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Kino Payne in 'More and More'

Kino Payne - More and More

Elise has just the right treatment for Kino Payne. Kino has recently been through a lot of suffering and is ready for some pleasure. As he is straitjacketed and strapped into a table, he is not in control of any of this. Elise begins by inserting an electro butt plug into Kino?s ass. After cranking it up, she slowly stimulates his cock and balls with her hands.

Elise Graves in 'A Gilded Cage'

Elise Graves - A Gilded Cage

Elise has Kino Payne trapped in a full-body cage on the ground. The cage has two openings - one for the face and one for the genitals. This is perfect, as Elise has plans for both of those areas. First, Elise exploits that genital opening with her shiny combat boots by stomping on Kino?s cock and kicking Kino?s balls! She moves next to the face opening to then have him lick the dirty sole of each of her boots. More than anything, Elise enjoys teasing Kino, so she squats over his face, commands him to show her how he?d pleasure her pussy with his tongue, and teases him by moving close but out of range. Kino is not privileged enough to ACTUALLY lick Elise?s pussy. Perhaps many, many more hours in the cage practicing his mouth moves might just help.

Kino Payne in 'Stretched Out'

Kino Payne - Stretched Out

Elise is tied, tickled, teased, and generally taken for a ride as she is tightly stretched out on a bondage bed. Her wrists are tied in such a way that she tightens the rope around her neck anytime she pulls on her arms. Due to the many sensations Kino orchestrates for her - be it electro, pain, or pleasure, she is unable to stop herself from doing exactly that. Bathed in pink light, Elise?s body is glowing as she twists and turns, screams and moans. This video is a slow burn that documents a play session in an authentic manner. Enjoy!

Elise Graves in 'Worship Box'

Elise Graves - Worship Box

Today felt like the perfect day to put a new toy of mine to work - well, two of my toys, actually ?? After securing Kino Payne?s hands in leather mitts, I tied them around his waist - straitjacket style. I then tied his spread legs to the bed, attached electrodes to his cock, secured an inflatable collar to his neck, stuffed my panties in his mouth, and taped it closed. I love taking Kino?s ability to talk and use his mouth away from him - particularly since I feel like teasing the fuck out of him. After slipping his head into my super sexy bondage worship box, he is now at my disposal. Wearing over-the-knee leather boots, long leather gloves, stockings, and a cute leather crop top, I slither my way onto the table with Kino and straddle his exposed face. He has a very close view of my pussy. Too bad his mouth is taped shut. I feel like taking his breath away, so I slide down onto his face - pinching his nose closed with my ass cheeks. Between my sitting on his face and the ever-increasing inflation of the collar, Kino is understandably panicked at times. He tends to slam his body against the table when he is stressed. His discomfort and objectified face is making me hot, so I trade the tape gag for a dildo gag. After removing my top and gloves, I hop right onto that dick! First, I control the fucking by moving up and down. But soon, I instruct Kino on how to fuck my pussy. Using his abdominal muscles to fuck me with his face is strenuous work, but he is rewarded by being up close and personal with me as I treat myself to several orgasms. Kino isn?t the only one with a front-row seat - thanks to Kino?s POV camera, you are right there in the thick of it as well. Enjoy! (Big thanks to Aphotic Industries for making this beautiful worship box)

Elise Graves in 'On-the-Cock Training'

Elise Graves - On-the-Cock Training

Elise knows that the best way to develop a new skill is to practice, practice, practice. She keeps this in mind as she wants to train Kino?s throat. Although it is clear that Kino is eager to learn exactly how Elise wants her cock sucked, he still needs a lot more practice to get it right. Wearing nothing but shiny pantyhose and a strap-on cock, Elise playfully instructs Kino to go get her a dildo the next size up from the one they previously used together. After strapping in, Elise takes control of Kino?s body with simple but effective rope bondage, his mind by commanding him how to suck, and his soul by controlling his sexual arousal and will to please. Although this session showed Kino to be a capable cock sucker, Elise knows he will need much more practice to truly impress her.

Elise Graves in 'On All Fours'

Elise Graves - On All Fours

Something very special occurs when two sadists come together. The pleasure one sadist gets from seeing another suffer can be exhilarating on their own - but when a sadist friend next to them reflects that same joy, it is extra fun! Energy that might begin with Elise in the form of a cane stroke impacts Kino who?s expression can further affect An Li in the most delightful way. There is a three-way exchange of energy and that triangular shape is the most solid of them all. Watch as Kino makes himself vulnerable to An Li and Elise by allowing himself to be locked into heavy wooden stocks on his hands and knees. This gives access to his ass which Elise and An Li gleefully mark up with whips, canes, fingernails, and more. Happiness is most real when shared with another ??

Strange Hobbies in 'Rubber Circle Jerk'

Strange Hobbies - Rubber Circle Jerk

Horny Elise Graves wants to play with her two rubber-clad friends. She first puts Strange Hobbies into a medical halo brace and ties him into a chair, while allowing Kino Payne a bit more freedom. Elise coaches Kino to probe Strange Hobbies? mouth while she teases Kino?s cock. Soon, a cock-stroking, pussy-stroking threesome begins, with Elise directing the action. Strange Hobbies doesn?t have much freedom of movement, but that doesn?t stop him from joining in on the fun. Ultimately, Elise is turned on by teasing her two friends. She begins to give them a bit less stimulation and orders Kino to give her more. Upon orgasming multiple times, a satisfied Elise leaves her two rubber friends horny and alone. If you enjoy tease and denial, this video is for you!

Elise Graves in 'Good Vibes'

Elise Graves - Good Vibes

Kino Payne has his opportunity to switch places with Elise. It is now Elise on the Sybian, with Kino at the helm of the play. He begins by stuffing a giant sponge into Elise?s mouth, firmly packing it in before covering her face with Tagaderm - very sticky transparent medical tape and ultimately securing it all with a leather face hugger. He knows that Elise is going to be loud and Kino wants to mitigate much of that noise from the get-go. After Elise is instructed to stuff her ass with a small electrical plug, she sits onto the Sybian and is tied in an arms-to-neck choking position with her fetish shoed feet tied in the back, preventing her from getting off the Sybian. Kino is obviously enjoying himself, what with the choking, caning and electrical play he is orchestrating. Meanwhile, Elise is orgasming over and over and over again?

Elise Graves in 'Suck Our Dicks - Double latex dommes face fuck suspended sub'

Elise Graves - Suck Our Dicks - Double latex dommes face fuck suspended sub

Dressed in sexy latex lingerie and armed with raging boners, Lita Lecherous and Elise Graves are feeling pretty frisky. Using Kino Payne as their inverted sacrificial scapegoat, the domme duo blow off some steam using Kino?s mouth hole and generally providing sensory overload with slapping, spanking and tasering. Motivated by cattle prods, Kino is an enthusiastic cock sucker. And as quickly as they had come, Elise and Lita leave Kino to ponder exactly how his mouth can best serve their cocks.

Elise Graves in 'Birthday Caning! - Elise receives an intense caning for her birthday!'

Elise Graves - Birthday Caning! - Elise receives an intense caning for her birthday!

Happy Birthday to Me! Although I lacked celebratory birthday spirit throughout most of my life, that has since changed, and I now appreciate celebrating both the passage of time as well as reflecting on the progress I have made as a human being. This last year has been such a joy for me in many ways, and I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you all for being a part of that, as without your support of my work (either through Bondage Liberation or Bondage Therapy), I would not have the freedom to explore that which brings me so much joy, so thank you. Therefore, I would like to share my celebration with you. It has been a very long time since I have been given birthday spankings, and this year I asked my friend Kino Payne to deliver the goods. I was determined to take 40 spankings (39 + 1 to grow on!), and in fact, requested cane strokes instead of spankings, so here we go! May this next trip round the sun bring us all the health and healing that we so desperately need during this unprecedented time. A mighty tight bondage hug to each and every one of you, and happy spankings to us all, Elise

Elise Graves in 'All Choked Up'

Elise Graves - All Choked Up

Elise is sexually aroused by suffering. It need not be her own suffering, someone else?s will also satisfy. Her new playmate, Kino Payne, enjoys suffering for Elise, as he knows it pleases her. Elise takes him by the neck, straps him into a tight, neck-squeezing corset, arm binders and a strict head harness before positioning Kino into a very tight hogtie for her viewing pleasure. It isn?t long before sweat begins dripping down his strained body. Elise sees that he is suffering for her and she appreciates it. She returns the favor by playing with her pussy in view of struggling Kino, yet absolutely out of reach. These are the games that Elise loves to play!

Kino Payne in 'Kept Under Wraps: Part Two'

Kino Payne - Kept Under Wraps: Part Two

In part two, we catch up with Nurse Elise discovering that her patient, Kino, has developed some feeling of lust for her. Elise is upset by this, as she maintains professional boundaries in her work. In an attempt to clear up any miscommunications, Nurse Elise switches gears with the implementation of two treatments. The first is using a thin, wooden stick, checking to see if, indeed, every bone in Kino?s body is broken. Kino cries out in pain during this procedure. The next treatment is to assess the amount of air Kino is getting through all those wraps over his face. Nurse Elise pulls a plastic bag over Kino?s wrapped head an ties it off with some thin rubber tubing. This way, she can monitor Kino?s lung capacity. Ultimately, Kino gets cleared to be left by himself for a long while, as Nurse Elise leaves to lunch with her nurse friends.

Kino Payne in 'Kept Under Wraps: Part One'

Kino Payne - Kept Under Wraps: Part One

As a healthcare professional, there are times in which one must regrettably deliver bad news. Indeed, on this day, Nurse Elise informs her patient, Kino Payne, that he has suffered a terrible accident resulting in the need to be placed in a full body medical wrap lasting two months. Although Kino might appear to take the news well from the get-go, it is only later that the reality of his situation begins to set in. Beginning with Kino?s head, Nurse Elise skillfully wraps Kino?s entire body in a seated shape. The shape creates ease in rotating him, maneuvering him and simply controlling him. Upon full mummification of her patient, Elise rewards him with a circulation-encouragement vibration device to build his endorphins for the long healing journey ahead of him. Shortly thereafter, Kino expresses his lust for his nurse after he mistakes the attention and care that Nurse Elise bestows on him as a sign of sexual intent. Not someone to have her boundaries crossed, Nurse Elise endeavors to set Kino straight in underscoring their professional nurse-patient relationship. Stay tuned for Part Two during which Nurse Elise pivots to using some unorthodox medical procedures involving a wooden stick and a plastic bag.

Elise Graves in 'Bamboo Tortment Tie'

Elise Graves - Bamboo Tortment Tie

Elise is feeling feisty today, but also loving. She intuits that her friend, Kino, is in the mood for suffering, and so she devises a plan to make that a reality. Tied on his knees with a piece of bamboo tucked behind his knees, Kino is starting to understand what is in store for him. Once his balls are tied back to the small bamboo secured between his ankles, he is acutely aware that this is going to hurt! Elise flutters around her suffering friend making his situation worse at times, and better at other times. Mostly, though, she is simply excited by the pain she is inflicting on her friend who enjoys it.

Kino Payne in 'Inflatable Gimp Face Sitting'

Kino Payne - Inflatable Gimp Face Sitting

Elise is excited by Kino's small stature, as he makes her feel extra powerful.  As Elise man handles Kino, they both grow more aroused.  Elise then decides to fill Kino's ass with an electrical plug before coaxing him into an inflatable rubber gimp suit.  He obliges, climbs in, and is then treated to both cock and ball electro as well.  Elise instructs Kino to inflate the suit with his own lungs, and only takes over when he is not able to continue due to the restriction.  Once he is inflated, Elise places a thick red rubber alien hood on his head, to fully seal the arousal deal with herself.  Seeing as Elise is highly aroused by aliens, she decides to sit on Kino's hooded face, and toys with using her pussy to block his access to air - over and over!  She wants Kino to get a good sniff of what he can not have, and so she pleasures herself while sitting on his face, giving him ample opportunity to see and smell, but not touch.

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Kino Payne in 'The Test Subject'

Kino Payne - The Test Subject

Kino Payne has taken part in a medical study on the effect of pain on human sexuality. In order to eliminate the variable of visual stimulation, the researcher gives Kino commands from a distant observation room. It doesn't take long to discover that this little pain slut's delights are as kinky as they cum. Featuring a ball gag, clothespins, clamps, electricity, hitachi, crop, zapper, cock stroking machine, and a fucking machine.