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Goblintower in 'Rubber Catsuit, Metal Bondage'

Goblintower - Rubber Catsuit, Metal Bondage

Goblintower is a slut for feeling helpless in rubber. At the Serious Bondage abode, Elise has the perfect piece of metal bondage gear in mind to create that exposed vulnerability Goblintower craves. Wearing a full rubber catsuit, rubber ball mitts, and a rubber hood, Goblintower is systematically locked, strapped, and secured into the metal bondage chair.

Elise Graves in 'Tease Out'

Elise Graves - Tease Out

Elise loves a sensitive plaything - especially when her toys try to resist Elise?s sensual stroking. Elise?s friend, Goblintower, is a horny boy with a cock that displays his arousal in being tied spread to the bed, teased by Elise?s hands, and by his own inability to control his orgasms. Watch Elise punish Goblintower with glee for ejaculating prematurely. Goblintower turns to putty under Elise?s control.

Elise Graves in 'Bondage Face Fuck'

Elise Graves - Bondage Face Fuck

Elise first uses her rubber-bound Goblintower?s mouth to satisfy her strap on cock, and then straps a dildo gag into his face so that he can pleasure her pussy! Get up close and personal with Elise?s pussy while her gimp attempts to pleasure her while precariously tied up.

Elise Graves in 'Rubber Ass Fucking'

Elise Graves - Rubber Ass Fucking

Goblintower and Elise have been through a lot today.  First, Elise rode Goblintower around as a pony, then placed Goblintower in a vacuum sack, next he was bound into a cock-sucking position, and finally, Elise decided to fuck Goblintower's rubber ass.  And that is where we find ourselves now - Elise taking Goblintower's ass hole and stuffing it repeatedly with her hard cock!  Elise first stuffs Goblintower's mouth with a rubber gag and then his head into a thick rubber hood before guiding him to her Fuck Cart.  Watch Elise's joy as she fucks Goblintower in the ass and vibrates his cock until he ejaculates onto his rubber catsuit!