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Miss Robin in 'KINKY JOI: In Robin Ray's NMCF Office'

Miss Robin - KINKY JOI: In Robin Ray's NMCF Office

Robin is fed up with the way things are run at work. She is ready for a promotion and raise, and you're going to give her everything she asks for. Your useless prick makes her giggle, but she's still willing to drain your cock and your wallet. If you stroke yourself exactly the way she likes, you might just be seeing her in your office every day.

Miss Robin in 'KINKY JOI: Robin Ray's Blowjob Training'

Miss Robin - KINKY JOI: Robin Ray's Blowjob Training

There you are, lucky pet. Your Mistress Robin Ray has a surprise for you, she knows you've been very eager to see her. She parts her legs to reveal a long dildo hanging from her strap-on harness. She's dressed head-to-toe in shiny latex with a corset gripping her perfect body but all you can look at is that giant cock. It's a little sad just how much smaller your own dick is in comparison to Mistress Robin's. And now, you've gone ahead and begun to stroke your pathetic excuse for a cock without permission! Bad boy. Now watch as Robin strokes her cock and do exactly as she says, make your hands exactly like hers as you rub your puny dick. That's right stroke it nice and slow to feel every little bit of sensation. Now that Robin is watching you watching her she can't decide if you like her or her cock more. She realizes your hungry for her cock and that you can't fucking wait to get your mouth on it. You've been outed as the little whore that you are, a cock hungry whore. Now she's gonna make you say it while you stroke your dick, "I'm a cock hungry whore". Just imagine you've got the tip of her cock in your mouth , just the tip, and that you're swirling your tongue around just the head of her dick. Now, let's see how far you can slide Robin's cock down your throat, a little? Or a lot? Don't you just love the taste of her cock? Remember to keep it nice and wet as you suck it. Keep going, good. Stroke a little faster now. That's good. It turns Mistress Robin on so much to watch you suck cock. Before you know it you're going to be begging, day and night, to suck her cock over and over again. The only thing that you can do to make her happy is sucking cock. Still stroking her thick long dick she goes on about how much feeding her cock to you is the only thing that makes her happy and therefore your only purpose in life is to be a cock hungry whore. And if your mouth goes dry while you're sucking her cock she's going to shove her dick so deep down your throat that you'll fucking choke on it.

Lily Lane in 'and Miss Robin Double-Team Charlotte Sartre's Ass and Pussy'

Lily Lane - and Miss Robin Double-Team Charlotte Sartre's Ass and Pussy

Lily knows most of her dates can't resist her little slave's unique charms. Charlotte gets permission to worship Miss Robin's feet and lick her toes. The sight of her slave's naked ass sticking up in the air is too tempting for Lily. She spanks, slaps, licks, and kisses Charlotte's round ass. Lily tells Miss Robin to spank Charlotte's ass while she lets her slave lick her shoes and suck her feet. Charlotte soon moves up to Lily's hot, wet pussy while Miss Robin flogs Charlotte's ass. Charlotte does a good enough job to get the privilege of tonguing her mistress' asshole. Miss Robin helps by holding slave's head deep in between Lily's ass cheeks. “She's so fucking lucky she gets to taste my asshole and my pussy.” Charlotte gets her mouth back on Lily's pussy and brings her to orgasm while Miss Robin continues flogging her ass. As a reward Charlotte gets Lily's foot stuffed in her hungry mouth. Once Lily has been taken care of she's ready to watch Miss Robin have some fun with her slave. Miss Robin turns the zapper on Charlotte, then a few punches from her fisting hand. The women laugh. Charlotte cries and moans, but her pussy is dripping wet. Lily pushes her fingers deep into Charlotte's ass. She begs for more until she has swallowed Lily's entire fist deep into her ass. But one fist isn't enough, Charlotte wants a whole foot in her ass. The women suspend Charlotte and Lily fucks her slave's pussy with a strap-on. Miss Robin strips off her top and soon Charlotte's tongue is deep in Miss Robin's ass. Keep licking it clean. Taste every last drop. Miss Robin repays the slave with more flogging while she is pounded silly by Lily and her strap-on. Charlotte takes it like a champ and begs for more anal pounding. Taken down from the suspension, Charlotte straddles Miss Robin, reverse cowgirl, and has her ass filled with a strap-on dildo. Lily fucks her slave's pussy while Miss Robin fucks Charlotte's ass. Add a hitachi and some breath play and little Charlotte is done for the evening. Good little whore. Miss Robin is impressed with how much of a pounding Charlotte's ass can take. A great first date by any standard.