Madi Collins in 'Kink' - Madi's Double Dicking (Dungeon Sex)

Madi Collins returns to and this time she gets double-stuffed by Codey Steele and Lucas Frost. With Madi tied to the box, Codey and Lucas waste no time exploring her petite body, Codey fucks her pussy and Lucas her mouth. The men trade places and Codey uses his shirt as a blindfold for Madi while Lucas flogs her ass, thighs, and feet. Next, Madi is suspended making herself the perfect fuck-toy for Codey and Lucas? hard cocks. Codey slides his hard cock in her asshole. The boys swap places and take their time, really enjoying all of Madi?s holes. This intense double does of cock pushes Madi to the brink and she squirts all over the place, with Codey and Lucas each taking turns getting soaked and Madi licking her squirt from their bodies. Finally, Madi has her hands tied behind her back but is otherwise free for the boys to play with as they see fit. First Lucas lies on his back while Madi takes his cock in her ass reverse cowgirl, and then Codey stuffs her dripping pussy. The boys flip Madi over and swap paces and double penetrate her holes until they can?t take any more and hose Madi?s pretty face with their loads as a reward for being such a good slut.

Released : July 5th, 2024
Tags : Athletic, BDSM, Beard, Big dick, Blindfold, Blond, Bondage, Brunet, Circumcised, Dungeon, Feet, Muscle, Muscular, Natural boobs, Petite, PIV, Redhead, Rope Bondage, Rough Sex, Slim, Small Tits, Squirting, Sub, Tattoo, Top, Trimmed, Uncircumcised, Vaginal Penetration
Male Models : Codey Steele, Lucas Frost

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Madi Collins in 'Back Rent: Paid in Rear'

Madi Collins - Back Rent: Paid in Rear

Madi Collins is back on and this time she?s here for a little CNC (Consensual Non-consent) with Christian Wilde. Madi rents an apartment to Christian and she?s fuming mad because he?s now six months behind in his rent. When she confronts her deadbeat tenant, Madi?s surprised by Christian?s explosive response and his counter offer that she pay his rent while he takes what he wants from her. From face-fucking his landlord in the hall to tossing her on the bed like a rag-doll, Christain dominates Madi and uses all of her holes for his pleasure; fucking her mouth, her pussy, and ever her ass as he chooses. Despite Madi?s begging and pleading, Christian continues his anal torment until she eventually submits to both his cock and his will, agreeing to pay his rent and be his slave from now on.

Madi Collins in 'Fresh Meat: Madi Collins'

Madi Collins - Fresh Meat: Madi Collins

Madi Collins is as cute as a button. Don?t be fooled by her innocent appearance, she is a dirty little slut. The Pope will do his best to expose her for the slut she is. She begins standing against a wooden column with her wrists shackled and her ankles held in place with steel traps. Her holes are explored, her flesh is beaten with harsh leather floggers, and then she is blindfolded to heighten her sensitivity. Clothes pins are added, then flogged off before she is allowed to cum. The final touch is added in the form of a crotch-rope with a 12 pound ball hanging off of it. The next scene has Madi in a back-bend, sprawled out in a spread-eagle type position. The Pope goes through several implements of punishment to get Madi as close to the edge as possible. He eventually allows her to cum a few more times. The final scene opens with Madi on her back and her feet in a very vulnerable position. She is subjected to a brutal display of foot torment; Rubber bands, a cane, the crop, and of course the dreaded knitting-needle. Madi feels used up, but The Pope wants more orgasms from this slut, and orgasms he will get.

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Madi Collins in 'Riding His Joystick'

Madi Collins - Riding His Joystick

Madi is streaming to her fans when her boyfriend comes in and starts playing with her pussy. Before long she's riding his joystick and begging for cum!

Madi Collins in 'Little Cutie Madi Takes A Big Cock In Her Tiny Ass'

Madi Collins - Little Cutie Madi Takes A Big Cock In Her Tiny Ass

A petite Redhead in a trenchcoat is a recipe for disaster. Can Madi even handle a cock that looks bigger than her body?

Francesca Le in 'MADI COLLINS Gaping Anal Threesome'

Francesca Le - MADI COLLINS Gaping Anal Threesome

Young redhead Madi Collins wears tiny jean shorts with black stripper heels and a shirt with filthy fucking message. The defiant cutie teases and strips through a sexy intro, spreading her rear cheeks to reveal a large butt plug wedged in her rectum. Madi welcomes co-director Mark Wood with a wet blowjob, choking on his thick prick as he fucks her throat. She removes her anal toy, amazed when Mark's meat penetrates her butthole. Co-director Francesca Le films the debauchery, cheering Mark and Madi on from behind the camera. Intense rectal reaming ramps up when Francesca joins the action: Mark sodomizes Madi while the ladies share lesbian cunnilingus. Madi rides cock and poses her gaping rectum while Francesca coaches, rimming bunghole and giving nasty, ass-to-mouth head. Mark finally finishes Madi off with a creamy cum facial. She laps up his sperm and says, 'I'm such a messy girl,' while the goo oozes down her freckled cheeks.

Jayden Marcos in 'Stepsisters Red Hot Black Friday Deal - S29:E8'

Jayden Marcos - Stepsisters Red Hot Black Friday Deal - S29:E8

Horny Madi Collins has just finished her Black Friday shopping. Her stepbrother Jayden Marcos asks if she's bought enough stuff. Of course Madi hasn't had enough shopping. She's going back tomorrow, and she is certain Jayden is going to take her and carry all her clothes.Undressing and covering just her nips and clit with sale tags, Madi calls Jayden back. He takes her up on that red hot deal, dropping to his knees to eat that pussy out. Madi returns the favor by getting on her knees and sucking Jayden's nice thick stiffie. She can't wait to do more than just use her mouth, so while her stepbro is on his back she climbs on top of him to slide down on that nice hardon.Once Madi has done him in reverse cowgirl, Jayden gets her on her knees to dick her down in doggy. Madi demonstrates her flexibility, bringing her ankles back to her head as Jayden keeps their party going. He doesn't stop until she's moaning. Only then does he pull out so Madi can stroke him off until he covers her in cum. As they come down from their sex high, Jayden agrees to take Madi shopping.

Madi Collins in 'Redhead Madi Collins Is A Cum Guzzling Cutie'

Madi Collins - Redhead Madi Collins Is A Cum Guzzling Cutie

Madi Collins is a tight petite cutie who is always ready to fuck. This little spinner uses her pussy and her mouth to build up and drain a load of cum for her to gargle on. Her blue eyes, red hair, and soft porcelain skin are a combination that will make any man explode. Dressed in nothing but fishnets and panties this sex fiend is ready for a hot and horny night.

Madi Collins in 'Tiny redhead Madi gets her tight ass pounded'

Madi Collins - Tiny redhead Madi gets her tight ass pounded

Lithe and pale with fiery hair, Madi's hotter than the summer sun, and she's out to show you where redheads get their reputations.

Madi Collins in 'Stepsis And Her Hot Friend Give Me The First Class Treatment - S28:E6'

Madi Collins - Stepsis And Her Hot Friend Give Me The First Class Treatment - S28:E6

Maria Kazi and Madi Rose have just become flight attendants and they can't wait to get dicked down. They're sitting there fantasizing about how hot their jobs are gonna be when Maria's stepbrother, Parker Ambrose, walks by and silences them with a glance. They decide to test out their hot new uniforms on Parker to get some dick sooner than next week.Decking themselves out in their flight outfits, the girls strut into the kitchen right past Parker and prepare a tray. They role play flight attendant, giving Parker some complimentary snacks. When Parker tries to get up, the girls tell him that the captain has turned on the fasten seatbelt sign. Parker watches as they kneel in front of him and tell him that he must keep his cock in the full upright position. Before he knows it, he's receiving a blowjob courtesy of his hot stepsis and her BFF.Guiding Parker to the couch, the girls begin stripping as he watches them work it. His hands are everywhere, teasing and flirting as he primes Madi and Maria for what's to come. Maria gets it first in doggy as she kneels, eating Madi out. Then Madi takes a ride on the disco stick in reverse cowgirl before tagging out so Maria can give it in cowgirl. On her side, Madi spoons with Parker who is slamming into her as she muffles her moans in Maria's snatch. Finally sated, the girls get on their knees so they can enjoy a cum shot all over their faces.

Madi Collins in 'You Will Feel Better After This Stepsis - S27:E11'

Madi Collins - You Will Feel Better After This Stepsis - S27:E11

Redhead babe Madi Collins is prone to wandering around the house in skimpy little outfits that really showcase her tight body. She also wants her new stepbrother, Jayden Marcos. She combines those two traits to get her way when she accuses Jayden of leaving the windows open last night and getting her sick. Grabbing Jayden's hands, Madi puts them on her breasts to show how hard her nipples are. Jayden storms out.Later, Madi is naked in bed when Jayden knocks on the door to check on her. She asks him to come spoon with her to help her warm up because she's cold. Jayden realizes she's naked and tries to back out of the situation, but Madi insists that Jayden get naked too so he can share his body heat with her. Eventually, Madi claims that having Jayden drop a big hot load inside her will warm her right up.She makes a convincing case as she slides down Jayden's body and rubs her pussy against his fuck stick. Sucking him off and then climbing on top to slide down on the D seals the deal. Jayden takes a moment to feast on Madi's snatch before he puts her on her hands and knees to dick her down in doggy. Rolling Madi over, Jayden lifts her thighs to open her up for a pussy pounding that only ends when he nuts all over his redhead stepsister's stomach and tits.

Madi Collins in 'You Cant Fuck The Guests - S9:E1'

Madi Collins - You Cant Fuck The Guests - S9:E1

Madi Collins has a new stepbrother in Spikey Dee. She thinks Spikey is cute, but he's kind of a perv. In fact, Spikey is upset that Madi's dad is turning their old place into a B&B and that Spikey isn't allowed to fuck the guests. Madi, on the other hand, just loves to fuck. When she catches Spikey perving on her clothes, Madi initially acts like she's upset. It's all just a way to keep him guessing, though. Later, Madi finds Spikey stroking his salami as he plays with her underwear. She immediately begins masturbating to the sight. When Spikey realizes Madi is there, he tries to disengage, but Madi has other plans: She wants him to fuck her instead.With such a blatant come on, Spikey barely hesitates before giving his stepsister exactly what she wants. He shoves it in as Madi lays with her legs spread wide apart. Then he gets on his back so Madi can suck her juices off the D and get on her belly. Another round of pussy pounding leaves Madi moaning but still craving the cock. She gets what she wants by riding Spikey in both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, then spooning him as he brings her off one last time. Madi's dad arrives at the B&B just as Spikey blows his load into her greedy pussy, leaving Madi holding the moan as cum drips from her twat.

Lauren Phillips in 'American Bimbo Part 2 - Gamer Girl'

Lauren Phillips - American Bimbo Part 2 - Gamer Girl

Madi Collins enjoys playing video games with online hottie Xander Corvus… until he suggests they meet in person and fuck. Although Madi wants to, she's too shy to be herself and is still a virgin! Thankfully Lauren Phillips, her Fairy Bimbo, is here to help! She starts by transforming this shy gamer girl into the busty beauty she's always been inside (Abigaiil Morris), before Lauren shows her the ropes of sexual liberation by scissoring, eating, and vibrating her. The generous Fairy Bimbo then turns a vibrator into a replica of Xander Corvus, who teaches this horny gamer girl how to suck his cock and ride his dick before letting her taste his cum!

Madi Collins in 'Skips Class To Fuck'

Madi Collins - Skips Class To Fuck

Petite cutie, Madi Collins, is a naughty schoolgirl who loves skipping classes to look for a fuckable dick. The gorgeous hottie shows off her firm booty in white panties to hitch a ride with an older lad. Madi immediately shows the lucky guy, Alex Jones, her insatiable sexual desire. She gives Alex a road head without hesitation. The horny duo hurries to Alex's place to continue the fun. The bite-sized babe slobbers Alex's hard cock until she gags. After the sloppy blowjob, Madi bends over on the bed and lets Alex fuck her pink pussy doggystyle. Madi can't help but moan in delight as she rides on top of Alex in cowgirl and standing reverse cowgirl. Alex fucks Madi in the missionary and spoon until he cums on her pussy.

Anny Aurora in 'Taught To Be Naughty'

Anny Aurora - Taught To Be Naughty

Anny Aurora and Madi Collins are a pair of sexy college girls studying in their dorm. Anny is trying to teach Madi about human anatomy; it doesn't go well until they decide to do some hands-on learning together. Dildos, pussy eating, scissoring; these teen hotties don't miss a beat when it comes to a good lesbian fuck!

Rachael Cavalli in 'MILF's Party Streakers Threesome'

Rachael Cavalli - MILF's Party Streakers Threesome

Rachel Cavalli and her hubby are hosting a backyard party, and it sucks. She can't even tell a pervy joke without her husband on her back. After a titty fuck prank involving a swan ice sculpture goes wrong, Rachel decides to take a break. While outside, she spies a few skater college men, Damion Daski and Juan Loco, loitering on the street. With their help Rachel turns the shitty shindig up several notches. Rachel's hubby attempts to manhandle the horny hooligans, which causes even more chaos when they get back at him by ripping off their clothes and creating a scene with some hard cocked streaking. The waitress, Madi Collins, can't resist a clothes off get down, and gets in on the pervy action. Before long all the prude guests are gone and it's a threesome.

Madi Collins in 'Spying Stepsis'

Madi Collins - Spying Stepsis

Madi catches a glimpse of her stepbro's huge BBC. She convinces him its ok if they fuck because they're only step siblings.

Madi Collins in 'Do My Boobies Fit This Bra Stepbro - S22:E2'

Madi Collins - Do My Boobies Fit This Bra Stepbro - S22:E2

Codey Steele has a new stepsister in Madi Collins, and he really wants to make her happy. Madi has asked Codey to go buy her some tampons, so he runs to the store. When he returns, he finds Madi in the living room trying on a bunch of bras she has recently purchased. Codey is embarrassed at the sight of his stepsister nearly topless, but Madi tells him not to worry. In practically the same breath, she informs him that he didn't get her usual kind of tampons. Eager to please, Codey offers to go back to the store. Instead, she asks him to stick around and help her out by giving his opinion on the bras. Codey grows increasingly uncomfortable as Madi's bras get skimpier, especially as the last one is sheer enough to show her nipples. Throwing herself into Codey's lap, Madi claims it's just because she's so comfortable with her new stepbrother.Later, Madi and Codey are hanging out together on the couch. Madi has her head on Codey's lap when she begins asking him questions about whether he got a bit of a chub earlier after seeing her boobs. Madi needs to coax Codey a little bit to get him to open up to her, but he eventually admits that he maybe got a bit hard. Madi offers to let Codey touch her pussy in return if he wants. Still shy, Codey tries to decline but Madi wasn't actually ever going to take no for an answer. Taking her stepbrother's hand, she lifts her shirt and puts his palm on her little tittly. A second later, she slides Codey's hand lower into the front of her thong so he can feel how wet she is. Codey's resistance is clearly melting away as Madi can tell he's nice and hard. He eventually relents and agrees to let his stepsis suck him off, which just leads to all kinds of other sexy fun.Madi stays in charge as she gets to her knees and shoves her tits into Codey's mouth so he can suck her until her nipples are hard peaks. She takes just enough time to shimmy out of her clothes, then climbs into Codey's lap and slides down onto his hardon until she's fully impaled. Codey's hands slip beneath Madi's ass to support her as she rides him in reverse cowgirl. Next Madi gets on her hands and knees so Codey can enjoy his petite stepsis from behind. On her back, Madi welcomes Codi between her thighs one last time. He pounds her until she's moaning in delight, then pulls out to nut all over her red muff.

Madi Collins in '- Blacks On Blondes - Scene 2'

Madi Collins - Blacks On Blondes

Madi is a food delivery person and takes her job very seriously. Her goal is to keep every customer happy and maintain the elusive five star rating badge of success Rico is mad and is about to make a complaint when Madi offers up something else that might get her a five star - her hot little fire crotch burning bright with a sweet ginger bush. Lickity split Madi had her lips pressed to it as he used her skull like a pocket pussy. Riding that massive tool is a tall job for a petite little thing like Madi but she takes it like a champ and fucks all over the place. Madi knows that customer service is her number one priority and she will do her best to leave Rico one happy and drained client.

Madi Collins in 'Stepsis Wants To Be A Good Girl - S21:E10'

Madi Collins - Stepsis Wants To Be A Good Girl - S21:E10

Madi Collins may be a bit of a bad girl, but she's decided to turn over a new leaf. She needs her stepbrother Jason's help to do it. Since Madi only owns slutty clothes, she needs to borrow money to buy a few more demure outfits. Jason will only lend Madi money at a high interest rate, or if she sucks his dick. Madi figures it'll only be a smart economic decision to suck her stepbrother's dick instead of paying back a ton of money. Still skeptical, Jason points out they've done this tons of times before and that Madi enjoys it. Right before taking Jason on in a deep throat BJ, Madi swears it's the last time because she's a good girl now. She insists that Jason cum fast and that she's totally not enjoying it.The next day, Madi is studying in further pursuit of her new good girl lifestyle. Jason tells her that he's been thinking about it and he's come to a decision. Madi has been asking to use Jason's car and he'll let her do it, but only if she lets him fuck her from behind. She agrees, buy only if he lets her study while they're boning. Jason gets behind Madi and tugs up her miniskirt and peels off her panties so he can slide on home from behind. Although she initially tries to pretend she's not loving every inch of her stepbro's dick inside her, Madi soon gives up the pretense. Pushing Jason onto his back, Madi goes about having her way with him.Another blowie that lets Madi suck her own juices from Jason's fuck stick is just the beginning. She straddles Jason's thighs to sink down on him in reverse cowgirl, which gives Jason the chance to admire his spinner stepsister's big ass with plenty of squeezes and spankings. Then Madi turns around so she can rub her clit as she keeps on bouncing away on Jason's hardon. She turns around once again so that Jason can hold her in place and piston up into that greedy twat. When Madi finally falls onto her back, Jason gives it to that plump pussy until she's moaning one last time. Pulling out, he gives his stepsis a facial that even covers her glasses. When Jason tries to call Madi on how bad and slutty her behavior just was, Madi agrees that she is indeed a slut for her stepbrother.

Madi Collins in 'My Stepsis Is Extra - S19:E5'

Madi Collins - My Stepsis Is Extra - S19:E5

Jay Romero's stepsister, Madi Collins, is so extra that it's really holding her back. Jay tries to indulge her, but eventually his patience wears thin. He offers to help Madi stop being extra. Madi accepts, so Jay instructs her to put on a bathing suit and meet him in the shower. Madi's first challenge is when she walks into the bathroom and sees that her stepbrother is naked. Jay patiently explains to her that no one wears a swimsuit in the shower unless they're extra, so Madi agrees to take hers off. She joins Jay in the shower, where he says he's going to start with warm water and then slowly make it colder.Madi wants out ASAP once the water starts cooling off, but Jay tells her she needs to wait until her nipples are extra hard. Madi insists he feel them to see if they're hard enough. With Jay's hands on her tits to make sure she doesn't have to endure any more discomfort than necessary, Madi learns how to master cold water. Next, Jay tells his stepsis that she's going to have learn how to take big cock. That's the only way Madi will learn how to tackle hard things. Madi is nervous, but Jay insists she needs to learn. Eventually Madi agrees, but she can't like it because she's Jay's stepsister. Leaning forward against the shower wall, Madi takes every inch of Jay's big one while agreeing that maybe it is, in fact, okay to like hard things. She also realizes she doesn't care if Jay is her stepbrother; she just wants him to fuck her.They get out of the shower and into bed where Madi climbs on top of Jay and tries him on for size in reverse cowgirl, which gets her feeling nice and hot for more. Climbing off to lick her own juices off Jay's fuck stick, Madi turns around on her hands and knees so that Jay can fuck her from behind. Getting it in doggy makes the horny redhead moan long and loud, which just makes Jay double down on how hard he gets her to take it. He rolls Madi onto her back next and pins her knees up at by her shoulders to open her up nicely. Watching that pussy gobble his dick and knowing his stepsis has even squirted for him is the ultimate aphrodisiac for Jay as he eventually spoons behind Madi to give her one more big O. When Madi has sucked Jay to the brink of cumming and then opened her mouth to take his cum shot like a good girl, Jay pronounces her well on her way to fixing her extraness.

Madi Collins in 'Madi Gets Her First Cock'

Madi Collins - Madi Gets Her First Cock

Madi is an adorable virgin! She is so excited to lose her virginity and it just so happens the lucky cock to do it is her step-daddy's age! She can't wait to call her step-daddy and have him on the phone while her sweet box gets plowed for the first time. What fun!

Madi Collins in 'Squirting Redhead Spinner Madi Collins Creampie'

Madi Collins - Squirting Redhead Spinner Madi Collins Creampie

Madi Collins is a petite, redhead firecracker who is ready to explode. Don't let his cock loving, all-natural, gingers size fool you…she can take it deep. Her small frame and big personality make this little slut one hell of a good time. She gets her face fucked and ass spanked before cumin so hard she can't help but release a squirting stream as she orgasms. But she Is not the only one who will cum. She spreads her pussy and begs to get a warm paid dumped inside her for a deep creampie.

Madi Collins in '- Blacks On Blondes'

Madi Collins - Blacks On Blondes

Poor little Madi. Her boyfriend is just not treating her right. He is off seeing other girls and just generally blowing her off. Dammit she needs to get back at him. Lucky for her, - her best friend has a solution. Why not fuck the hot black 18 year old Damien whom they are all doing. He is a slut and loves white pussy. Take a pic of his dick on your head and send it to your boyfriend. Well this plan sounds excellent to Madi and as fast as you can say ' I need black cock' she has Damien on the couch with her. At first he is a little hesitant of her plan but she does have a sweet red ginger snapper to plunge in to, oh what the hell. Let's fuck the horny little white teen he figures. Madi is immediately snapping pics of his cock by her face and sucking it. It's just so big. It's like trying to put a whole Whopper into your mouth at once. You just can't do it. How will it ever fit into her little ginger cunt? But where there is a will there is a way and Damien pushes his rock hard turgid member past the tight wet lips that provide the entrance to her hole and starts to open her up. She's amazed she is taking all the cock as she can feel it all the way up her stomach. It's so big and she is so small. At four foot ten she has a quarter of her body stuffed with cock. You try that at home. Holy fucksticks is he pounding that tight pussy. Giving as good as she gets Madi is a cock crazed monster and is going coo coo for coco cock as Damien busts out all sorts of new sexual moves on her. From the push up to the side shuffle he is laying down some serious mojo on her little white cunny. Heavens to Betsy is this sweetie loving it and eventually as she is completely cock drunk and wobbling she is rewarded with a revitalizing face full of pure semen protein. That will spark you up.

Madi Collins in 'Tiny Redhead'

Madi Collins - Tiny Redhead

Tiny redhead takes a huge dick in her tight little pussy.

Madi Collins in 'Naughty Roommate Knows How to Have Fun'

Madi Collins - Naughty Roommate Knows How to Have Fun

If there's one thing sacred in naughty Madi Collins' morning routine, it's her dildo riding session while she's taking a shower. Nothing will stop her from bouncing on her latex best friend, not even her roommate, Ricky Johnson, who desperately needs to brush his teeth before going to work. After waiting for a while in front of the bathroom door, fed up Ricky breaks-in. Madi's so invested in her little sex game that she's oblivious to the now nearby roomie, who stares at her in shock. Will Ricky interrupt Madi in her favorite activity in order to reclaim the bathroom, or will he just watch, patiently waiting for the beautiful roommate to climax? It seems like the latest option is the best, especially when he realizes her lusty roommate fantasizes about him.

Jessie Saint in 'Take Your Fun Sized Sister And Her Friends To The Amusement Park For Fourth Of July - S17:E8'

Jessie Saint - Take Your Fun Sized Sister And Her Friends To The Amusement Park For Fourth Of July - S17:E8

Madi Collins has invited her BFFS Lulu Chu and Jessie Saint to celebrate the Fourth of July. They decorate the house and then beg Madi's stepbrother, Codey Steele, to drive them to the amusement park. There's a new ride that they want to go on. Codey claims none of the girls are tall enough to ride, and he won't take them unless they measure themselves first. He gets a measuring tape and then claims that the girls need to take their shirts off so they appear taller. Even with the shirt trick, none of the girls quite meets the height cutoff. Codey then offers to act as their guardian so they can all ride, but on one condition: Madi needs to suck his dick while her friends watch.Madi agrees to Codey's conditions, so she holds up her end of the bargain by getting on her knees and going wild with her stepbrother's cock. At first, Lulu and Jessie watch as Codey insisted. Eventually, though, they can't hold back from that fine looking fuck stick. They come crawling closer until eventually Codey is enjoying a three-girl BJ from his stepsis and her pint sized friends. The trio relocates to the bedroom, where Codey lies down and lets the girls continue sucking him off. Exchanging kisses, the girls decide that Madi should be the first to hop up on the D and take a stiffie ride. Lulu takes Codey's cock next, as she leans forward and laps at Jessie's twat. Once Madi has made sure that her friends are enjoying themselves, she climbs on top of Jessie's face to ride her friend's mouth. Eventually, Lulu leaves the middle so that Jessie can scoot forward and enjoy Codey's dick buried in her snatch. Lulu takes her turn sitting on Jessie's face while Madi laps away at Lulu's titties. When Codey is getting close to cumming, Madi gets on her back and lets him reach the end of his endurance in her velvet glove. He pulls out at the last moment, nuttting on Madi's belly to create a mess that Jessie and Lulu lap up. As the girls are exchanging satisfied kisses, Codey lets them in on a secret: The rule are the rules and nothing he can do can get them on the ride.

Jeni Angel in 'Gamer Girl Threesome Action'

Jeni Angel - Gamer Girl Threesome Action

Jeni Angel is doing some serious online gaming when her girlfriend, Madi Collins, comes in to see what she's up to. Madi doesn't like being ignored over a video game, so she starts rubbing Jeni's pussy to get her attention. Soon the pair are trading the controller back and forth as the eat pussy and scissor each other. Jeni grabs a second controller and the two start playing against each other. This is when their roommate (Van Wylde) comes in and gets to have his way with both horny gamer girls. A big dick is a great way to cool down after a hard gaming session.

Madi Collins in 'My Step Sisters First Time - S5:E5'

Madi Collins - My Step Sisters First Time - S5:E5

Madi Collins is a bit of a troublemaker, as her parents well know. When they go out for the evening, they put Madi's stepbrother, Jay Romero, in charge. Madi is well aware that she's supposed to go straight to bed, but she's not about to take that kind of treatment. After waiting until she's certain Jay has checked on her for the last time, Madi stuffs her bed and prepares to sneak out the window. She doesn't quite make it before Jay walks in and catches her in the act.Jay tries to talk some sense into his stepsister, but all Madi knows is that she was supposed to have sex with her boyfriend for the first time tonight and nothing is gonna get in her way. She even shaved her pussy bald! When Jay is trying to talk to her, Madi instead pulls her miniskirt up and her panties aside to get her big brother to tell her if she shaved properly. She grabs his hand and puts it right into her cooch, which initially prompts Jay to try to pull away. He has to admit, though, his stepsis has quite a nice snatch. Jay's fingers move in those slick folds of his volition until Madi notices his hardon and starts happily slurping down his hardon in a lusty BJ.Rolling onto her back, Madi spreads her thighs so she can enjoy a ride courtesy of Jay if she can't have one from her boyfriend. He sinks balls deep into that welcoming glove, which just makes Madi even hornier. She hops onto Jay's fuck stick to give him a wild ride in both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Then Madi gets on her hands and knees so Jay can bring her off in doggy. Moments later, he gives in to Madi's pleas to pump her lusty pussy full of hot cum for the perfect finish.