Lumi Ray in 'Kink' - Lumi's First Robot Sex (Fucking Machines)

Lumi Ray is at Kink to get fucked by machines - very specialized fucking machines that generate customized orgasms. She is most certainly going to be spoiled by the robots today. It?s a beautiful day outside in a beautiful setting with a beautiful girl so let?s jump in! After peeling off her clothes to reveal full natural tits, Lumi starts her fuck session with the vibrator, to get warmed up. With her legs spread wide open, Lumi vibrates her pussy right into a squirting orgasm, and then another. She is off to a great start and it only gets better from here. Now she is ready for her very first fucking machine. A fat black dildo on the end of a long pole fucks her pussy with machine precision, in and out repeatedly, faster and faster until she cums hard. She just keeps taking it and taking it, loving every thrust. Next, laying down in the grass Lumi gets another custom crafted cum machine ramming her hole until she squirts and cums several times, leaving her lusciously limp and breathless in the afternoon breeze. Finally Lumi is in the pool, on a rock, on all fours with her ass up in the air. Starting slow the robot cock glides in and out of her wet, slutty pussy and then builds into a faster relentless fucking, giving her endless orgasms and making her squirt, and smile, and a very happy girl.

Released : June 24th, 2024
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Richelle Ryan at

Pictures from Lumi Ray in 'Kink' Lumi's First Robot Sex

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Lumi Ray in 'Lumi's Wet Dream'

Lumi Ray - Lumi's Wet Dream

After a long day of shooting porn, Lumi Ray comes home to Quinton James. Now in bed, and with the smell of cock still on her breath, Lumi brags about how her scene partner?s dick was so big and how it made her cum so many times. She hopes to get a rise out of him, to get him to fuck her exactly how she wants, aggressively. Instead, it just makes him uncomfortable and he retires to the guest bedroom. Now alone in bed, with her sexual desires left unfulfilled, Lumi dreams up her perfect fantasy, where she tells Quinton all about her day of fucking other guys, and it infuriates him, resulting in him taking charge and asserting his sexual dominance. He makes Lumi take her tits out, and he orders her to suck his cock. Quinton ties her up with rope, on her back, with her legs spread. He teases Lumi?s aching pussy until she?s right on the edge of cumming. He grabs the Hitachi and presses it hard against her clit while he fingers her pussy, and it makes her squirt. Quinton stuffs his cock deep inside her pussy and fucks her hard. Finally, Quinton makes Lumi get on her hands and knees. He ties her up in more rope bondage, and fucks her good in doggy, making her squirt multiple times.

Lumi Ray in 'Bound and Squirting: Lumi Ray'

Lumi Ray - Bound and Squirting: Lumi Ray

Lumi Ray loves to be bound and dominated by The Pope, and today the plan is to drain this slut of all of her sweet pussy nectar. Her body trembles at first touch. Maybe from excitement, maybe from fear; who knows? What we do know is that Lumi is ready to explode with squirting orgasms almost immediately, so he goes to work facilitating this. Lumi begins in a device that locks her body into a seated position, but with all of the right parts exposed and helpless. The Pope goes to work emptying Lumi?s pussy of her precious fluid one squirt at a time. Next, Lumi is put in a grueling scorpion pose with her elbows bent over a secondary pipe and pulled down to the table. Leather and chains keep her locked into place as he goes to work fucking her mouth and pussy until the squirting begins. Lumi soaks the entire table with so much squirt, but we?re not finished yet. The final scene has Lumi on her back with her legs spread exposing her to more fingering to finally empty her of all of her squirt. This process goes on until she literally can no longer squirt, and then is made to cum once more for good measures.

Lumi Ray in 'The Customer is Always Right: Lumi Ray and Tommy Pistol'

Lumi Ray - The Customer is Always Right: Lumi Ray and Tommy Pistol

Lumi is a personal chef who owns a catering company. Tommy?s wife has contacted her and wants her to cater an upcoming event but asks Tommy to take time out of his schedule to do the tasting. He?s less than happy about this, and even more unhappy when he tastes the food that Lumi has prepared. Lumi isn?t going to let him speak to her like this or talk negatively about her food. Tommy shuts her down quickly and decided that this slut needs to be taught a valuable lesson in customer service. He gets her tied up and uses her body in all of the ways that make him happy. She is thrown around and used for his pleasure against her will, all while Lumi attempts to fight back. She?s no match for Tommy, and he explores every hole with his cock until he finds the one he likes the best and fucks it until he cums.

Lumi Ray in 'Lumi Ray: Gushing in Bondage'

Lumi Ray - Lumi Ray: Gushing in Bondage

Naked and seated with her legs spread, the gorgeous Lumi Ray pulls at the ropes that bind her to a wooden chair. The Pope enters and creeps up from behind. He squeezes her neck and slaps her tits. He grabs the vibe and she cums hard. In the next scene, Lumi is in a full rope suspension, upside-down, with her arms stretched out, bound to a bamboo stick. The Pope fucks her with a dick on a stick until she shoots geysers across the dungeon as she cums. Next, Lumi is bound with rope, on her back. With ropes around her neck, wrists, ankles and waist, The Pope flogs her pretty tits while he fingers her hungry pussy. He covers her eyes with a cloth and it proves to be too much and she asks to have it removed. The merciful Pope removes the cloth and rewards her with the vibrator, giving her multiple gushing orgasms.

Lumi Ray in 'Red Headed Slut Fucked In Tight Bondage'

Lumi Ray - Red Headed Slut Fucked In Tight Bondage

Lumi Ray couldn?t wait to be tied up again, so this time we have her paired up with Codey Steele, so she?s in excellent hands. She begins bent over with her hands box tied behind her, her legs spread with a spreader bar, and her neck tied to her ankles. Codey takes his time and feels her out, and plays with her to see what makes her moan, and what makes her scream. During his exploration, he discovers her squirt button, and pushes it every chance he gets. Next, Lumi finds herself in a brutal three point suspension with her legs spread wide, and readily available for Codey to fuck. He dishes out some corporal punishment before shoving his cock deep inside her dripping wet pussy. In the final scene, Lumi is on her back in an asymmetrical position with both of her hands tied to one leg. Codey goes to work and makes this little slut cum harder than she ever has before, and squirting every chance she can. The dungeon is soaked with her pussy juices, and her body is exhausted form the day, but her brain is satisfied.

Lumi Ray in 'Fresh Meat: Lumi Ray'

Lumi Ray - Fresh Meat: Lumi Ray

Device bondage is an experience all it?s own in the BDSM world. It can?t easily be explained unless one has been subjected to this type of bondage. The steel is a different animal from rope, and has to be respected as such in order to make it through the day. With that said, it shows us a lot about our newest addition, Lumi Ray, and her tenacity as a human. She begins on her knees with her arms pulled into a strappado. The Pope begins his routine of torment to test this slut?s ability to process pain, and although she is new, she possesses a talent that we all love to see. Lumi has a powerful pussy that blasts squirt all over the dungeon when she is overstimulated. The Pope pushes Lumi over the edge with torment and once the vibe touches her cunt, she responds with a massive squirting orgasm. Next Lumi is bent over a device that holds her firmly in a doggy position. Lumi is introduced to the cane with her body covered in leather straps, and then is fucked into non-stop squirting orgasms. The final position has Lumi?s perfect body spread out and completely helpless. The Pope has one purpose at this point, and it is to drain this slut of all of her nectar. He rips more and more squirting orgasms from her helpless body until she is completely drained.

Scenes from other sites featuring Lumi Ray

Lumi Ray in 'Domme Lumi Gags And Suspends Her Naught Sub Vanessa'

Lumi Ray - Domme Lumi Gags And Suspends Her Naught Sub Vanessa

Whips and cuffs and all-black attire. Get tied up and turned on with Vanessa Sky and Lumi Ray!

Sia Siberia in 'Hotel Vixen Season 2 Episode 9 Going Stag'

Sia Siberia - Hotel Vixen Season 2 Episode 9 Going Stag

Hotel Vixen - Season 2, Episode 9: Going Stag

Emma Magnolia in 'Wet Threesome With Squirting Redheads Emma Magnolia And Lumi Ray'

Emma Magnolia - Wet Threesome With Squirting Redheads Emma Magnolia And Lumi Ray

When Emma Magnolia and Lumi Ray get together there are a few guarantees…Big ass, perfect natural tits, squirting pussies mixed with smiles and horny moaning. This threesome combines two beautiful redhead sluts who make the night light up. These two ladies have explosive orgasms before Lumi uses her tight bald pussy to drain out a creampie and Emma uses her naughty little mouth to eat it up.

Lumi Ray in 'Jilted Hottie Lumi Gets Sweet BBC Revenge'

Lumi Ray - Jilted Hottie Lumi Gets Sweet BBC Revenge

Lumi has a sexy date planned for her boyfriend, but when the candles are lit the deadbeat bails. This redhead isn't going to let a sexy outfit go to waste... or her desire for revenge.

Lumi Ray in 'Tattooed Beauty Lumi Crave Anal All Night Long'

Lumi Ray - Tattooed Beauty Lumi Crave Anal All Night Long

Lumi has the opportunity to get up to some new tricks. After teasing on the streets, she takes the party to the sheets.

Lumi Ray in 'Loses A Bet While Streaming'

Lumi Ray - Loses A Bet While Streaming

Lumi Ray is a naughty streamer who loves playing games while flaunting her body in sexy lingerie and stockings. The gorgeous hottie is streaming when her roommate joins her. Nathan Bronson makes a bet with her. The loser needs to do whatever the winner wants. Lumi ends up losing in the end. Not wanting to waste the perfect opportunity, Nathan asks for a kiss. Their kiss turns into a make-out session. Nathan enjoys the taste of Lumi's pussy lips before letting the naughty gamer girl give his cock a blowjob. Lumi happily rides on top of Nathan in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Nathan tirelessly fucks Lumi while spooning her on the couch. He keeps fucking her in missionary before letting her suck his dick until he cums on her face.

Lumi Ray in 'Oiling Up Stepsis'

Lumi Ray - Oiling Up Stepsis

Lumi returns from college as a sexy, outgoing girl, She flirts with her stepbro and shows off her hot body. She asks him to oil her up and seduces him until he can't help but fuck his stepsister.

Natasha Nice in 'Cumming In For A Wet Landing'

Natasha Nice - Cumming In For A Wet Landing

Natasha Nice is a hard working loyal air flight attendant and when you fly with her, you're guaranteed satisfaction. Just ask pilot Dorian Del Ilsa, who gets his cock sucked right before boarding. Mick Blue enters the scene and has a little seatbelt issue, which Natasha is happy to help with. When her tits pop out in Mick's face, she's ready to take her helping hands to the next level, and takes his cock out to match. Natasha is anal about customer service and show Mick that by allowing him to enter her ass right there in his seat. When Lumi Ray catches an eyeful, she's excited to play with her anal plug and watch. Natasha sees Lumi could use a little help and takes her to the service area for girl-on-girl scissor action. Eventually Mick sneak s a peek and the ladies yank him in for some threesome fun.

Lumi Ray in 'Lubed And Facialed'

Lumi Ray - Lubed And Facialed

Lumi gets soaked in oil before teasing her pussy with a powerful vibrator before gettin fucked and facialed.

Lumi Ray in 'Dirty Private Date POV'

Lumi Ray - Dirty Private Date POV

Hot, young porn newbie Lumi Ray admires herself in the mirror -- the tattooed redhead looks scorching in a pink fishnet bodysuit. When famed XXX director Mick Blue arrives for their private meeting, the blooming babe bends over and shows off for the camera, giggling as the porn pro lightly spanks her supple booty. His POV lens captures kneeling Lumi worshiping Mick's big cock through a drooling blowjob. She pulls away to masturbate, fingering her fresh, bald slit. Lumi hops on the bed and bends over submissively. Mick pours oil over her hot ass, and then his huge meat pounds her pussy. The intimate encounter features passionate, hard dick riding, and the dirty girl can't resist rimming Mick's bunghole! For the climax, Mick thrusts his thick prick into her twat and fills her with a hot creampie!

Lumi Ray in 'Casting Couch Creampie!'

Lumi Ray - Casting Couch Creampie!

Stunningly built, stacked redhead Lumi Ray flashes her brilliant blue eyes and peels strappy red lingerie from her gorgeous tits. New to fucking on film, she can learn a lot in a private audition for accomplished pornographer Mick Blue. He covers her body in oil, and she masturbates her bald pussy, bringing herself to a frenzied state. Lumi kneels to offer Mick a loving blowjob. The lusty lady gives him a rim job too! She spreads her legs widely for Mick to plow her cunt. They make their way to the casting couch, and Mick eats her sweet pussy while Lumi wraps her lips around his big cock. She sits on his dick, indulging in an intense cock ride as she screams in orgasmic reverie. Lumi ejaculates girl squirt onto Mick's boner multiple times! The passionate initiation climaxes with Mick shooting a milky creampie inside Lumi's twat!

Lumi Ray in 'Sexy Redhead Lumi Ray Makes Manuel Cum Twice'

Lumi Ray - Sexy Redhead Lumi Ray Makes Manuel Cum Twice

All natural redhead beauty Lumi Ray's pussy is so wet and tight. She makes Manuel cum twice!

Lumi Ray in 'Lumi Likes Hard Things'

Lumi Ray - Lumi Likes Hard Things

What is a daddy's girl to do when she is bored and horny Sneak a boy in and play with his cock! That's exactly what Lumi did and she had so much fun! It was in her wet pussy, her hands, and her mouth! She even got filled up with some special cream.