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Keira Slow in 'Keira Flow enjoys being dominated'

Keira Slow - Keira Flow enjoys being dominated

Keira her tits are getting tight up with a rope before she is getting ball gagged. Once that is properly done she is ready for some spanking and vibrating action!

Cindy Shine in 'Fucked with huge dildo'

Cindy Shine - Fucked with huge dildo

Cindy Shine is getting spanked and fucked in her throat and pussy. A very good way to please the master!

Melany Mendes in 'Annihilated and loving it'

Melany Mendes - Annihilated and loving it

Melany with her big natural tits is getting punished with clothespins on her nipples and clamps on her pussy lips in the meantime she has to suck and swallow as a good girl does!

Serenya Gomez in 'tight up in the basement'

Serenya Gomez - tight up in the basement

Serenya Gomez is with her bondage master in the basement. He uses all kinds of different rope techniques before he is whipping her and treats her with a magic wand. Tight up and struggling, that?s how we like to see those girls!

Sarah Simons in 'gets her treatment'

Sarah Simons - gets her treatment

Sarah Simons had enormous huge natural tits and Peter is playing them with clamps and whipping. That brings her in the mood for some good proper sucking and fucking. Good girl!

Keira Slow in 'Annihilated Keira Flow'

Keira Slow - Annihilated Keira Flow

Keira Flow is the kind of girl who loves it all. She loves being spanked, dominated, tied up, and being fucked hard. Just the kind of girl we like to see!

Tyna Gold in 'Nicole runs the bondage show'

Tyna Gold - Nicole runs the bondage show

Don?t worry because in these weird times, this hot episode will blow your mind. Last but not least, this time Nicole will run the bondage show and fortunately for Tyna the discomfort will be worth it. As you can recognize, this lesbian update is one of the best we have, so lay back and enjoy the show.

Serenya Gomez in 'A discomfort situation'

Serenya Gomez - A discomfort situation

Don?t fear these bizarre times, because this sexy lesbian episode will make you feel good. Last but not least, this time Cindy will Shine in the bondage exposition and favorably for Serenya the unpleasantness will be worth it.

Keira Slow in 'Go with the bondage flow'

Keira Slow - Go with the bondage flow

This sexy brunette babe named Keira is getting fucked while her wrists are bound. She likes to be slapped on her ass and pounding a cock at the same time. Also here nasty little mouth is getting smothered with a hard throbbing meat stick.

Lenna Ross in 'Whipped and bound'

Lenna Ross - Whipped and bound

This beautiful babe named Lenna Ross is getting bound, whipped, ball gagged and vibed. Her sexy legs and petite figure looks amazing, especially when this girl tries to struggle to free herself.

Melany Mendes in 'Melany gets domesticated'

Melany Mendes - Melany gets domesticated

As her nipples getting pinched she inheals deeply of excitement. Melany then hears the soothing buzzing sound of a magicwand and knew what was coming her way. The pressure built up and it looks like she experience an amazing climax.

Tyna Gold in 'Whipping lesbians'

Tyna Gold - Whipping lesbians

At long last Nicole Love runs the whipping show, but fortunately for Tyna Gold the discomfort is worth it. As you can see in this amazing episode, that there are no men involed. Because sometimes variation is just better.

Serenya Gomez in 'Ball gagged and nipple clamps'

Serenya Gomez - Ball gagged and nipple clamps

Serenya doesn?t mind a thing as long as the right person comes along and punish her. The best way you can do for someone to explore this is to fetch away their space and time to be free. Serenya loves playing around but sometimes it can be interpreted as fucking around.

Mila Fox in 'Pleasure, is good'

Mila Fox - Pleasure, is good

Mila likes to play all kinds of games, also to be tied up by her master. She loves giving herself over to him, to not think about anything but her pain and pleasure she gets from her master.

Keira Slow in 'Keira in a submissive flow'

Keira Slow - Keira in a submissive flow

Keira Flow is a dirty babe who loves to be dominated by her master. She gets tied up, whipped and vibed until she cums.