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Nadia Styles in 'WIREDPUSSY IN NEW YORK  5'


This bonus update concludes our series of shoots done on location in New York City. This time we get the beautiful Pinky Lee tied up and clamped with electrical clothepins while commuters on the Brooklyn Bridge pass right behind her head. It also includes the end interviews with all three girls. Enjoy!There will be a full update on Thursday!

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Pinky Lee in 'Student Pinky Lee fucking in the desk with her glasses'

Pinky Lee - Student Pinky Lee fucking in the desk with her glasses

Stay in school and all your dreams will come true! When Pinky Lee falls asleep in class and dreams of fucking the professor, she's determined to make her dream a reality once she wakes up.

Pinky Lee in 'fucking in the living room with her small tits'

Pinky Lee - fucking in the living room with her small tits

Pinky Lee usually ignores her boss's son because she thinks he doesn't like her, but really the opposite is true. He does like her ... a lot. So when she opens up about boy troubles, he gives her a hard time about it. A really hard time.