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King Noire in 'Owned: Caged and Crying for Cum'

King Noire - Owned: Caged and Crying for Cum

"BDSM" B/D (Bondage and Discipline), D/S (Dominance and submission), and S/M (Sadism and Masochism). The New RFF Series "Owned" starts off with a bang as King Noire and Ashley Paige completely own Michelle Minx from beginning to end. Minx is collared, spanked, choked, spit on, thrown in a cage, gagged with cock and dragged... literally! King Sir and Daddy do not disappoint as their sadism is on full display over "puta" who requested to be humiliated for her session. They fuck on top of her cage and King cums a huge load on her tear covered face as the exclamation point of all the mayhem! Filmed on site at the legendary Sanctuary LAX all fans of hardcore BDSM will love this new series.

Ashley Paige in 'Lesbian Latex Blasphemy: Ashley Paige Whips the Sin Out Of Bella Rossi'

Ashley Paige - Lesbian Latex Blasphemy: Ashley Paige Whips the Sin Out Of Bella Rossi

Sister Ashley Paige is a sexy latex nun who finds the beautiful Bella Rossi desperately praying for forgiveness for her dirty little sins. Sister Ashley takes matters into her own hands and punishes Bella for basking in her whorish, pussy-licking thoughts. Punishment starts with Bella's hands and feet tied to a prayer bench where Sister Ashley is ready to make her repent. She starts with a little slapping and breath play. She makes Bella ask for forgiveness while she squeezes and slaps the sin out of Bella's big juicy breasts, making Bella wish she'd prayed in silence. Ashley then smothers Bella's face with her big juicy ass so she can get a taste of true forgiveness. Ashley then puts Bella to the test. She makes her pray while vibrating and playing with her wet pussy. Bella's hot wet cunt is clamped and spread wide open. Bella tries to fight the punishment, but it's so good that she just can't help but cum hard and loud. Bella then finds herself tied up doggy style with an asshook in rooted in her tight hole. Ashley has Bella in the perfect position to flog her nice round butt. She continues to flog her as Bella prays, begging for forgiveness, as if she hasn't earned it already. After getting Bella's ass nice and red, Sister Ashley then grabs Bella's head and makes her lick her nice wet cunt. She licks her pussy until she cums nice and hard. She continues her punishment with her big strap-on dildo. She fucks Bella hard, making her orgasm over and over. Then she fingers her with a vibrator and makes her cum again. Eventually, Bella is spent, with all of her sins orgasmed out. Or so she thinks. Sister Ashley has ordained that Bella's penance has only begun, and she'd better see this little slut in church on Sunday.

Ashley Paige in 'Kinky JOI: Latex Clad Goddess'

Ashley Paige - Kinky JOI: Latex Clad Goddess

Lucky, lucky you. You've found yourself at the base of Mistress Ashley Paige's red hot thigh knee boots. You've been waiting for so very long for this moment. She's feeling quite generous today and tells you to release yourself from that tiny, tight little cage you've been trapped in. Pull that rock hard cock out, and let's see how hard and how fast will you cum for her. You don't get to cum until she says so, so be good. Now spit in your hand, get it wet, and rub just the tip. She takes her bright red glove and begins to pet her red latex pussy as she tells you how to stroke your dick. Stroke just the tip, grab it and stroke it and rub it like you've been begging for her sweet, juicy lips. But too bad for you, you get nothing, not until she cums. Don't go too fast, get right to that edge and don't go over it. Now put your cock in your hand and pay close attention. Mistress Ashley Paige pulls out a shiny vibrator. "You see this beautiful little vibrator here, it brings me more pleasure than you ever could." So pay close attention as she makes herself cum so hard and so deep and keep yourself right at the edge of your orgasm because she's nowhere near ready to let you have that sweet release. She plays with her pussy and strokes her clit with her vibrator, telling you to match every stroke with your hand on your cock. She tells you to stroke faster, bring yourself close, make it drip as she fingers herself with her red latex glove and vibrates her clit bringing herself closer to her own orgasm. As she fucks herself she doesn't let you forget that the vibrator performs better and makes her wetter than you ever could. She knows you are dying to taste her sweet creamy pussy juice that's all over those latex gloves, but you can't and you never will. Now keep stroking and watch as she cums hard all over the couch with her legs shaking in those red shiny knee highs. She's grabbing at her perfect tits trapped in her latex cage bra as she licks the air with pleasure and squeezes the vibrator between her thighs as she cums even harder. You've never made a woman do that have you? No, we didn't think so.