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Mistress Kacy in 'Dumm fickt gut'

Mistress Kacy - Dumm fickt gut

The two ladies have ordered something delicious in the studio. "Sissy Dumm fickt gut" and the slut is also tested immediately. It follows a merciless ass up for the Sissy Butt with extra fat cocks. Sisterly then the holes are exchanged for half of the session. "Sissy stupid fucks well" makes her name then all honor.

Star Mistress Luci in 'Preparation for their future job as gang bang sluts'

Star Mistress Luci - Preparation for their future job as gang bang sluts

As preparation for their future job as gang bang sluts, the 2 Sissys are ridden by their mistresses in a duo fuck today. The asses gets fully stretched so that even the whole hand fits into it and then the XXXL strapons are used. There can be complained and begged the asses are now fucked without mercy from the Mistresses.

Star Mistress Luci in 'Doppelt Gestopft (Double Stuffed)'

Star Mistress Luci - Doppelt Gestopft (Double Stuffed)

Absolutely oral and anal used is the Fuck object, slave 16 by the two Ladies in his holes. As the slave thinks now he has survived it unfortunately only the holes are exchanged and he is fucked further. Like a whore he is taken without any mercy.

Star Mistress Luci in 'Abspritz Therapy'

Star Mistress Luci - Abspritz Therapy

The poor patient gets a sadistic treatment about orgasm from the two ladies in the clinic. First, his "Dick" is thoroughly cleaned from the inside with dilators of different sizes, then a very mean teasing with air control begins. It goes without saying that the patient can only control himself with the utmost effort and yes, he may really can shoot his load, but unfortunately under certain circumstances the meaner could not be.

Star Mistress Luci in 'A Light in the Dark'

Star Mistress Luci - A Light in the Dark

Sweet brat Nina likes her first lesbian experience with a dominatrix. Round 2 is then only first very dark and then very bright as the hot wax on Ninas super-sensitive nipples and labia drips. When the little girl is about to be insane, the Hitachi is nasty-wise bring into the game and Nina experiences her first lesbian orgasm!

Star Mistress Luci in 'Tickling Teasing Orgasms'

Star Mistress Luci - Tickling Teasing Orgasms

Sweet brat Nina likes her first lesbian experience with a dominatrix. The meeting point is an old warehouse. Delivered defenseless awaits she there her new mistress. Of course, the little slut is especially sensitive about her pierced nipples and her pierced pussy, as well as on her feet. That is exactly the first point of attack of the mistress is self-evident and so follows after a common Teasing even more evil tickling before even a pinwheel is used. Nina is completely finished after the first round and so her mistress let her some time and lets the little slut in her dissatisfied lust until the evening stew.

Star Mistress Luci in 'Fireworks for his small dick'

Star Mistress Luci - Fireworks for his small dick

The lady had given up an announcement that she looks for a real man as a slave. When she opened the trousers of the "man" she had to laugh first of all loud. Not even 3 cm and he meant he would be a man!!! The punishment for this impertinence turned out therefore then more painfully. No matter how loud the "man" screamed then into his gag and begged for pardon, there was no mercy with him and his small "dicklet"!