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Syonera von Styx in 'The cock pillory'

Syonera von Styx - The cock pillory

Really painful means the hot wax on the penis of the slave locked in the cock pillory, then there are also blows to bring the horniness back to zero before the mistress sits on his face and continues to play with his horniness.

Syonera von Styx in 'Punishment on the cross'

Syonera von Styx - Punishment on the cross

The slave has earned such a real punishment, that his balls are tied 5kg weight and then there is first the whip and then for cooling hot wax. How beautiful he can cry.

Syonera von Styx in 'Fucked in the ass as a reward'

Syonera von Styx - Fucked in the ass as a reward

As a reward, the moaning bound slave is then fucked very unfairly in his tight ass without the mistress showing even a hint of mercy.