

Fiery Russian redhead Entice is all set to make her man's day when he joins her in her dorm room to give her a distraction from studying! Her man kicks things off by encouraging his woman to get naked and finger her tight wet pussy while he watches and gets hard as a rock.Next the couple exchanges oral sex, with Entice giving her man a blow job with obvious pleasure. When she's done, she spreads her legs so that her landing strip snatch can get a long licking that gets her all warmed up and ready for the big show.The couple comes together in a variety of raunchy positions, ending with Entice on her hands and knees taking a doggy style pussy pounding while her beau pulls her long hair until she comes apart in his arms! When she has come down from her orgasmic bliss, Entice knows that she needs to take care of her guy, too. The cute coed gets down on her knees and wraps her warm eager lips around her man's hard cock, sucking and licking his dick until he explodes in her mouth so that she can swallow every drop of his warm cum.