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Jolene in 'A Brand New Therapy'

Jolene - A Brand New Therapy

Jolene has just broken up with her boyfriend and is Heartbroken. All she wants is a shoulder to cry on, a friend to confide in… Too bad that what she has is you… The man who will transform her into a slutty robot.

Jolene in 'Wifey is Transformed into my Foot and Fuck Slut-Bot'

Jolene - Wifey is Transformed into my Foot and Fuck Slut-Bot

Can you believe my wife actually expected me to help in the kitchen??? I need to teach her a lesson so I transformed her and made her into my Foot and Fuck Slutbot.I make my Wife-Bot present her feet to me then make her so wet she wants me to Fuck her Deep in Her Ass!!! She cums only when I say So!!!

Jolene in 'The Valkyrie'

Jolene - The Valkyrie

My Step-Mom was angry at me for not doing my chores properly...So I got mad and used my Special Magic Powers to Mesmerize her and Transform her into my Personal Sexbot! I think I must have the absolute Hottest Step-Mom on the Planet! I've always wanted to see what she looks like when she orgasms again and again at my every command!!! I am Her Master Now!!!