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Alex More had a little too much fun. After a night out, she's stumbling in her stilettos and slurring her speech, but Sgt. Miles knows just how to get her cleaned up. He locks her into a strict metal collar and shackles, promising it'll help 'process those toxins.' The only thing she'll be processing though, is pain.He snips off her pretty outfit, revealing her gorgeous fit body. Suddenly, it dawns on poor Alex what she's in for. A rough throat fucking brings tears to the naughty little slut's eyes as she whimpers pathetically. She struggles for air and slobbers all over herself, but what's a bitch good for if you can't even fuck her face? He goes to town on her sweet little throat over and over, til she learns to keep her tongue out and take it.When he's satisfied with her oral performance, Alex is pulled up off her knees and bent over. She could hardly stand earlier; by now she's shaking in her heels as Miles opens up her tight slit with his fingers. Panties around her ankles, he grabs her hips and viciously fucks her as her cries fade into satisfied moans. She sounds even better once he gags her with a leather strap and her eyes roll back, overwhelmed by cock and pleasure, just like a good little slut should. ...Read More

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Alex More - Huge Dick Crammed In Tiny Pussy

Alex More - Huge Dick Crammed In Tiny Pussy

7th February - It's a good thing Alex More is as tiny and flexible as she is, because Kyle Mason is going to need to bend and flip this cutie to make his huge dick fit in her small pussy! Being a deepthroat champ, Alex works her magic before taking a cumshot to her face and tits! ...Read More
Alex More - Deep Anal Action 4

Alex More - Deep Anal Action 4

2nd August - Young Alex More is a darling brunette relatively new to the business of hardcore ass fucking. This Mexico-born cutie drops her panties to show director Mike Adriano her big, meaty vagina and puckered asshole. Alex obediently swallows the director's giant, stiff cock until she's gagging, and she sucks balls wetly. She fingers her plump pussy and makes herself squirt! Mike pounds her soaking twat and stuffs his dick deeply into her rectum. Alex enjoys serious anal fucking with ass-to-mouth flavor. ...Read More
Alex More - From Jail to a Dirt Road, Biggest Mistake She Ever Done

Alex More - Bang Bus

5th April - In this random sunny day we ended up finding this chick in front of the jail house. After a quick glance i noticed that she got out of that place so i decided to talk to her. We found out her name is Alex More and that she got into some trouble so after some cash offerings she hopped into the bus. We asked a couple of sexual questions and she stepped out of the van and i quickly offered a couple of hundred more just to get her back in and quickly i just decided to offer a thousand to have sex. This chick cuts quickly and lets loose after that and she even gives up her ass. We let her know that her biggest mistake she has ever done was to get on the bus before leaving her on a dirt road hahaha. ...Read More

Alex More - Hot Little Nuisance

Alex More - Exxxtra Small

20th July - Little Alex More loves bothering her neighbor Mr. Turner! He's so big and brawny that she can't get enough. Today she decided to really annoy him. She snuck into his house while he was gardening and waited. When he returned to cool off, she popped out hoping he would be surprised! But he was actually not too happy about it at all. He picked Alex's light body up, threw her over his shoulder, and brought her into the living room where he proceeded to fuck her face. She needed to learn about respect, and the only way that was gonna happen was by getting fucked by his humongous black dick. Mr. Turner certainly rocked her good, and with the last of his cum Alex finally did something she has never done before. Listen and respect her neighbor! ...Read More
Alex More - New Anal Recruits 3

Alex More - New Anal Recruits 3

13th October - Slender, cute, giggly Alex More enjoys wiggling her little booty for director Mark Wood. In black lingerie, Alex lewdly fingers her plump, meaty pussy and eagerly slurps on Mark's big prick; he grips her head and fucks her pretty mouth. She mounts his fat tool and bounces lewdly. Mark invades her tight butthole with toys and anally reams Alex. She sucks cock ass-to-mouth and rims his anus, and Marks spurts a big load of jizz onto her tongue. ...Read More
Kayla Paige - I Caught My Daughter Fucking My Boyfriend 4

Kayla Paige - I Caught My Daughter Fucking My Boyfriend 4

17th February - It's moving day and Derrick has come by to help his girlfriend Kayla pack up. Her daughter Alex is there and she doesn't want to help out. But Derrick says she's going to have to. Soon, she's helping him out a lot more than just by packing boxes. ...Read More