Insex 'Virgins' starring Penny Lay (Photo 11)

Penny Lay in 'Insex' - Virgins (Sexually Broken)

Penny Lay and Jesse Dean are typical horny virgins who can't resist getting a little frisky when they've got the house to themselves. Only Jesse has a surprise for pretty little Penny, and she won't be losing her virginity they way most girls do on prom night. They're getting hot and heavy when she notices some interesting magazines on his nightstand - bondage magazines. Her interest is piqued, and he's more than happy to explore his darkest fantasies with his cute little girlfriend. Penny is on her knees, lovingly worshiping his hard cock. She goes balls deep, gagging on every inch and drooling all over herself. Then Jesse gets to have his fun; he's got Penny tied up to his bed, legs spread and ready to be violated. He fucks her to tears as she struggles against the cruel ropes. Jesse has turned his innocent virgin girlfriend into a true bondage slut, and she loves every minute

Released : November 27th, 2017
Male Models : Jesse Dean

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Penny Lay in 'Stock Fucked'

Penny Lay - Stock Fucked

Little Penny Lay is usually behind the camera at Insex, but she gets in front and exposed for her live Sexually Broken shoot! Petite Penny is bound in strict stocks, her pretty pink panties pulled over her face as she struggles to deep throat a massive cock. She drools everywhere, making a mess of herself while on her knees. Physics seem to prove it'd be impossible to shove such a large object into such a tiny throat, but Penny defies the laws of the universe and somehow manages it (while gagging profusely, obviously).Next, she's pulled up, her tight pale ass on display while still bound in the stocks. Jesse goes to town on her tight little pussy, fucking her roughly with his hands wrapped almost entirely around her tiny waist. Finally she's bent completely in half, and brutally fucked until she's sick! She's a mess of tears, drool and cum whle apologizing to our members over and over. This is a can't miss live show!

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Penny Lay in 'Petals for Penny'

Penny Lay - Petals for Penny

Fun loving Penny plays in a swarm of flower petals, showing off her juicy naturals for Ryan. Spreading her smooth pussy for his cock to pump deeply into. She loves riding that dick and shoving her tits in Ryan's face as she slowly squeezes her cunt on his shaft. He pumps into her faster and faster until she's pleading for him to dump his seed into wet pussy.