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Lady Bijou in 'Back To School'

Lady Bijou - Back To School

Lady Bijou teaches some latex lessons!

Lady Bijou in 'Fucking a Cheeky Hussy'

Lady Bijou - Fucking a Cheeky Hussy

Naughty sub Hally is caught masturbating in the shower. Lady Bijou catches her and makes her worship her boots before penetrating the little hussy with her strap-on.

Lady Bijou in 'Latex Sub Jill Bound and Penetrated by Lady Bijou and Her Strap-on.'

Lady Bijou - Latex Sub Jill Bound and Penetrated by Lady Bijou and Her Strap-on.

Beautiful latex sub Jill gets tied up and penetrated by Lady Bijou with her strap-on.

Mau in 'Aquatormentis: Part 2 'In The Face of Fear''

Mau - Aquatormentis: Part 2 'In The Face of Fear'

The 2 brats lied to their mistress and said they had to work, while they were enjoying themselves at the lake. This was a bad idea. Captured and defenselessly bound there is first the whip and then the cheeky bitch Hally gets fucked. Since she seems to like it too, the mistress has to cool down a bit and so the fire hose comes into play...The tied up bitch screams like crazy when the ice-cold water of the fire hose hits her naked Clity...

Mau in 'Aquatormentis: Part 1 'Captured''

Mau - Aquatormentis: Part 1 'Captured'

The 2 brats lied to their mistress and said they had to work, while they were enjoying themselves at the lake. This was a bad idea. Captured and defenselessly bound they await their fate.

Lady Bijou in 'A Very Delicious Experience'

Lady Bijou - A Very Delicious Experience

Hally the little bitch just can't keep her fingers off her pierced pussy... and so she gets her pussy stuffed! A very very very delicious experience!

Lady Bijou in 'Riding Mistress: Strap-On Punishment'

Lady Bijou - Riding Mistress: Strap-On Punishment

Boot slut Kate is so excited that she absolutely must satisfy herself without the permission of her mistress. That was a mistake!

Lady Bijou in 'Riding Mistress'

Lady Bijou - Riding Mistress

The mare has the task to clean the riding stable of the mistress. She is observed thereby by the always horny stable master, that this does not last long going well with so many hormones in play was to be expected. The mistress caught both then also in the act, with the penis of the stable master in the mouth of the Mare. The punishment with whip and cane follows on the boot and after it both are allowed to present their asses for breaking in. Why this treatment made both of them only hornier only heaven knows.... But there is also a common solution for this!

Lady Bijou in 'Raven - Sweet Brat in Chastity'

Lady Bijou - Raven - Sweet Brat in Chastity

Raven -Sweet Brat Hally was 2 weeks locked up in the chastity belt for her Mistress. You can imagine how horny the slut is now, but first, she must go to the Female doctor to check her health. The Doc was real surprised as she saw what she wear under the clothes. So this Slut real need a complete body check including her tripping Pussy and her Tits.

Hally in 'Raven-Sweet Brat in Orgasm Ecstasy'

Hally - Raven-Sweet Brat in Orgasm Ecstasy

The mistress has caught her Slut under the shower with her fingers on the clitty after she removed her chastity belt for hygienic reasons! Absolute no go! So for this effort she will get a cruel punishment, first with the whip to her super sweet ass, then her pussy get real hard stuffed and at the end she will get her orgasm, but not only one, she get helpless bound, a gas mask To the increase of the horniness comes in the show and the Hitachi super strong Vibrator is placed on the clit, with no chance to remove it, so now she will get her orgasm, one after the next until the the next day the Sun rise...

Hally in 'Spoil Your Mistress'

Hally - Spoil Your Mistress

Latex Slut Hally does her best to make life as pleasant as possible for her lesbian mistress. Her mistress loves to be spoiled in the bathroom, especially her feet have to be taken care of. For her excellent work, she is rewarded and fucked properly.

Lady Bijou in 'Bijou Outdoors'

Lady Bijou - Bijou Outdoors

Lady Bijou and her subservient Gummischlampe 12 head out to the forest for a romantic picnic on this fine Summer's day. The obedient Zofe sets up her latex blanket, and prepares for her a cold flute of bubbly with an assortment of fresh Trauben. The day's activities include sensual corporal punishment with a riding crop, strap-on pegging, and clingwrap mummification. When Mistress Bijou is ready to head home, she ballgags the rubber slut, and tears a hole open over the slave's Bums Arsch so that passersby are able to use it freely. What a pleasant day out!