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Seska in 'More, M'Lady! Seska's Adventures in Servitude.'

Seska - More, M'Lady! Seska's Adventures in Servitude.

In a sizzling rendezvous of passion and exploration, seasoned adult film star Seska embarks on a tantalizing journey as she ventures into the uncharted territory of fetish play. In her debut fetish scene, she surrenders herself to the enchanting Domina, The Lady Katrina. This mature duo, having never shared the screen before, ignites a scintillating chemistry that goes beyond the boundaries of conventional adult entertainment.Under the firm guidance of The Lady Katrina, Seska delves into the intricate art of submission, discovering the nuances of addressing and embodying the role of a submissive. The atmosphere becomes charged with anticipation as Seska follows explicit instructions to strip down and experience ecstasy with a vibrating ally. The heat rises as the two femmes indulge in mutual stocking masturbation, basking in each other?s sensuality, and exploring the intimate realms of scissoring.But the journey doesn?t end there? the duo escalates the passion, delving into the realms of foot, leg, and body worship, pushing the boundaries of desire. The Lady Katrina, a skilled mentor in the world of domination, introduces Seska to a whole new level of pleasure by donning a strapon. Eagerly, Seska embraces the challenge, immersing herself in her very first FemmeDomme scene, transcending the conventional norms of adult cinema.

Trisha in 'Incorporated Heather'

Trisha - Incorporated Heather

Heather has been sent to Punishment Incorporated for conduct unbecoming a wife! Refusal to take her husband?s cock in her mouth and a downright dirty attitude has landed yet another woman in hot water. Tony takes this filly and breaks her will with a barrage of flogging, cropping, and caning. Having warmed her up, Tony whips out his raging hard cock and presents it to her. She whimpers with delight?

Ally Kaye in 'Punishments Incorporated: Ally Kaye'

Ally Kaye - Punishments Incorporated: Ally Kaye

Poor Ally Kaye is having a difficult time with her behavior. Her attitude during classes is just appalling and she just doesn?t seem to care. The Dean of her school has had enough and brings in some outside help. Keni Styles, the master of disaster, the colonel of pain, the king of dong?well you get the idea. Keni isn?t putting up with any stunts from this misbehaving hussy. He lays down the law immediately and Ally?s retraining begins.

Sicilia Ricci in 'Punishment Incorporated: Victoria White'

Sicilia Ricci - Punishment Incorporated: Victoria White

Too fast, too cute, and way too belligerent! Victoria has quite a mouth on her and she knows how to use it. First, she tells off the cops explaining in detail where they can shove their speeding tickets. Then she goes after the judge, who slaps a hefty little community judgment on her. She is then sent to see Tony DeSergio at Punishment Incorporated. Tony has his own way of doing things. With all his implements laid out, he quickly goes to work on this foul-mouthed girl.

Lexi Lore in 'The De Sade Club'

Lexi Lore - The De Sade Club

Lexi Lore is a college student invited to join ?The De Sade Club?. Little does she know what is in store for her as she completes the different phases of her eligibility test. Bound in leather restraints, face fucked, ass and tits flogged, ass and cunt fingered, fucked and fondled, Lexi is tested to the extremes of her limits. This phase of her test ends with a load of cum on her beautiful young body.

Ashley Fires in 'Rosie the Domestic Bot'

Ashley Fires - Rosie the Domestic Bot

If you love hot sexy Android Women obeying your every command, then you have come to the right world. For the first time Technosexuals, ASFR (Alt.Sex.Fetish.Robots), and Robot Fetishists alike now have a movie series that caters to their specific technological sexual proclivity.Episode Rosie is Dr. Fires? new Domestic Fembot. She is programmed to be the perfect helper around the house. Rosie cooks, cleans, and gives incredible foot massages! She is also programmed for very basic social interaction and to make positive affirmations about her owner. If an interaction is outside of her programming Rosie will either freeze and go blank, or give a simple agreement to her master.When Dr. Fires comes home from a hectic day in her Super Science Lab, she is greeted by Rosie. Rosie has already completed her domestic chores and started dinner, so that she can devote all her processing power to serving her master. She takes Ashley?s things and brings her a drink and a healthy pre-dinner snack. Next Rosie gives Ashley a foot massage. This starts to turn Dr. Fires on, so she commands Rosie to kiss her toes. Rosie complies and gives each toe a gentle robotic kiss. Ashley then orders Rosie to get into her night time attire.Rosie strips down to her bra and panties, slowly turning as Ashley commands her. After that, Ashley has Rosie sit next to her and begins to fondle Rosie and kiss her. Being a Domestic Bot, Rosie has no sexual programming, so she sits there frozen in place until her internal timer tells her that dinner is ready. Her programming compels her to pop up and finish dinner, leaving a Horny Dr. Fires on the couch.Domestic Fembot Rosie serves Dr. Ashley Fires dinner. Using her basic programming Rosie keeps Dr. Fires company while she eats, mimicking her actions, and making basic (preprogrammed) conversation. Having eaten her fill Dr. Fires retires to the living room and commands Rosie to join her. Once there Dr. Fires orders Rosie to strip naked and join her on the couch. She then proceeds to grope Rosie?s naked body.Unsatisfied by Rosie?s lack of response, Dr. Fires decides to try a new program she has created. She Uploads the new program into Rosie and immediately she begins to respond?

Raven Riley in 'Succubus - Raven Riley Demon Slayer'

Raven Riley - Succubus - Raven Riley Demon Slayer

SUCCUBUS features Raven Riley and Liz Vicious representing the forces of good and evil. Raven Riley is the star of SUCCUBUS, and the story?s hero. Liz Vicious plays Lilith, the first wife to Adam, and when she disobeyed him she was sentenced to forever walk the earth in demonic form. Today, an evil arises. From the mists of time, the deadly and beautiful Succubus walks again. A powerful opponent accepts a terrible gift from ancient tradition: the ability to fight this curse on the earth. this director?s cut features never-before-seen scenes from this classic epic adult film.

Ashley Fires in 'Masturbation Programming'

Ashley Fires - Masturbation Programming

If you love hot sexy Android Women obeying your every command, then you have come to the right world. For the first time Technosexuals, ASFR (Alt.Sex.Fetish.Robots), and Robot Fetishists alike now have a movie series that caters to their specific technological sexual proclivity.Episode Unsatisfied with the current HRX project Dr. Fires has started her own experimental Fembot division. Creating her own HRX, the Ashley 3000 is far more advanced then any of the past HRX?s. Concerned with the purpose for the creation of the HRX-S line and the treatment of the Fembots Dr. Fires felt compelled to build her own excogitation without corporate or government interference. She always loved her work and had a vision of a world where robots interacted with humans sexually.But when the government caught wind of what the HRX Prototypes were capable of they immediately wanted to weaponize them and use them for things the good doctor was not comfortable with. She protested the government?s hand in the HRX project and tried to rally the other scientist but it fell on deaf ears. By having the government take over, the funding for the project would increase by Billions and everyone?s salaries would double. So no one cared what the HRX?s were going to be used for, sex or war it didn?t matter to them.But it did to Dr. Fires and after weeks of fighting with the project heads she resigned, took her Artificial Intelligence program and began in secret building the ASHLEY 3000 in her own lab. With the help of her personal Femputer they have spend countless hours creating the perfect Fembot in her own image of course. The ASHLEY 3000 is in everyway an exact replica of Dr. Fires. In physical appearance and sexual passion. Build with for the sole purpose of providing pleasure the ASHLEY 3000 will be able to satisfy any humans sexual fantasy.This footage is the first in a series of sensory tests of the ASHLEY 3000. You will see Dr. Fires interact with the Super Femputer as they go thru the steps to bring ASHLEY 3000 online. When the Fembot is engaged and functional, Dr. Fires runs sequence 17 which ASHLEY 3000 will have to mirror her creator as she masturbates in order to enhance her AI programming. The test seemed to be a success and Ashley did everything Dr. Fires did at the exact same time but as the Doctor started to cum, ASHLEY 3000 malfunctions. The Doctor and Femputer struggle to take her offline and power her down.

Ashley Fires in 'SciFi Dreamgirls Episode: Mommy Knows Best'

Ashley Fires - SciFi Dreamgirls Episode: Mommy Knows Best

Ashley3000 discovers her step-daughter MercyBot is developing a lot of curiosity about lesbian courtship and sex with human girls. So, being a responsible sex-education-focused mom, she gives MercyBot her first introductory lesson in ?The Art Of Human Lesbian Love? by first uploading a comprehensive program to her CPanel and then running her through the preliminary tests. MercyBot passes the test with flying colors on the first try!

Ashley Fires in 'Ashley After Hours'

Ashley Fires - Ashley After Hours

Sometimes even hard working male Lab Assistants catch a lucky break. One night, while clueing the lab, this fellow stumbles across Ashley 3000 who gives him a little job perk after hours.

Ashley Fires in 'Ashley 3000 Anal Aperture'

Ashley Fires - Ashley 3000 Anal Aperture

Ashley 3000 knows it is now time to explore new sexual tricks, so she decided on Anal Sex. After assuming the position, a minion Fembot treats her ass to a dildo and then a dutiful male technician steps in to finish the job.

Ashley Fires in 'SciFi Dreamgirls: Explosive upgrade'

Ashley Fires - SciFi Dreamgirls: Explosive upgrade

During a routine open panel upgrade on Ashley 3000, the technician seems to have pressed the right button and soon Ashley 3000 is activated and goes after his cock. Lucky fellow??

Ashley Fires in 'Professor Drex - Steampunk Graphic Novel SciFi Porn!'

Ashley Fires - Professor Drex - Steampunk Graphic Novel SciFi Porn!

Professor Drex takes place in a richly decorated steampunk setting, where gorgeous female submissives are strapped to a lab table and probed in a variety of perverted ways until brought to orgasm. The professor then requires them to bring his lab assistants to orgasm and use their sexual fluids to feed his warriors so that they may successfully battle the evil Vampire Dominatrix and her minions. Also on this DVD are companion scenes from Ashley Fire?s SciFiDreamgirls series - Lesbian FemBots in Outer Space!

Delirious Hunter in 'The Seduction of Delirious Hunter'

Delirious Hunter - The Seduction of Delirious Hunter

Master Joey has Delirious lying on her back atop a large oak apple crate in the dungeon. This highly erotic scene opens with him treating her to oral pleasuring to her breasts and lips which really lights her up! After she is warmed up, she gives him a deep blowjob while he slaps her with his leather belt. He returns the favor by giving her cunnilingus and then moves on to properly fucking her. To add to the pleasure, he uses a vibrator on her clit until they both come to intense orgasms.

Delirious Hunter in 'Enlightenment'

Delirious Hunter - Enlightenment

Anyone else ever experience a 10-minute long orgasm where you completely lose the concept of time or space but feel so enlightened that you could explain quantum physics to Einstein and religion to Jesus?

Delirious Hunter in 'Delirious Hunters' New Toys'

Delirious Hunter - Delirious Hunters' New Toys

Mistress Delirious has a new toy (a flogger) to use on her other new toy (Ava). After an expert hard flogging, she moves on to sensory play with her ?Bear Claws? that send Ava over the edge from the intense sensations they produce. After a final intense single tail whipping, Mistress allows Ava to bring herself to climax with a good fingering.

Delirious Hunter in 'Doctor Horrible'

Delirious Hunter - Doctor Horrible

When Dr. Horrible mistakes lovely Ava as an alien or possibly a human of 'French desent' he sets out to discover the truth in order to save humanity. Although he failed medical school with flying colours, he did manage to maintain the oddest collection of useless information. What will poor Ava do? How will she convince him that she is as human as he is – just a lot saner?

Delirious Hunter in 'Criminal Lair and Interrogation Terminal (C.L.I.T.)'

Delirious Hunter - Criminal Lair and Interrogation Terminal (C.L.I.T.)

Delirious Hunter has not been the ideal patron. She has broken strict rules of the Organization. Mrs. Dusk has sent in 'Master Interrogator' Joeydotrawr to teach her a lesson, sort of? Things start to get out of hand with Delirious due to Joey's inept colleagues and that he is supposed to meet someone for a drink later.

Delirious Hunter in 'Ava On Display'

Delirious Hunter - Ava On Display

Mistress Delirious Hunter has Ava chained to an antique apple crate with her private parts totally exposed for BDSM treatment. After a good warmup of pussy flogging and paddling, Delirious gets right to the intense action. It turns out that Ava is VERY ticklish and Mistress exploits that weakness to full advantage. When Ava can simply take no more, Mistress treats her to some focused pussy and clit play with her hand, bringing Ava to a great set of screaming orgasms.

Delirious Hunter in 'A Variety of Sex Toys and a Fuck Saw'

Delirious Hunter - A Variety of Sex Toys and a Fuck Saw

Mistress Delirious just got in some sexy new toys and invites Ava to test drive them with her. Both seated on a bench in the Wasteland dungeon, they enjoy a prolonged mutual masturbation session with smaller insertion and vibration toys, and then much to Ava's surprise, Mistress pulls out the BIG one! As scary as this thing is, Mistress really knows how to use it and brings Ava to set of screaming orgasms!

Goddess Starla in 'Domestic Discipline'

Goddess Starla - Domestic Discipline

Giselle survived her first encounter with Goddess Starla in, Breaking The New Girl. Now, having performed so well, Goddess Starla has awarded Giselle the honor of some intimate, up close, and personal interaction. The heat turns up as they take things to a spine shaking, heart-stopping level pulling out all the stops and busting out multiple orgasms, double dong, body shaking experience in this week's update: Domestic Discipline.

Daisy Duxe in 'Dirty Words (2 of 2)'

Daisy Duxe - Dirty Words (2 of 2)

What has Daisy done now? Restrained to a platform, Daisy must watch in a mirror as Rob writes on her body exactly what he thinks of her. When Daisy protests she is gagged and punished, (2 of 2)

Daisy Duxe in 'Dirty Words (1 of 2)'

Daisy Duxe - Dirty Words (1 of 2)

What has Daisy done now? Restrained to a platform, Daisy must watch in a mirror as Rob writes on her body exactly what he thinks of her. When Daisy protests she is gagged and punished, including a good caning to the soles of her feet. To discourage her from struggling Rob places a candle on her chest. Now when she moves, even just a little, wax pours over her body. Rob's goal is to have Daisy begging to be taken by him. (1 of 2)

Violet Sky in 'Double Down (1 of 2)'

Violet Sky - Double Down (1 of 2)

Under the unyielding hand of Zacharia and the stinging touch of Violet, Rose can only remain still as her tender skin is adorned with hot wax, caressed with liquid fire then punished harshly by revengeful leather.(1 of 2)

Daisy Duxe in 'Cam Show'

Daisy Duxe - Cam Show

What has Daisy done now? Restrained to a platform, Daisy must watch in a mirror as Rob writes on her body exactly what he thinks of her. When Daisy protests she is gagged and punished, including a good caning to the soles of her feet. To discourage her from struggling Rob places a candle on her chest. Now when she moves, even just a little, wax pours over her body. Rob's goal is to have Daisy begging to be taken by him.

Daisy Duxe in 'A Wasteland Bondage Modeling Lesson'

Daisy Duxe - A Wasteland Bondage Modeling Lesson

Daisy Duxe shows up for what she thought was going to be a light bondage photoshoot. The naïve porn star has a little leopard print matching bra and underwear with fuzzy cuffs to match. Although she looks sexy this is not what her Master had in mind and he quickly does away with the flimsy handcuffs. His goal is to help her understand the meaning of BDSM. Once he's sure she understands what real bondage is, he decides to reward her good behavior by letting her suck his cock until it is nice and wet with her spit so and then ravages her pussy…

Delirious Hunter in 'Delirious Domina's Delight - Ava!'

Delirious Hunter - Delirious Domina's Delight - Ava!

Delirious Hunter is a classic switch.  She is not only a great submissive but a fierce Dominatrix. In this scene, she catches Ava snooping around in her jewelry box.  After ordering her to strip naked, she gives her good cropping and then restrains her to the St. Andrew's Cross to receive a verbal dressing down and very hard flogging. As a finale, Delirious puts Ava through a series of orgasm denials and at the end, rewards her by giving her permission to cum.

Trisha in 'A Day of Indulgence'

Trisha - A Day of Indulgence

Mistress Irony decides to deny her pet slave, Trisha Uptown, any orgasms. It's not that Trisha has done anything wrong, it's rather the fact that Mistress Irony has decided that the day should be all about her and her wants. So she starts off by tying Trisha to the frame of a bed, flogging and paddling her. She makes herself laugh by tying up Trisha's tongue and having her try to enunciate her words. She plunges a fucking machine into Trisha's pussy while spanking her, of course, she also demands that Trisha please her until she shivers and quakes in multiple orgasms. All said and done, it may not have been a good day for Trisha but her Mistress sure as hell had a great time in this lezdom session!

Leila Hazlett in 'Domination Tag Team'

Leila Hazlett - Domination Tag Team

EricX and Mistress Irony literally team up in this scene featuring Leilah as their willing plaything ready to submit to their collaborative desires. Dressed only in a hemp rope harness, she stands naked as the daring duo first gets her full attention with a very hard spanking. Eric X adds another element of hard pussy fingering to bring her to a body crumbling, screaming orgasm. Mistress Irony begins the verbal humiliation game that she does SO well Irony takes the riding crop to her tender inner thighs, soles of her feet, and throbbing pussy as the relentless vibrator is turned onto high and pressed onto her now engorged clit. Two hands are better than one, and in this case, four hands are even better.Additional Images in ZIP download

Mistress Irony in 'Daisy's Wake Up Call'

Mistress Irony - Daisy's Wake Up Call

The scene opens with Mistress Irony shackling Daisy to a wooden platform, leaving her completely exposed and vulnerable. Mistress Irony believes that Daisy's in dire need of more training and so the adventure commences. Irony covers her naked torso in hot wax, brings her to orgasm and smothers Daisy's face with her huge tits. By the end of this session Daisy's so wet that she's begging Mistress Irony to fuck her. Irony complies to this request but makes Daisy work for it by humiliatingly repeating the phrase…

Cheri Rose Mort in 'Cheri Needs Some Cock'

Cheri Rose Mort - Cheri Needs Some Cock

Legs chained far apart, in the perfect position for some serious pussy play and her head hanging back, in the perfect position for deep-throating Master Eric's cock, Cheri is ready to start her day. How she loves her Master's cock, the way it feels as it enters her mouth and fucks her throat. But like most girls, Cheri wants more. She wants his cock inside her, she wants to be fucked and punished like never before. In fact the only thing that surpasses Cheri's enthusiasm for her Masters cock, is the pure pleasure that Eric gives her that finally bring her to a giant squirting orgasm.

Shadrack Stargazer in 'Deep Impact'

Shadrack Stargazer - Deep Impact

Master treats his new submissive to a long series of impact play while she is bound, Shibari style, from above. Starting out with simple but highly painful wooden paddles, he stirs things up with a flogging and then moves on the much-dreaded cane! Once she can take no more, he rewards her with a pussy fingering and then allows her to suck his cock until he cums on her lovely face.