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Eriq Dikkerson in 'Clothing Store Domme 2 - Kaiya Rose'

Eriq Dikkerson - Clothing Store Domme 2 - Kaiya Rose

Eriq goes to a clothing store to buy a dress for his girlfriend? the salesperson at the counter is rude to him? she insults him and degrades him and tells him she doesn?t believe he has a girlfriend. He should be a man and leave the store, but being degraded makes him want to submit to her and please her. She laughs at what a loser he is and makes him kiss her beautiful feet. Then she shoves her BIG ASS in his face and commands him to lick it. The bossier she becomes, the more it turns him on? when she tells him to go put on some women?s lingerie, he obeys without even thinking. He soon becomes her little SISSY BITCH as he worships her! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, SISSIFICATION, AND MORE!

Mistress Bella Bathory in 'Mistress Rules'

Mistress Bella Bathory - Mistress Rules

Mistress Bella Bathory is training her submissives Fawn and Cupcake to dispense and receive punishment, and they?re enthusiastic about their lessons. After proper instruction, the two take turns spanking each other while the Mistress applies her expert hand with floggers. Once they?re thoroughly warmed up, with Fawn?s ass properly red and warm, Cupcake busts out a strap-on and rewards Fawn with some dildo fucking, while Fawn eats her Mistress?s pussy.

Trisha in 'Incorporated Heather'

Trisha - Incorporated Heather

Heather has been sent to Punishment Incorporated for conduct unbecoming a wife! Refusal to take her husband?s cock in her mouth and a downright dirty attitude has landed yet another woman in hot water. Tony takes this filly and breaks her will with a barrage of flogging, cropping, and caning. Having warmed her up, Tony whips out his raging hard cock and presents it to her. She whimpers with delight?

Indiana Bones in 'Gia Derza: Collared and Leashed Little Slut Likes It Rough'

Indiana Bones - Gia Derza: Collared and Leashed Little Slut Likes It Rough

Gia Derza gets collared and leashed before getting fucked like the dirty little slut she is.

Butt Spencer in 'Multiple Anal Orgasms For Hot Amateur Slut Eden Ivy'

Butt Spencer - Multiple Anal Orgasms For Hot Amateur Slut Eden Ivy

Horny, tattooed babe Eden Ivy gets her pussy fucked hard, and shows off her impressive squirting abilities.

Sera Ryder in 'CuckQuean - Sera Ryder'

Sera Ryder - CuckQuean - Sera Ryder

Manda has been working at the store for nearly 20 years? 3 days ago, they hired a sexy new girl named Sera who is a complete brat? today, they promoted the new girl to be Manda?s new boss! After a humiliating day of being made to clean the bathrooms and cater like a slave to her new boss, Manda finds out that her new boss wants more? Sera tells Manda to cook dinner for her at her house if she wants to keep her job. When Sera arrives, she berates Manda in front of her husband for not offering to hang up her coat for her. Manda?s coat closet is full, so Sera takes Manda?s most expensive coat and throws it on the floor to make room. Then, when Manda goes to the kitchen to cook dinner, Sera seduces her husband. Manda comes back from cooking to find the new Sera on her husband?s lap rubbing his cock. Sera tells Manda she found some dirt on the floor? she grabs Manda by the hair and pushes her on the floor so she can clean it, and then SERA PUTS HER FEET UP ON MANDA WHILE SHE SUCKS HER HUSBAND?S COCK! Both of them laugh and mock Manda while she grovels on the floor to keep her job? and then SERA FUCKS MANDA?S HUSBAND IN FRONT OF HER!! Manda is humiliated when her husband tells Sera he loves her and invites her to move in with him and take Manda?s place. Manda knows deep down that this sexy brat is superior to her in every way, so she accepts her new role? as a CUCKQUEAN!! HOT BLOWJOB, FEMDOMSEX, CUCKOLD/CUCKQUEAN, FOOT WORSHIP, AND MORE!

Cheyenne de Muriel in 'Impact Clip 1'

Cheyenne de Muriel - Impact Clip 1

Lady Cheyenne de Muriel dressed in the finest black leather receives her slave befitting his status on the throne. Today has finally come for him the long-awaited day of his final punishment. For this, his mistress has also brought him a very special gift. A glittering leather strap with sharp spikes on her boots. These find them again and again also exactly his tightly tied unnecessary balls. Lots of Faces slaps of the finest and then the mistress unpacks the whip. The goal of the nice instrument is of course only the dick and the balls. After that, the ass is waiting, inside and outside he is treated, and he then goes to the ground during ballbusting more often than not, the mistress is of course particularly pleased. For slaves ?defeat? is a happy time of pain and suffering.

Alexander TDA in 'Naughty Nurse Lana Roy Pleases Her Patient With Her Sexy Body'

Alexander TDA - Naughty Nurse Lana Roy Pleases Her Patient With Her Sexy Body

A sexy nurse in a red latex uniform, Lana Roy, is more than ready to serve her patient, Alexander. The gorgeous hottie wastes no time at all. She quickly gives the handsome stud a sensual physical checkup before giving his stiff rod a sloppy blowjob. Lana can?t help but gag as she tries to shove the tip of the dick deep down her throat. After the passionate deepthroat, Alexander returns the pleasure by licking Lana?s wet pussy with gusto. He uses his tongue to tickle every inch of her sensitive cunt before banging her hard in missionary. Lana moans in delight while taking an intense pussy pounding doggy style, reverse cowgirl, and spoon. She then sucks and strokes Alexander?s dick until he gives her the facial she?s craving

Davin Strong in 'Princess Sarah's New Pet: Sarah DiAvola and Davin Strong'

Davin Strong - Princess Sarah's New Pet: Sarah DiAvola and Davin Strong

A fellow Domme has left Sarah DiAvola a present in the dungeon, saying there?s a new pet in there for her to play with. Her new pet turns out to be super buff bodybuilder Davin Strong, who?s tied to a cross and ready and willing to take everything Mistress Sarah has to dish out. Sarah warms up his six pack with a flogger, then progresses to a very stingy, flexible and painful crop. Then she teases him with the possibility of a blowjob but leaves him denied. She bites his dick and balls and stretches them into very uncomfortable positions. Finally, she releases him from his bondage, but she?s not even close to being done. Next, Davin finds himself suspended ? for the very first time! Mistress Sarah takes advantage of all the exposed parts swinging around, smacking his back, feet and butt with a paddle. Unfortunately, he can?t stay hanging there all day, so Princess Sarah teases with the promise of some fucking. But of course, she has a big long strap-on and all the fucking involves Davin?s big muscular ass. Being the cruel mistress she is, Sarah doesn?t even let the poor guy cum!

Dino Bravo in 'STEP-MOM'S COCK PART 2'


STEP-MOMMY GINGER LOVES TO MAKE YOUR COCK GET SO CLOSE TO THE EDGE AND THEN MAKE YOU DO THINGS FOR HER. She strokes you and makes you beg, then leaves you to go to the attorney to get the papers for you the sign. Of course, she fucks the lawyer and makes you lick the cum she pushes out of her pussy. She makes you lick her feet while she pleasures herself. She brings herself to orgasm because you know that her pleasure always comes first. She makes you stare at her pussy while she cums. If you want to cum you have to sign away all your inheritance to Step-Mommie. After making you beg, She makes you sign the papers, that is if? you want to ever cum again. She brainwashes you and milks you and takes Every Drop of your Big Load of Dirty Filthy Nasty Cum.

Sophia Locke in 'Brutal Homecoming of Sophia Locke'

Sophia Locke - Brutal Homecoming of Sophia Locke

Sophia begins her day locked into a wooden cube that holds her body in a small confined area. Her head is locked into a stock type device that displays it like the slutty hole that it is. The Pope toys with her before applying a blindfold and initiating some evil mind fuckery in the form of electrical play. The room goes quiet as he stealthily moves around fucking with her as he shocks her unsuspecting body. Sophia is given the first of many orgasms to reward her for being tough. Next, Sophia?s amazing ass is displayed so that he can torment her from behind. Floggers and canes are used to brutalize her backside and feet with some nasty bastinado. Sophia has no choice but to endure this brutality since she is helplessly locked into cold steel hindering her from escaping. This scene is finished off with a dildo buried deep inside of her cunt while a vibe is pressed firmly against her clit commanding non stop orgasms from her pussy. In the final scene, Sophia is locked into a neck shackle along with multiple steel traps that lock her legs wide open with her hungry pussy fully exposed. What follows is a nasty bastinado session that has Sophia pushed to her breaking point. The Pope continues to push this slut as far as she is willing to go, and then pushes her right over the edge with the final orgasms of the day.



?BRATTY STUDENT KATIE CAN TELL THE DEAN ABOUT YOU AND YOU WILL PROBABLY LOSE YOUR JOB.YOU CAME OVER TO HELP HER, BUT SHE HAS OTHER PLANS.Like getting A?s on all your tests, and taking your new Porsche. She makes you take out your cock and watch while She fondles her Massive tits and strokes her wet pussy. She makes you stroke your cock under her control. ? You are going to give me everything I want, just to be able to come over here and jerk off for me. That is if you don?t want me to tell your wife and the Dean.??

Elise Graves in 'On All Fours'

Elise Graves - On All Fours

Something very special occurs when two sadists come together. The pleasure one sadist gets from seeing another suffer can be exhilarating on their own - but when a sadist friend next to them reflects that same joy, it is extra fun! Energy that might begin with Elise in the form of a cane stroke impacts Kino who?s expression can further affect An Li in the most delightful way. There is a three-way exchange of energy and that triangular shape is the most solid of them all. Watch as Kino makes himself vulnerable to An Li and Elise by allowing himself to be locked into heavy wooden stocks on his hands and knees. This gives access to his ass which Elise and An Li gleefully mark up with whips, canes, fingernails, and more. Happiness is most real when shared with another ??

Felicity Feline in 'Felicity Feline: Inked Babe Gets Her Holes Stuffed With Cock'

Felicity Feline - Felicity Feline: Inked Babe Gets Her Holes Stuffed With Cock

Tattooed anal whore Felicity Feline gets all of her holes filled with cock.

Alexis Tae in 'Bondage Anal Fuck Toy'

Alexis Tae - Bondage Anal Fuck Toy

Alexis has an insatiable appetite for bondage sex, so we paired her up with one of the sickest fucks we know, Tommy Pistol. She begins locked into a thick steel collar, that is secured to a steel pole that is drilled into the ground. Tommy begins to assess the situation and see exactly what Alexis is willing to do to get the almighty cock that she so desperately craves. Next, Alexis is tied in a standing doggy position with her neck tied to her ankles to prevent her from standing upright. He goes to work fucking her mouth and pussy before removing the butt plug and fucking her tight ass too. He pound her little ass deep and and hard, makes her clean his cock, and fucks her until she erupts with orgasms. Next, Alexis is in a full rope suspension and Tommy maneuvers under her to fuck her ass even more. We get the best view as Alexis? ass is filled with cock until she explodes with non stop orgasms. in the final scene, Alexis is on her back with one leg pulled up and out of the way so tommy can continue to fuck her tight ass, pussy and mouth. He attempts to fist her pussy, and Alexis continues to cum uncontrollably until tommy dumps his load in her slutty mouth.

Carolina Sweets in 'Hot Blonde Teen Carolina Sweets Rides Stepdaddy's Cock'

Carolina Sweets - Hot Blonde Teen Carolina Sweets Rides Stepdaddy's Cock

Slutty blonde Carolina Sweets gets fucked by her stepdad before letting him blow his load all over her pretty little face.

Leena Sky in 'Inadequate Slave'

Leena Sky - Inadequate Slave

Mistress Leena?s boots are filthy, fortunately, she has Tommy Toscano to lick them till they shine. When he?s done with the boots, Mistress has a strap-on that needs cleaning too. Once everything is clean, Mistress warms Tommy up with a. Cane and flogger before checking on his anal training by fucking his ass with her strap-on. Not happy with how his training is progressing, she makes him beg for her to use a larger cock on him and then flogs him until she gets the obedience she deserves. But Tommy?s misdeeds continue in his off hours. Mistress Leena catches him jerking off in the shower, which is strictly forbidden. And now he?s due for a humiliating ass pounding with her big strap-on as he struggles to keep his footing under the running water.

Eriq Dikkerson in 'Jessica Ryan is a Goddess'

Eriq Dikkerson - Jessica Ryan is a Goddess

Goddess Jessica Ryan knows how to manipulate men? she uses her sultry voice and sexy body to weaken and confuse Jimmy? she starts by telling him how much it turns her on to be around a confident, strong man, and then destroys his ego as she tells him what a weak loser he is. She makes him worship her feet as she verbally humiliates him and then gives him a good spanking for being such a loser. She makes him worship her beautiful ass and then humiliates him further by making him slap his own face. She wipes her ass up and down his face, making him more addicted to her as she destroys him. He falls deeply in love with her and she loves it, knowing she will never even think of him as a man! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, PSYCHOLOGICAL DOMINATION, AND MORE!

Andre Shakti in 'and Erin Everheart: Sweet Slutty Anal'

Andre Shakti - and Erin Everheart: Sweet Slutty Anal

Sexy and sweet Erin Everheart is patiently waiting in the dungeon on her hands and knees to be used like a good girl. Andre Shakti enters and can?t help but notice the anal hook tied around a pulley to Erin?s long braided hair that?s keeping her in place. Andre starts by sweetly kissing Erin?s butt all over. She then turns up the sadism by spanking and flogging Erin?s ass. Erin is eager to please and takes all the pain Andre dishes out. Andre fingers Erin?s tight holes and allows her to taste her juices from her hands. Erin?s anal hook gets removed but only so that Andre can fill the gaping hole with an inflatable butt plug. Andre tests the stretching limit of Erin?s ass with how many pumps of the butt plug she can take. In the next scene, Erin is laying on her back with her wrists tied to her ankles above her, leaving her slutty ass open and exposed. Andre enters with a thick strap on and fucks Erin?s ass. Andre wants a taste of Erin?s sweet ass for herself and engages in some rimming whenever she pulls out with her strap on. Finally, Erin is made to please Andre with intense ass eating. Andre uses Erin?s long braid like a leash to pull her face in deeper. Erin?s tongue serves Andre well and brings her to an intense orgasm.

Coco Lovecock in 'Petite Blonde Coco Lovelock Is A Cock Loving Little Slut'

Coco Lovecock - Petite Blonde Coco Lovelock Is A Cock Loving Little Slut

Coco Lovelock gives Dan Ferrari a rim job and sucks his cock too good before letting him fuck her.

Marcelo in 'Filling All His Holes'

Marcelo - Filling All His Holes

Super sexy Hannah Hunt enters with her male slave Marcelo already assuming the proper position. Naked and ass up on the leather table. She lubes up his ass with her fingers first, then with her fists to get him ready for the giant strap-on cock that?s about to ram his ass. Marcelo loves the humiliation, pleasure, and pain her receives from his beautiful Mistress. The lingerie-clad goddess fucks him good and hard, enjoying every minute of it.Because Marcelo has been a good boy, Goddess has a surprise for him. She brings in Jimmy Broadway and gives Marcelo a chance to suck a real cock for a change. Marcelo is good and airtight as he slurps Jimmy?s cock while Goddess is railing his butt hole with her big strap-on.

Glenn King in 'Strip Club Domme 15 - Missa Mars'

Glenn King - Strip Club Domme 15 - Missa Mars

Welcome back to the MeanBitch Strip Club! This time, Glenn meets blonde big-butt beauty Missa Mars, who is happy to give commands to a submissive wimp in the club. She loves teasing and grinding on him and making him weaker and weaker and then loves making him her obedient bitch! This scene has lots of HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, AND MORE!

Miss Daisy Diamond in 'Rough And RelentLess Fuck For Naughty Brunette Daisy Diamond'

Miss Daisy Diamond - Rough And RelentLess Fuck For Naughty Brunette Daisy Diamond

Tiny teen Daisy Diamond gets her mouth fucked and her pussy stretched the fuck out.

Vanna Bardot in 'Beauty and the Beast'

Vanna Bardot - Beauty and the Beast

Vanna is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in the porn industry, and her chemistry with The Pope makes this shoot scorching hot. She is a self-proclaimed pain slut, so having her tied in heavy rope bondage and tormented by the meanest mother fucker on the internet, just makes sense. They both decide that the bondage should keep her helpless, but not over done in a way that hinders his ability to torment her to the fullest extent. She is gagged, then The Pope unleashes his full sadistic torment on her entire body. First, in a standing position, with clothes pins, a flogger and crop, and then finished with a nasty crotch rope. Next, Vanna is put in a doggy position on her hands and knees, with a chest harness tied to an up-line. He begins spanking her with his hands, then with a flogger, then with a paddle, and eventually with a cane. Vanna?s flesh is a testament to how brutal the torment is, as we see the marks appear before our eyes. The torment continues until Vanna is almost broken, then he fucks and vibes her pussy until she fully submits. In the final scene, Vanna is on her back on top of a table with her ankles and wrists bound. There is also a neck rope to restrict her breathing enough to keep her pussy wet. Her front side gets a grueling flogging before she is blindfolded and The Pope dishes out some sensory play with her flesh. Vanna is finished off with non stop orgasms that push her over the edge, exactly where she wanted to be.

Rosta Benecky in 'Slim Brunette Jenny Doll Fucked By Her Therapist'

Rosta Benecky - Slim Brunette Jenny Doll Fucked By Her Therapist

Slender babe Jenny Doll is a thrill-seeking bombshell who loves doing new things for fun. While on her regular counseling session with Michael Fly, Jenny opens up about her wanting to try out some fetishes. Michael recommends that she starts with some latex. The lucky counselor can?t help but get hard and horny when Jenny shows up in a sexy latex dress. He goes straight to eat her shaved pussy before letting the slim bombshell give his cock a blowjob. Sweet moans of pleasure fill the room as Michael bangs Jenny in missionary, spoon, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl. He tirelessly slides his cock in and out of her pussy before pulling out and shooting his warm jizz all over her beautiful face of Jenny.

Elise Graves in 'Down to Brass Tacks'

Elise Graves - Down to Brass Tacks

Dressed in only a pair of bright green pantyhose, some rubber mitts, and a vibrator belt, Elise Graves is secured into a strict handcuff hogtie. The metal digging into her wrists and ankles is painful, and yet her hair tied in a strict fashion to her toes does nothing but make it worse. Elise needs to maintain an exhausting back arch in order to reduce the pressure of the handcuffs from digging in. As if this was not enough, a mystery person adds some microfoam tape decorated with a handful of sharp thumbtacks to Elise?s breasts, surrounding her nipples. This means that if Elise rests her strict back arch for even a moment, her nipples are poked with the tacks. Avoiding the tacks, handcuffs, and hair tie is exhausting, however, when the vibrator strapped to her pussy is powered on, Elise has yet one more thing to think about!

Eden Sin in 'Begs Yahshua To Destroy Her Ass With His Big Cock'

Eden Sin - Begs Yahshua To Destroy Her Ass With His Big Cock

Eden Sin loves a good hardcore anal pounding, and today is her lucky day because Prince Yahshua is more than ready to stretch her ass open.



?THERE?S NOTHING LITTLE ABOUT MY TITS.Sarah is feeling frisky? Her husband is out of town? It is an Emergency situation!  She calls over her Married Neighbor, who happens to be the town Mayor, and convinces him that his wife never needs to know.  Sarah just wants a Titty Fuck after all?Actually, sadly for the mayor, the situation isn?t as cut and dry as Sarah first implies.  Sarah as it turns out wants a lot of Things.  She wants her bills paid, Lingerie, and the ability to use his dick whenever and wherever she wants.  Oh, and by the way? If the Mayor doesn?t comply, his wife and all of his constituents will find out about their little ?Affair?.?

Jupiter Jetson in 'Live Tonight! Jupiter Jetson Fucked On Stage'

Jupiter Jetson - Live Tonight! Jupiter Jetson Fucked On Stage

Hot and sultry lounge singer Jupiter Jetson is not getting enough views on her livestream so she comes up with a plan to give her fans something they will not want to miss. Stripped down on stage by 5 guys Jupiter is manhandled, throat fucked and pounded in every slutty hole airtight until she is covered and glistening with cum.

Marilyn Johnson in 'No Excuses: Marilyn Johnson and Yinnie DeDom'

Marilyn Johnson - No Excuses: Marilyn Johnson and Yinnie DeDom

Two exes run into each other at the gym and tension rises to a hot and kinky climax. Yinnie De Dom just can?t resist his ex girlfriends sexy ass while she is stretching at the gym. He takes her down and she barely resists because she is secretly hoping they will fuck one last time. With arms tied behind her back Marilyn Johnson sucks Yinnie?s cock like a good slut and then Yinnie ties her to a bench press and licks her pussy until she cums. He fucks her hard and makes her cum some more. Then standing with one leg tied up high Marilyn gets her ass fucked hard until Yinnie shoots his load all over his ex?s pretty face. These two can?t get enough of each other!

Marcelo in 'Mona's Cock Whore'

Marcelo - Mona's Cock Whore

Beautiful Domme Mona Wales has Marcelo on his knees, ready to do her bidding. She teases him with her 9-inch strap on before allowing him to take it deep in his mouth. He swallows as. Much as he can and then licks the spots he missed. But what Marcelo really wants is to get fucked. He presents his open hole to Mona; she massages his prostate before sliding her strap-on into his wide open hole. He begs to be fucked harder and she obliges; she rolls him over so she can see his eyes as she pounds his ass slow and deep.In part 2, the pair have another kinky adventure with puppy play. Marcelo does his best to be a good, obedient boy and is rewarded with facesitting, foot worship, and ass worship.

Tori Cummings in 'Baby Kitten gets taught how to fuck BBC slave'

Tori Cummings - Baby Kitten gets taught how to fuck BBC slave

Little Baby Kxtten has been given a BBC slave by Mistress Tori Cummings. Innocent Baby wouldn?t know what to do with this massive cock but luckily Misstress Tori teaches her how to use a BBC slave - and how to fit all of that massive hard black cock inside her petite little Baby Kitten pussy