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Hazel Paige in 'Hardcore Bondage and Torment'

Hazel Paige - Hardcore Bondage and Torment

Hazel Paige begins in a brutal kneeling position with her feet pulled up high, leaving her no choice but to balance on her knees for the duration of the scene. The Pope begins his meticulous deed of tormenting her with clothes pins on her tits. Then the pins get added to all of the sensitive areas he can get to, before giving her her first of many orgasms of the day. Hazel prepares for them to be hit off of her flesh, but quickly realizes that this is more than she can bare, but more orgasms convince her that they can come off however The Pope sees fit. Next, Hazel is subjected to a grueling scorpion suspension. All of her weight is supported by her chest, which inhibits her breathing, so the suspension is short lived. She was able to have a few orgasms before needing to be released. In the third scene, Hazel is on her back with her feet up in the air and her arms tied to her legs. The Pope dishes out some bastinado before moving on to imposed orgasms with a vibrator and a dildo buried deep in her cunt. Hazel is at her tipping point, so The Pope does one final scene with her and mounts her atop a Sybian. She is in an upright spread eagle position, and all of her weight resting on the Sybian between her legs. The orgasms pour out of this slut as we wrap the day up.

Kira Noir in 'America's Sweetheart: Kira Noir Is Tormented And Fucked'

Kira Noir - America's Sweetheart: Kira Noir Is Tormented And Fucked

Kira is one of the most popular online influencers, and is ready to expand her brandeven further. She has been named ?America?s Sweetheart by all of her fans because of how nice anddown to earth she is. Kira?s smile can light up a room, and everyone loves everything about her, butshe wants to seem even more approachable to her fans. She hires a videographer to shoot her next?big thing?, which is a cooking show where she shows her fans exactly how sweet she really is. Theproblem is that Kira isn?t as sweet as she would have you believe and when she shows her truecolors to Tommy, the videographer, we get a glimpse of how bitter this bitch is. Her nasty attitudedoesn?t just show but Tommy had the camera running the whole time and captured it so now shehas to pay the price for being such a mean bitch to him. Kira is made to suck cock as Tommyhumiliates her before restraining, fucking and tormenting her.

Barrett Blade in 'Aliya Brynn's New Stepdad Catches Her Being A Bad Little Slut'

Barrett Blade - Aliya Brynn's New Stepdad Catches Her Being A Bad Little Slut

Sexy teen slut Aliya Brynn bends over and lets her horny stepdad fuck her from behind.

Baby Kitten in 'Teen slut gets used and abused by Older MILF'

Baby Kitten - Teen slut gets used and abused by Older MILF

Older Austrailian Milf Tori Cummings has her way with her little teen slave Baby Kxtten. Held in a cage, spat on, toys, strap-ons, and used in every way possible.

Sarah Blake in 'I Have Sinned'

Sarah Blake - I Have Sinned

Brat Domme Sarah Blake lures priest Jimmy to the basement, where she tests his vow of chastity. She?s altered her school uniform for maximum hotness, and rubs up against him; when she pulls down his pants and starts jerking him off, he can no longer resist. When she starts grinding on him, he doesn?t stop her. When he cuts, she makes him a deal ? he can either eat his cum and make a new vow to serve her, or she?s going to tell the congregation. He picks Option 1. In part 2, she takes him out of his cage, strips him, and puts him on the cross. She tells him he has sinned and needs to be punished. She gives his back a thorough flogging and scrapes his flesh with the Devil?s Claw. She paddles his ass until he begs for mercy ? and then, just moves the paddling from his ass to his back. After she crops and spanks him, he kneels before his new Goddess and kisses her hand.

Summer Col in 'Anal Insatiable: Summer Col Submits to Victoria Voxxx'

Summer Col - Anal Insatiable: Summer Col Submits to Victoria Voxxx

Victoria Voxxx manhandles submissive Summer Col and lures her into assworshiping. Victoria instructs her obedient slut on the proper way to finger her mistress?s asshole.Summer is eager to learn and obey. Then Victoria opens Summer?s ass with a glass toy and plentyof fingers. Summer is granted permission to cum multiple times with the Hitachi while getting herass fucked with the strap-on. Then Summer tongue-fucks Victoria?s ass again opening it up withher fingers before she puts a big dildo inside. Victoria finishes by taking a huge glass cylinder in herasshole. And still she wants more.

Emily Blake in 'Older guy shows no mercy'

Emily Blake - Older guy shows no mercy

Emily Blake met her match when Marcus London showed her how the older Southern Guys fuck. Her shiny black PVC outfit and boots together with her big boobs and blond hair turned him into a merciless fucking machine. She never stood a chance?

Blake Blossom in 'Big Tits Blonde Blake Blossom Loves Being A Slut'

Blake Blossom - Big Tits Blonde Blake Blossom Loves Being A Slut

Gorgeous Blake Blossom loves when Dan Ferrari goes balls deep inside her tight pussy.

Gracie Jane in 'The Audition'

Gracie Jane - The Audition

Davin Strong has a big audition to be Gracie Jane?s new guitarist in her band but when Gracie sees how nervous Davin is she decides she wants to find out if Davin can perform for her in other ways. Davin a little nervous submits to Gracie very quickly sucking her girl dick on the couch. When Davin?s hood is removed he is bound and tormented by Gracie with nipple clamps, paddles, and caned. After this torment Gracie is ready to pound Davin?s asshole with her hard girl cock. Davin?s audition isnt over yet though Gracie wants to see just how much Davin?s hole can handle so she brings out the fuck machine and let it go to work fucking Davin?s ass. Davin is then brought to his knees and face fucked till he sticks out his tongue ready to swallow Gracie?s cum.

Destiny Cruz in 'Naughty Schoolgirl Destiny Cruz Teases And Fucks Her Professor'

Destiny Cruz - Naughty Schoolgirl Destiny Cruz Teases And Fucks Her Professor

Stunning blonde with gray eyes and supple lips, Destiny Cruz, teases her professor, Robby Echo, into banging her hard. She especially didn?t wear any panties just for him that day to show how horny she is for him. The sight of Destiny?s slender body is simply too much to resist. Robby can?t help but be aroused as Destiny strips in front of him. Not able to resist the urge any longer, the lucky professor showers Destiny?s body with passionate kisses before having a blast in licking her wet pussy. Destiny returns the pleasure by giving Robby a sloppy blowjob. The horny duo then fucks each other hard in standing, missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and doggystyle. Robby shows no signs of stopping. He pounds Destiny hard before cumming on her face.

Baby Kitten in 'Petite Blonde Teen Baby Kitten Gets Her Ass Stretched Out'

Baby Kitten - Petite Blonde Teen Baby Kitten Gets Her Ass Stretched Out

Tiny teen slut Baby Kitten has her ass plugged before getting fucked hard by hard cool.

Slave DD in 'Suspension'

Slave DD - Suspension

The lucky slave gets his ass fucked by his Mistress in a very predicament position with a very big strapon. Mistress has no Mercy for her slut.

Krysta Kaos in 'Down and Dirty: Krysta Kaos'

Krysta Kaos - Down and Dirty: Krysta Kaos

Krysta Kaos and The Pope have a very long history, and when given the chance to rekindle the magic between them, they both jumped at the chance. Krysta voiced that she had never been properly machine fucked, so what better time to do that than during a device bondage shoot. Krysta is spread eagle with her limbs shackled to the floor. The machine is buried deep inside her pussy, and The Pope starts fucking her immediately. The pain comes in the form of a leather flogger as he strikes her repeatedly to increase her suffering. The orgasms are interrupted with pain, but then back to the orgasms. Next, Krysta is in a doggy position with a leather head harness on, while her body is locked into a steel device. More impact with the flogger gives us our first sighting of tears, as The Pope continues to torment her. The dragon tail known as Fluffy makes an appearance, inflicting immediate damage to Krysta?s flesh. A metal hook is placed inside her pussy and tied off to the head harness so that Krysta can fuck herself while he holds a vibe against her clit. The final scene has Krysta in a standing position with leather straps holding her in place. The Pope puts a zipper down both sides of her body until she can no longer bear the pain. She is then made to cum until he rips it off and sends her over the edge.

Elise Graves in 'Junk Mail'

Elise Graves - Junk Mail

Elise knows Patrick enjoys complete helplessness. All-encompassing restriction. Absolute immobilization. After stuffing a couple of electro balls up Patrick?s ass, Elise gets to work on the heavy bondage layering process. Beginning with a thick canvas hood, Patrick is soon faceless. Slipping into a sexy leather straitjacket, Patrick begins to relax in his situation. Helping him into a heavy canvas Max Cita mailbag, Elise informs Patrick that he is about to be laced into the sack as if it?s a full-body corset. Soon, Elise suspends the bag in the air. Patrick has left this earth. To bring him back, Elise turns up the electro on both the ass plug as well as some additional cock and ball electro bands. Tugging on his dick, Elise keeps Patrick on edge. When asked to wiggle, Elise sees that Patrick can barely move his body, yet he sways and sways. How long does Patrick stay bound up in the sack? Watch and find out.

Rubber Sissy in 'Benedictus Part 5'

Rubber Sissy - Benedictus Part 5

The poor Rubbertoy was badly played with, his ?little dick?is nevertheless already locked for weeks in a ridiculous ?Red Chastity?. Skillful breath play and a quite mean teasing as well as his no longer bearable horniness make him then finally the will-less plaything of the mistress. First, the rubber hole is fucked, then dick-sucking is announced before a very mean surprise awaits the sexually used Rubbertoy.

Casey Calvert in 'Intense Anal For Horny Slut Casey Calvert'

Casey Calvert - Intense Anal For Horny Slut Casey Calvert

Big booty, anal whore Casey Calvert gets her asshole destroyed by a throbbing hard cock before taking a giant load of cum to the face.

Bettie Bondage in 'Fluffy Hooks Up'

Bettie Bondage - Fluffy Hooks Up

Fluffy learns why he shouldn?t hook up with random women he meets online ? the hard way. Bettie Bondage turns out to be a total sadist who keeps promising to fuck him. Eventually. In the meantime, she puts a leather mask on his head and pegs him in several positions, then attaches him to a cross and flogs him hard. Next, she torments his balls, but Fluffy hangs in there, anticipating his cock inside her. Finally, she announces he now deserves her. Bettie puts his underwear over his head so he can?t see and lets him lick her pussy. And laughs to herself because he?s unwittingly licking a Fleshlight and doesn?t realize it. In the end, Fluffy is allowed to masturbate with the toy while Bettie flogs him some more.

Lumi Ray in 'Red Headed Slut Fucked In Tight Bondage'

Lumi Ray - Red Headed Slut Fucked In Tight Bondage

Lumi Ray couldn?t wait to be tied up again, so this time we have her paired up with Codey Steele, so she?s in excellent hands. She begins bent over with her hands box tied behind her, her legs spread with a spreader bar, and her neck tied to her ankles. Codey takes his time and feels her out, and plays with her to see what makes her moan, and what makes her scream. During his exploration, he discovers her squirt button, and pushes it every chance he gets. Next, Lumi finds herself in a brutal three point suspension with her legs spread wide, and readily available for Codey to fuck. He dishes out some corporal punishment before shoving his cock deep inside her dripping wet pussy. In the final scene, Lumi is on her back in an asymmetrical position with both of her hands tied to one leg. Codey goes to work and makes this little slut cum harder than she ever has before, and squirting every chance she can. The dungeon is soaked with her pussy juices, and her body is exhausted form the day, but her brain is satisfied.

Alexandra Sadista in 'Cruel Mistress Strap-on'

Alexandra Sadista - Cruel Mistress Strap-on

Mistresses Bella Bathory and Alexandra Sadista take submissive D.Arclyte to his limits with a particularly vicious version of strap-on play ? first, they attach a chain to his nose and bind his cock and balls with rope, and then torment him on both ends. In addition to the usual ass pounding with strap-ons, the Mistresses also bust out latex gloves and insert both of their hands in his asshole, and also produce a giant glass dildo to fuck him with. Alexandra and Bella also make him suck both their cocks at the same time, and get him good and airtight with a dick in each of his holes.

Coral Pearl in 'Gangbang Creampie Dirty Slut Gets Destroyed By A Huge Group Of Guys'

Coral Pearl - Gangbang Creampie Dirty Slut Gets Destroyed By A Huge Group Of Guys

Cora is one of the biggest dirty bitches I know. Several times my buddies and I have fucked her. But in this gangbang, she wanted us to put a little more on top. So we not only cum in and on her but also with cream ignited a real dirty smear fest on her horny slut body.

Alix Lynx in 'Big Tits Blonde Alix Lynx Fucks Her Way Out Of Trouble'

Alix Lynx - Big Tits Blonde Alix Lynx Fucks Her Way Out Of Trouble

Naughty stepdaughter Alix Lynx has been a bad girl and needs to be punished by her stepdaddy.

Slave Fluffy in 'Bully in the Gym 4 - Sarah Jessie'

Slave Fluffy - Bully in the Gym 4 - Sarah Jessie

Fluffy goes to the gym for a workout, but gym bully Sarah Jessie calls him a wimpstain and tells him he has to leave. He tries to say no but she physically throws him out of the gym. He comes back and tells her that he read his gym membership contract and it says he has the right to be there. He tells her he is going to ask for the manager if she keeps bullying him. She laughs at him and tells him if he is going to stay, he is going to have to be useful. She takes off her sweaty shoe and then WRINGS THE SWEAT OUT OF HER SOAKED GYM SOCK INTO HIS MOUTH! You can see the sweat dripping down his face! Then she makes him bury his face DEEP IN HER ASS. She loves humiliating him so she shoves her sweaty armpits in his face, and then sits on his face with her sweaty ass! LOTS OF HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, ARMPIT WORSHIP, AND MORE!

Inkfit in 'The Offering: Bella Bathory and Inkfit'

Inkfit - The Offering: Bella Bathory and Inkfit

Inkfit offers himself to Mistress Bathory. She makes him worship her long legs and she teases his cock with her pussy and asshole. She tells him to jerk his cock and she rubs her pussy while she watches. She beats his ass with a leather flogger and then fucks his ass with her strap-on until he blows his load.

Winter Jade in 'Mistress Jade ball-gag's and uses British Slut'

Winter Jade - Mistress Jade ball-gag's and uses British Slut

Miss Jade Winter has slave Epiphany Jones all for herself for the night. Chained up, ball-gagged spanked and used with a strap-on. Epiphany takes it all with the utmost pleasure, pleasing her Mistress well. These British sluts are hardcore to the extreme. Watch scene 2 from our Blockbuster new release British Obsessions.

Blake Blossom in 'Irresistible Blonde Blake Blossom Loves Fucking Married Men'

Blake Blossom - Irresistible Blonde Blake Blossom Loves Fucking Married Men

Big tits blonde Blake Blossom spreads her legs wide for Dan Ferrari to get deep inside her tight pussy.

Aspen Ora in 'My Stepdaughter is a Cam Girl!'

Aspen Ora - My Stepdaughter is a Cam Girl!

Jimmy is scrolling through a cam site, looking for a hot girl to jerk off to, when he comes upon ? his stepdaughter Aspen, performing from her bedroom in his house! He confronts her, but they realize they?ll be in trouble if mom finds out they were both involved with a cam site, so they vow not to say anything. But, Aspen still needs to make money, and Jimmy is still horny, so they make another deal. She gives him a special in-person live show, masturbating with a vibrator. Then things get more interactive, with Aspen giving him a blow job and Jimmy eating her pussy. Finally, they fuck in several positions and he cums on her tits. Then it?s time to pay up and clean up before mom gets home.

Clea Gultier in 'Naughty Nurse Clea Gaultier Fucks Her Patient'

Clea Gultier - Naughty Nurse Clea Gaultier Fucks Her Patient

For the beautiful dark-haired bombshell, Clea Gaultier, there is no better job than helping men who need to provide sperm samples. The naughty nurse in a white latex outfit goes straight into her work mode as her first client for today enters the room. The horny nurse then bends over on the bed and gives Max a sensual blowjob. The fit stud returns the favor by giving Clea a passionate pussy licking. Max fucks her tight hole in missionary. Clea can?t help but moan hard as Max slides his cock in and out of her wet pussy doggy style. Her big boobs bounce around while she takes a heavy pounding in reverse cowgirl. Clea then gives Max a sensual handjob until he cums in her mouth.

Anna De Ville in 'Creampied Pussy For Tattooed Cock Whore Anna De Ville'

Anna De Ville - Creampied Pussy For Tattooed Cock Whore Anna De Ville

Anna De Ville gets her mouth fucked and her pussy filled with BWC.

Krysta Kaos in 'Krysta Kaos: The Return of Kaos'

Krysta Kaos - Krysta Kaos: The Return of Kaos

Krysta and The Pope have a long history and have done some crazy shit together, so finding out that they are going another round excited us. Krysta begins bound in a chair with a neck rope in place for future use. The Pope enters and gets right to the business administeringpunishment; but first there is a welcome back orgasm to ease the nervousness that Krysta has. Next, Krysta is tied in a side suspension, and is tormented with his devilish cane to all of thesensitive parts of her body. Krysta takes as much as she can, and then The Pope fucks her mouth and pussy until she bubbles over with orgasms. In the final scene, Krysta is on her back with her legs pulled high into the air and as wide as they?ll go. There is more pain and punishment dished out to get her to the highest level of stimulation before ripping more orgasms from her pussy, and then leaving her a puddle of emotions in the dungeon.

Lady Blackdiamond in 'Benedictus Part 4'

Lady Blackdiamond - Benedictus Part 4

The poor Rubbertoy was badly played with, his ?little dick?is nevertheless already locked for weeks in a ridiculous ?Red Chastity?. Skillful breath play and a quite mean teasing as well as his no longer bearable horniness make him then finally the will-less plaything of the mistress. First, the rubber hole is fucked, then dick-sucking is announced before a very mean surprise awaits the sexually used Rubbertoy.

Candice Dare in 'Candice Dare: Blonde PAWG Loves A Hardcore Anal Pounding'

Candice Dare - Candice Dare: Blonde PAWG Loves A Hardcore Anal Pounding

Hot blonde slut Candice Dare gets a giant cock stuffed deep inside her ass in this intense fantasy role-play fuck.

Keira Slow in 'Keira Flow enjoys being dominated'

Keira Slow - Keira Flow enjoys being dominated

Keira her tits are getting tight up with a rope before she is getting ball gagged. Once that is properly done she is ready for some spanking and vibrating action!