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Sully Savage in 'in Threesome Cat Burglars'

Sully Savage - in Threesome Cat Burglars

So these 2 thieves, Cody Carter and Dirty Dan have been hitting the neighborhood again, stealing flat-screen TV?s and seems as though, on this night, I was to be the next fucking victim! I happened to be home when Dan and his sidekick robber, Cody, made their way into my house, I guess they thought it was a good idea to rob a house while it was pouring rain outside, bad I idea fuckers, why would a person want to travel out, leaving their house in the pouring rain, plus all my fucking lights were on, definitely a couple of amateur thief?s! So yes I was home and ready for them! Just as they were trying to leave with my flat-screen TV, I meowed at them, stopping them dead in their tracks! Dirty Dan tried to say this isn?t what you think it is, LOL ya right! When I came out from the other room, needless to say, I shocked them both! Now I?m calling the cops, fuck this! What?s that, you want to work it out somehow? Ok, I have a fun idea, go sit your asses on the couch! What can we do you say, I don?t know you tell me, you wouldn?t want me to call the cops would you? Hurry up, let?s see what you got? Oh look at that, your both already hard, this can work for sure, I need a couple of hard cocks tonight. After I have had my fill, both of these criminals can get the fuck out of my house! Hurry up before I call the cops! Oh and btw I got something valuable out of all this and these 2 thieves left empty-handed! 2 Cat burglars should never try to steal from another Cat Burglar! MEOW LOL

Sully Savage in 'in Chained Hardcore Heat'

Sully Savage - in Chained Hardcore Heat

It's time for another hot hardcore scene! Hey all, Sully Savage here, that's right Kai Bailey, tell me what to do, lead me onto the bed with this chain wrapped around my mother fucking neck! I'll suck your cock till it nearly cums off! I love that big hard fucking cock, deep down my dirty, wet throat! I'll suck it like the freak I am! Fuck my face while you stand up, then I'll suck your cock while you're laying down. Then slap my face and fuck me good and hard! In the end, shoot a massive load of filthy, creamy cum all over my fucking face!

Sully Savage in 'Rookie is creamed on the mats as she Creams ON the mats'

Sully Savage - Rookie is creamed on the mats as she Creams ON the mats

Lea Lexis is a big bad bully. Today she throws this little red headed rookie around like a rag doll. Lea Lexis even rips an orgasm out of the reluctant to cum little slut. After Lea Lexis kicks her ass in 100% real competitive sex wrestling, She ties the red head in bondage, makes the loser worship her feet and then fucks her asshole until its pink and raw.