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Ashley Fires in 'Ashley 3000 Anal Aperture'

Ashley Fires - Ashley 3000 Anal Aperture

Ashley 3000 knows it is now time to explore new sexual tricks, so she decided on Anal Sex. After assuming the position, a minion Fembot treats her ass to a dildo and then a dutiful male technician steps in to finish the job.

Destiny Cruz in 'Fallen Angel - Destiny Cruz'

Destiny Cruz - Fallen Angel - Destiny Cruz

Father Glenn is praying? lighting strikes and he is surrounded by smoke? from out of nowhere, the most beautiful creature he has ever seen appears? but he knows something is wrong with her and he fears her. She tells him that she was cast out of heaven for starting a war against God and has some to take him as her servant. He swears he will resist her but what match can he be for someone who seduced angels in heaven? Before he knows what is happening, he?s on his knees licking her ass and kissing her feet. But when she starts riding his cock and looks down at him with a knowing smirk on her face and says ?you?re mine now.?, he knows it?s over for him. THIS MAY BE OUR MOST INTENSE SCENE EVER! ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, FEMDOM SEX, AND MORE!

Elise Graves in 'Strapped in suspended cage and made to orgasm with Venus 2000'

Elise Graves - Strapped in suspended cage and made to orgasm with Venus 2000

Strange Hobbies came to Elise needing a bit of a lube job. He had been feeling a bit rusty. Elise knew exactly what to do. She buckled him face-down into a metal emergency stretcher, and hiked him high into the air where she could get a better look at his goods. Due to an opening in the stretcher allowing for Hobbie?s cock to hang free, Elise had perfect access to assess the situation. She determined that some lube and a bit of suction would do the trick. Turns out, Strange Hobbies responded to the Venus 2000 procedure quite quickly - too quickly, one might say. Elise determined that although her friend Hobbies had produced some lube of his own quite quickly, the machine was not satisfied with such a lousy suck session, and thus, she allowed the machine to suck away, long after Hobbies had finished. That?ll teach him for ejaculating so quickly - or will it?

Mistress Z in 'A nasty Therapy 2 of 3'

Mistress Z - A nasty Therapy 2 of 3

The poor Patient needs very nasty and cruel therapy from 2 Nurses. In the end, he wishes he had never entered the clinic from Cheyenne de Muriel.

Maya Woulfe in 'Maya Woulfe: Sneaky Slut'

Maya Woulfe - Maya Woulfe: Sneaky Slut

Maya Woulfe was sneaking around thinking that no one would know, but Eddie Jaye caught her and now it?s time to pay. Maya is strung up, her hands are pulled above her head and Eddie begins to inspect his new toy. Eddie shoves his cock deep inside her wet pussy. Maya gets bent over a wooden box, right at cock level, so Eddie fucks this slut hard and fast. Maya takes it all with a smile and begs for more. Eddie flips her over onto her back for full access to her wet pussy. He continues to lick and fuck her pussy. He adds a vibe, and Maya covers him with her squirting orgasms. He returns the favor and cums all over her.

Charlotte Sins in 'Rory Knox Anally Punished by Charlotte Sins'

Charlotte Sins - Rory Knox Anally Punished by Charlotte Sins

Rory Knox is a submissive girl owned by her Domme, Charlotte Sins. Rory is late to a date with Charlotte and is taken home for subsequent anal punishment. Charlotte places Rory over her knees and spanks her. Rory gets her ass used rough and hard, and is allowed to return the favor on Charlotte.

Sully Savage in 'in Threesome Cat Burglars'

Sully Savage - in Threesome Cat Burglars

So these 2 thieves, Cody Carter and Dirty Dan have been hitting the neighborhood again, stealing flat-screen TV?s and seems as though, on this night, I was to be the next fucking victim! I happened to be home when Dan and his sidekick robber, Cody, made their way into my house, I guess they thought it was a good idea to rob a house while it was pouring rain outside, bad I idea fuckers, why would a person want to travel out, leaving their house in the pouring rain, plus all my fucking lights were on, definitely a couple of amateur thief?s! So yes I was home and ready for them! Just as they were trying to leave with my flat-screen TV, I meowed at them, stopping them dead in their tracks! Dirty Dan tried to say this isn?t what you think it is, LOL ya right! When I came out from the other room, needless to say, I shocked them both! Now I?m calling the cops, fuck this! What?s that, you want to work it out somehow? Ok, I have a fun idea, go sit your asses on the couch! What can we do you say, I don?t know you tell me, you wouldn?t want me to call the cops would you? Hurry up, let?s see what you got? Oh look at that, your both already hard, this can work for sure, I need a couple of hard cocks tonight. After I have had my fill, both of these criminals can get the fuck out of my house! Hurry up before I call the cops! Oh and btw I got something valuable out of all this and these 2 thieves left empty-handed! 2 Cat burglars should never try to steal from another Cat Burglar! MEOW LOL

Samantha Bentley in 'Anal Slut Gets Ready For Her Master'

Samantha Bentley - Anal Slut Gets Ready For Her Master

French stunner Anissa Kate runs herself a bath, rubbing her toned body with bubbles seductively. Anissa is soon joined by her Master who uses her as his personal anal slut.

Mistress Z in 'A nasty Therapy 1 of 3'

Mistress Z - A nasty Therapy 1 of 3

The poor Patient needs a very nasty and cruel therapy from 2 Nurses. At the end he wishs he never have enterd the clinic form Cheyenne de Muriel.

Aiden Starr in 'Treacherous Games'

Aiden Starr - Treacherous Games

A scene from our AVN nominated feature, Treacherous (which deals with power plays behind the scenes at an underground sex club). Here, Mistress Aiden plots with Master Tim to gain control of the operation. To seal the deal she suggests a little playtime with submissive Caroline. She straps on a dildo and begins sucking on Caroline?s hard nipples and fingering her wet pussy. As Aiden gives her pleasure, Tim gives her pain, raking a devil?s fork across her bare back. If her moans are any indication, Caroline seems to enjoy them both! Aiden finger-bangs Caroline to an orgasm before fucking her with a strap-on. Tim teases her pierced nipples as Aiden rubs her clit. Mistress Aiden orders her to beg for more cock, and when she?s not enthusiastic enough she gets spanked. As Aiden?s dildo slides in and out of her pussy, Caroline massages her clit until she cums again. Tim orders her to kiss his cock before taking it deep into her mouth for a wet, sloppy blow job. Aiden starts to bring her to a third orgasm with the magic wand while Time works over her thighs, tits and stomach with a whip. Caroline sucks Tim until he is almost ready to pop, and then Aiden jerks him off into their submissive?s mouth. She makes Caroline show her Tim?s load and then scoops it from her mouth, toying with it before feeding it back to her.

Avery Jane in 'Avery Jane: Helplessly Bound'

Avery Jane - Avery Jane: Helplessly Bound

Avery Jane is new to Kink and has quite the reputation of being a good little slut. The Pope has been patiently waiting on his chance to dominate her, and the time has finally come. He spends some time getting to know her in a standing position, with her hands above her head, and her legs tied open. She is gagged to muffle her screams, and then the flogging begins. Her entire body gets impact from the leather tails. Next, Avery finds herself in a hogtied suspension. The Pope?s next target is the sensitive soles of her feet. He makes sure that she feels a new type of pain using a metallic spike. This pain pushes Avery close to the edge so he moves on to heavy nipple torment. The attention to her nice big tits puts a devilish smile on her face. A dildo is shoved into her mouth, getting it wet and he then buries it deep inside of her pussy, creating non-stop orgasms. In the final scene Avery is on her back with her legs spread wide, leaving her completely helpless. The Pope introduces her to his cane, and all of the pain that it can produce. She endures everything and gets her reward of orgasms.

Adina Rimers in 'tied up for machine'

Adina Rimers - tied up for machine

Adina Rimers gets tied up by her master. As soon as she can?t move her hands and feet anymore, the toys come out to play. Watch Adina enjoy.

Adina Rimers in 'Babe Takes Machine Fucked While Vibed'

Adina Rimers - Babe Takes Machine Fucked While Vibed

Adina?s body is shivers of pleasure as the machine fucks her wet snatch. It can get too deep for her because with each stroke her pussy goes tighter and tighter. When she stops breathing multiple orgasms we make her feel amazing, so you want to know how this will end, just click that play button.

April Olsen in 'Tainted Love, Episode 2: High Protocol'

April Olsen - Tainted Love, Episode 2: High Protocol

In Episode 2 of 7-part series ?Tainted Love,? April and Quinton have moved to the kitchen for a little snack as April begins to tell her next story involving a high protocol Top named Derrick Pierce.April arrives at Derrick?s home a little nervous, but excited to see what happens in such a high protocol environment. They have a nice dinner before moving to the bedroom where Derrick initiates her into his world of BDSM. He begins with some basic D/s training to get her into the mindset that he wants her, but constantly checks-in to assure that she is OK with the procedure. April happily consents to the activities, so Derrick goes for it with bondage and domination! She is inspected before he allows her to suck his cock, and then moving on to more intense activities. She is eventually tied to the bed in a doggy position, bent over with legs spread. Derrick issues some corporal punishment with his flogger before fucking her into multiple orgasms. The intensity increases along with everything else, but in the end we find April a very satisfied submissive!?Tainted Love? SERIES MAIN PAGEAll 7 episodes in this series:Episode 1: The SwitchEpisode 2: High ProtocolEpisode 3: Gamer Incubus - COMING 4/5Episode 4: The Submissive - COMING 4/12Episode 5: The Brat - COMING 4/19Episode 6: The Succubus - COMING 4/26Episode 7: The Decision - COMING 5/3

Anissa Kate in 'Anal Slut Gets Ready For Her Master'

Anissa Kate - Anal Slut Gets Ready For Her Master

French stunner Anissa Kate runs herself a bath, rubbing her toned body with bubbles seductively. Anissa is soon joined by her Master who uses her as his personal anal slut.

Ashley Fires in 'SciFi Dreamgirls: Explosive upgrade'

Ashley Fires - SciFi Dreamgirls: Explosive upgrade

During a routine open panel upgrade on Ashley 3000, the technician seems to have pressed the right button and soon Ashley 3000 is activated and goes after his cock. Lucky fellow??

Elise Graves in 'All Choked Up'

Elise Graves - All Choked Up

Elise is sexually aroused by suffering. It need not be her own suffering, someone else?s will also satisfy. Her new playmate, Kino Payne, enjoys suffering for Elise, as he knows it pleases her. Elise takes him by the neck, straps him into a tight, neck-squeezing corset, arm binders and a strict head harness before positioning Kino into a very tight hogtie for her viewing pleasure. It isn?t long before sweat begins dripping down his strained body. Elise sees that he is suffering for her and she appreciates it. She returns the favor by playing with her pussy in view of struggling Kino, yet absolutely out of reach. These are the games that Elise loves to play!

Sarah Lace in 'Wimp Handyman - Sarah Lace'

Sarah Lace - Wimp Handyman - Sarah Lace

When Goddess Sarah Lace hires a handyman to do a job, she expects complete obedience and submission. She verbally humiliates the wimp handyman and then gives him a job. When he fails to do it properly, she decides to add him to her slave stable. It?s what he was meant to be. HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, AND MORE!

Jade Venus in 'and The Pig Bottom: Jade Venus and Draven Navarro'

Jade Venus - and The Pig Bottom: Jade Venus and Draven Navarro

Jade Venus knows what she wants and there?s no stopping her. With a leather hood over is head and a butt plug hooked in his ass, Draven Navarro is on his hands and knees, bound to a spinning rack. This pig bottom awaits his mistress, ready to serve. Jade is ruthless. She stalks her prey as she circles around him, inflicting pleasure and pain. Draven gets released and rewarded with Mommy?s cock for being a good boy. Draven devours her big delicious dick. As Draven is bent over, he takes Jades rock hard cock, getting pounded by his mistress until they both explode with orgasmic pleasure.

Amirah Adara in 'Small cock loser'

Amirah Adara - Small cock loser

The mistress needs satisfaction, and especially it turns her on how she gets it by licking. Of course, she does not want to fuck with such a tiny cock loser; what woman wants that? But use his tongue to spoil her pussy and asshole; that?s what he?s only good for.

Kat Dior in 'Kat Fucks Lance in Chastity: Part 4'

Kat Dior - Kat Fucks Lance in Chastity: Part 4

Kat Dior can?t get enough of pounding her chastity sissy?s ass. Now she?s wearing shiny tan pantyhose and a thong while she fucks him deep from behind. Her big perfect tits bounce with every thrust and she presses them on his back when he whimpers.She thinks he?s earned a release. She unlocks his cock. But, he?s not allowed to cum unless he has her giant black dick all the way up his ass. And if he cums that way, she?s locking him back up forever, because obviously he just wants to be used as a whole.

Ashley Hunt in 'Insatiable Pain Slut: Ashley Hunt Takes an Ass beating!'

Ashley Hunt - Insatiable Pain Slut: Ashley Hunt Takes an Ass beating!

Mistress Kara approaches her prey, Ashley Hunt. Kara?s bound and busty beauty immediately gets her skirt lifted and her round ass spanked. After a quick and firm warm-up, Kara proceeds with more ass impact using the crop, making Ashley?s ass bright red. Then an Hitachi-induced orgasm is accentuated by hits from the electric zapper. With her ass up, Ashley is tied down to a spanking bench, to receive more ass punishment with a leather paddle, a florentine flogging, and an intense caning. She is rewarded with Kara?s fingers deep in her pussy, a dick on a stick, strap-on fucking, and multiple orgasms!!

Amirah Adara in 'The 24hr toilet slave'

Amirah Adara - The 24hr toilet slave

The useless slave was allowed to spend the night in the cage while the mistress lay comfortably in bed. In the morning he must first lick the Pussy and ass of his mistress before he may serve as her toilet.

Roxxie Moth in 'Roxxie Wants to Play'

Roxxie Moth - Roxxie Wants to Play

It?s playtime so Roxxie wakes up her submissive by yanking on his leash and getting him sucking her cock while he?s still in his cell. Once she?s good and warmed up, it?s time to do same to Jimmy with a stinging round of spanking and flogging. Then, Roxxie gets adventurous and attaches her sub to a giant wheel. Is it possible to give a blowjob while sideways on the wheel? Why yes, yes it is! Finally, Miss Roxie gets Jimmy down and gives him a spirited ass fucking, then jerks herself off and cums on his balls.

Lilly Bell in 'Suffers For You'

Lilly Bell - Suffers For You

Lilly Bell has had lots of time to think about shooting with The Pope, since last they met. The day has come for Lilly to pay the piper. Locked into a custom device, utilizing ratchet straps that hold her body in a standing position, she submits. Her flesh turns from pale to red as The Pope assaults her body with his leather flogger. Lilly gets close to the edge so he pulls back to reward her with orgasms. There is a very fine line between enough and too much. The Pope dances that line with precision. The next scene opens with Lilly on her back with her legs spread and her arms pulled into a strappado. He utilizes his crop and inflicts torment to all of her sensitive spots, including some bastinado. Once her level of suffering almost bubbles over, The Pope switches gears and overwhelms her with non-stop orgasms from a vibrator and a pussy fucking. A part of Lilly?s body needs some attention so she is locked into a doggy position with her arms crossed in front of her for added aggravation. She wrestles with finding any comfort as he continues to torment her with a cat-o-nine tails. Her flesh glows red and he finishes her off with more bastinado. Her pussy gets fucked even more and he rips every orgasm he can get from her.

Ashley Ocean in 'Restrained and machine fucked'

Ashley Ocean - Restrained and machine fucked

In today?s Submissed update this brunette named Ashley Ocean gets machine fucked, vibed, and bound while she?s naked. Her long black hair and skinny figure make the whipping action look more amazing, especially with that ball in her mouth.

Miss Nikki in 'Will Tile vs Nikki Sequoia'

Miss Nikki - Will Tile vs Nikki Sequoia

Nikki Sequoia just wants to fight and fuck. I can throw ANYONE at her and she will not back down. Today ?The Animal? takes on ?Freakenstein? in a sex fight and she does not let him off easy. Will has size and muscle on this little thing but Nicki is like one of those small doggies who doesn?t realize she is small and starts up with the big dogs. She comes at Will full power. She does extremely well in this sex fight while she grabs at his dick and sucks it. Will uses his weight to pin Nikki but he is unable to keep this animal down. This is a real sex fight for both these sexual gladiators. The winner wants to be appreciated. Muscle worship, asshole licking, all the ways one can make the loser feel inferior, the winner gives them all. The winner has an orgasm on the losers face

April Olsen in 'Tainted Love, Episode 1: The Switch'

April Olsen - Tainted Love, Episode 1: The Switch is proud to present ?Tainted Love,? an exclusive 7-part series by director JohnPaul The Pope. In episode one, we?re introduced to April Olsen and Quinton James, best friends who haven?t seen each other in a long time. They finally have a day to spend together and catch up on each others personal lives. They settle in for a nice cup of coffee and a chat about one of April?s recent sexual escapades, David.April and David have a quick rendezvous then go back to David?s place to pound out the night. They really get to know each other through BDSM exploration. David ties April in a chest harness that has her hands box tied behind her back. He begins to explore her body as he gets more comfortable with her. April encourages him to get rough with her, so he quickly obliges with some domination. The evening goes on with more bondage, and more of him using April?s holes until she begs for him to cover her with his cum.?Tainted Love? SERIES MAIN PAGEAll 7 episodes in this series:Episode 1: The SwitchEpisode 2: High Protocol - COMING 3/29Episode 3: Gamer Incubus - COMING 4/5Episode 4: The Submissive - COMING 4/12Episode 5: The Brat - COMING 4/19Episode 6: The Succubus - COMING 4/26Episode 7: The Decision - COMING 5/3

Elise Graves in 'Teased in a Box'

Elise Graves - Teased in a Box

Wearing a rubber playsuit, Elise is feeling playful! Guiding her rubber gimp into a new piece of bondage gear - an open front wooden box - Elise begins locking his cuffed wrist and ankle chains to the box. Even before Elise slides the head-trapping wooden neck piece, the rubber gimp is trapped. With his neck secured, however, his head is fair game for play. Wearing an enclosed rubber hood, complete with a mouth-filling gag and nostril tubes, the rubber gimp is at the mercy of Elise. Curious as to whether her whole hand can fit in her gimp?s mouth, Elise begins to stretch it open first with her hand and later with an inflatable gag. Meanwhile, Elise attaches a hitachi to a receiving cup that connects to the gimp?s cock. After flipping the vibrator on, the rubber gimp now needs to pay attention not only to his breathing but also his dick. Elise has much fun playing with teasing her gimp?s level of arousal while strategically pinching off his access to air. Oh to be a rubber gimp locked in a box with Elise controlling both air and orgasm!

Tiffany Watson in 'Mean Sports Agent - Tiffany Watson'

Tiffany Watson - Mean Sports Agent - Tiffany Watson

Miss Tiffany Watson is the most successful and aggressive sports agent in the world. General Managers are terrified of her? she always gets contracts for her clients that make them the highest paid players in the league. When she meets Mr. Fluffy, she knows she can easily crush this weak loser. After negotiating a contract for her client that?s five times as much as he offered, she is disgusted by how easily he caved in. And like any predator, she continues to push him until she finds out how low he will sink. He soon finds himself on his knees worshipping her and thanking her for making him her bitch! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, AND MORE!

Claudia Rossi in 'Cuckolds get used and then get to watch'

Claudia Rossi - Cuckolds get used and then get to watch

Luscious whores Claudia Rossi and Jane Darling dominate their male cuckold slaves before they watch Master comes in and they get a good pounding they wont forget in this breathtaking fetish fuck fest fiasco

Lily Lane in 'Lily Lane: Fucked in Strict Bondage'

Lily Lane - Lily Lane: Fucked in Strict Bondage

The time has come for Lily Lane to suffer at the hands of Tommy Pistol. Lily is placed on her back with her legs tied at the ankle and knee to ensure her helpless. Tommy sees an opportunity and jumps right in and tries to bury his fist deep inside of Lily?s pussy. It?s early, and her pussy needs to be warmed up. Tommy moves on to torment. After some flogging, he begins to fuck her face with his hard cock. He commands multiple squirting orgasms from her willing pussy. The dungeon is wet and he fucks her pussy deep and hard. She covers him in her sweet nectar. The next scene begins with Lily on her knees with her face down in a helpless doggy position. Tommy goes straight to work fucking her from behind. She tries to get away and quickly finds out that?s not an option. He goes back and forth between her pussy and mouth until he has had enough of this position. Lily finds herself on her back again, but this time a steel device holds her in place as Tommy invades her holes. He adds some nipple clamps to increase her suffering as he continues to fuck this slut. A vibe is pressed firmly against her clit as he goes balls deep inside of her pussy.