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Matti Mars in 'Mind Fucked - Jessica Ryan'

Matti Mars - Mind Fucked - Jessica Ryan

Jack met Jessica at the grocery store? he remembers her showing him a very weird video on her phone but he can?t remember much after that. Apparently, he paid for Jessica?s groceries and left his own groceries there? then he invited her home. She shows him the video again? the pattern is relaxing and confusing? his brain is slowly erased and reprogrammed? now the only thing he can think of is making Jessica happy. She explains to him that she will be moving into his house and taking over his life and it all makes total sense to him. He just wants to make her happy. She allows him to worship her delicious feet and he obeys? she laughs at how weak he was and how easy it was to mind fuck him? then she makes him lick her asshole! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, MIND FUCK, FACESITTING, AND MORE!

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Matti Mars in 'Matti Fucks Johnny Straight'

Matti Mars - Matti Fucks Johnny Straight

The boys met Matti at the Boardwalk. They asked her if she knew some hot dudes for Johnny as Johnny was finally coming out of the closet. She looked at Johnny. Yeah he looked like he would suck dick. So she went with them for a ride to pick up dudes. But the boys dropped some money on her to drop her clothes and then they wondered if Johnny would get hard for a girl. Matti was interested, too. She let him touch her breasts. She jerked his dick and then she sucked. A miracle! It got hard. So maybe Johnny wasn't gay after all. They gave her $2000 to fuck him. So she did! They fucked while the van was bumping and sightseeing through Miami. They fucked in several positions until formerly gay Johnny came on her tits. They lured Matti and Johnny out of them and left them stranded.