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Strange Hobbies in 'Silicone Encasement: Part Two'

Strange Hobbies - Silicone Encasement: Part Two

Now that Strange Hobbies has been fully encased in liquid latex, Elise, Mark, and Petgirl Kako wait for him to fully cure. Once he is dry, he is imprisoned in the silicone with no way out. The silicone is very strong and stretchy, so Strange Hobbies can make a show for everyone in attempting to escape,

Elise Graves in 'Silicone Encasement: Part One'

Elise Graves - Silicone Encasement: Part One

It is always an interesting day when Strange Hobbies comes to visit and play! Serious Bondage Mark, of course, adds to the fun. On this particular day, we embarked on something new with full-body silicone encasement! This first part (of two parts) documents the details and process of encasing Strange Hobbies. Mid-way through the process he goes from standing to lying down, where we transition from painting the silicone on him to pouring it on! He is unrecognizable in many ways! The multiple layers of silicone are so strong that he couldn?t possibly get out. Only a tube in his mouth allows access to air.

Elise Graves in 'Strange Hobbies at the Dentist'

Elise Graves - Strange Hobbies at the Dentist

Dental enthusiast, Elise Graves, invited her friend Strange Hobbies over to play dentist. Elise, dressed in white lingerie and nurse shoes, binds her straitjacketed and halo brace-wearing friend into her dental chair with medical restraints. His dick gets rock hard immediately, as he knows this is a dental procedure of a lifetime. As Elise affixes an enormous metal gag to the halo brace, she creates one solid, immovable structure running from Strange Hobbie?s head to his chest. There is absolutely no escaping Elise?s invasive tendencies now. Alternating the vacuum between sucking out loads of saliva collecting in Hobbies? mouth and connecting the vacuum to a penis tube, Elise is beginning to confuse her friend?s body and mind. After blowing a giant load into the suction tube, Elise uses the splurge as a dental treatment.

Elise Graves in 'Welcome to Heavy Rubber'

Elise Graves - Welcome to Heavy Rubber

Strange Hobbies, as his moniker suggests, is into some very strange things, but somehow he had not yet had a heavy rubber experience and Elise Graves wanted to rectify that situation immediately! As Elise helps her friend into the thick Studio Gum rubber suit, she explains to him how special this suit is. How it has a full-mouthed rubber gag attached on the inside, and how that will add to his overall experience. Elise warms Strange Hobbies up by lying him on his back and vibrating his body. Once he is ready, Elise suspends her rubber-clad friend upside down and secures his arms behind his back with a leather strap. This is one hell of an introduction to heavy rubber, and that is exactly how Strange Hobbies prefers it!

Strange Hobbies in 'Rubber Circle Jerk'

Strange Hobbies - Rubber Circle Jerk

Horny Elise Graves wants to play with her two rubber-clad friends. She first puts Strange Hobbies into a medical halo brace and ties him into a chair, while allowing Kino Payne a bit more freedom. Elise coaches Kino to probe Strange Hobbies? mouth while she teases Kino?s cock. Soon, a cock-stroking, pussy-stroking threesome begins, with Elise directing the action. Strange Hobbies doesn?t have much freedom of movement, but that doesn?t stop him from joining in on the fun. Ultimately, Elise is turned on by teasing her two friends. She begins to give them a bit less stimulation and orders Kino to give her more. Upon orgasming multiple times, a satisfied Elise leaves her two rubber friends horny and alone. If you enjoy tease and denial, this video is for you!

Elise Graves in 'Strapped in suspended cage and made to orgasm with Venus 2000'

Elise Graves - Strapped in suspended cage and made to orgasm with Venus 2000

Strange Hobbies came to Elise needing a bit of a lube job. He had been feeling a bit rusty. Elise knew exactly what to do. She buckled him face-down into a metal emergency stretcher, and hiked him high into the air where she could get a better look at his goods. Due to an opening in the stretcher allowing for Hobbie?s cock to hang free, Elise had perfect access to assess the situation. She determined that some lube and a bit of suction would do the trick. Turns out, Strange Hobbies responded to the Venus 2000 procedure quite quickly - too quickly, one might say. Elise determined that although her friend Hobbies had produced some lube of his own quite quickly, the machine was not satisfied with such a lousy suck session, and thus, she allowed the machine to suck away, long after Hobbies had finished. That?ll teach him for ejaculating so quickly - or will it?

Strange Hobbies in 'In Deep'

Strange Hobbies - In Deep

Wow! Strange Hobbies is a champ! Strange Hobbies has always been a pretty intense fellow, and now Elise has the opportunity to see just how intense he can be at the helm of a bucket of water, a wash cloth, and some electrical toys! Elise begins by strapping her latex-clad friend on to a slanted board, into some medical restraints, with an electrical plug up his ass and around his cock. His head is lower than his feet for a special purpose, which we will soon discover! Elise brings in a large bucket of water and a thick rag. She places the rag over his face and then we watch as Strange Hobbies deals with what comes next! Elise is surprised to see how resilient her friend can be! She sees this as a challenge to make his predicament more and more intense! Watch what happens!

Elise Graves in 'When Elise Met Strange Hobbies'

Elise Graves - When Elise Met Strange Hobbies

Strange Hobbies is a wonderful kinky, freaky guy from France.  On this particular day, I was given the opportunity not just to meet him, but to play with him - and let's just say we hit it off!  Beginning our play session by placing a gas mask over his head, I then guide him into a coffin-like box into a leather rest sack. After zipping, lacing, and strapping Strange Hobbies into the sack, I begin to experiment with his willingness and playfulness by turning up the electro in his butt plug!  I am very pleasantly surprised to hear some loud manic laughter increasing as I increase the intensity in his butt plug!  At this point, I can tell that Strange Hobbies and I will be good friends!  I climb into the box with him as I want to be close to those I have complete control over.  I enjoy looking into his gas masked-eyes as I alternate between stroking his erect cock and bit and turning up the electro.  Eventually I become more interested in seeing my new friend come his brains out while bound tightly in a rest sack, in a coffin box, with his breath controlled by long hoses, and so I vibrate him to orgasm.  As he was screaming, I thought it would be nice to hear what he sounded like with the box closed and locked up securely, and so I did just that.  His muffled sounds were too much of a turn on for me, however, and I couldn't leave it at that, so I crawled on top of the locked box and vibrated myself to orgasm while listening to the helpless Strange Hobbies moan inside.  Lovely making your acquaintance, Strange Hobbies.Additional images included in the ZIP download