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Miss Macarena in 'I am your Goddess Part 1'

Miss Macarena - I am your Goddess Part 1

First, you were dazzled by my beauty, then you became a slave to me. As my personal property, an orgasm is forbidden to you but an honor when I kick you in your useless testicles, spit on you, and slapped you in the face. As a reward for your loyalty, you may spoil my asshole every day and then lick me to orgasm. Your degradation is my pleasure!

Alexa Flexy in 'Curvy Blonde Alexa Flexy Gets Her Ass Punished By A BWC'

Alexa Flexy - Curvy Blonde Alexa Flexy Gets Her Ass Punished By A BWC

Hot blonde Alexa Flexy gets DP?d in this hardcore amateur threesome.

Indiana Bones in 'Fit Slut Abbie Maley Drains Dan Ferrari's Hard Cock'

Indiana Bones - Fit Slut Abbie Maley Drains Dan Ferrari's Hard Cock

Suzanne Ferrari brings home hot, brunette babe Abbie Maley as a present for her husband.

Mistress Tangent in 'Suffer For Your Goddess: Cole Church Submits To Goddess Tangent'

Mistress Tangent - Suffer For Your Goddess: Cole Church Submits To Goddess Tangent

Goddess Tangent is a sexy dominatrix with an insatiable desire for sadism. She loves to see submissive men strain with pain and wants to test what newcomer Cole Church can take. Eager to prove himself, Cole endures intense face sitting, hand gagging, flogging, cropping, scratching, and having his holes brutally fucked.Cole is laying on a leather bench and bound in rope when Goddess Tangent enters the dungeon. She places her knee onto his crotch and shoves her latex clad hand down his throat. There is no escape for Cole, and Goddess Tangent emphasizes this when she sits on his face and teases his hard cock. But she wants to tenderize his flesh even further and needs access to his backside. Cole is then tied-up to the ceiling in a crucifix position, barely able to balance himself on his toes. This provides Goddess Tangent the perfect predicament to ruthlessly flog and crop Cole?s ass. His dedication to please his Goddess never wavers, even as she ferociously scratches his body with her sharp nails. Cole begs to be fucked by her, much to Goddess Tangent?s delight, and she happily obliges. Finally, he is put in a position on his back with his legs tied apart for ample access to his holes. Goddess Tangent straddles his face and crams her strap-on down his throat to ensure that it gets nice and wet before she moves onto his ass. She warms his ass up with her fingers, stretching it out one finger at a time. After she pounds Cole?s ass, Goddess Tangent rewards him by allowing him to cum; but she scoops up his load and feeds it right back to him.

Ana Foxxx in 'Shopping Slave - Ana Foxxx'

Ana Foxxx - Shopping Slave - Ana Foxxx

Goddess Ana graciously allowed her slave to come Christmas shopping with her! They walked through the mall and she pointed at various things and each time, her slave would scurry off to purchase what she wanted. She then made him pay for giftwrapping of all the gifts she picked out for herself. But now that they have returned home, she tells him he should have bought more for her. So, she tells him he will need to call his bank and increase his credit limits and apply for a loan. As she rubs her perfect ass up and down his face, he feels weaker and weaker? he wants to resist as his life spirals out of control but Ana is just too beautiful and powerful to be denied. He will be drained of everything he owns and she knows it! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, AND MORE!

Nicki Hunter in 'The Devil's Workshop: Body and Soul'

Nicki Hunter - The Devil's Workshop: Body and Soul

Struggling singer Nicki is frustrated with her life ? she performs in bars where no one pays attention to her, and she?s totally broke. She declares she would sell her soul to the devil for success. And, guess who shows up? She gives the devil a blowjob while he outlines her glorious future. Soon, her dressing room is gorgeous and fans are clamoring for her. She gets herself off in a beautiful bubble bath ? but then things take a strange turn and she finds herself in a dungeon, bound to a cross, as the devil whips, flogs, and otherwise torments her. Sometime later, she finds being famous isn?t really that great, she longs for peace and solitude, but the devil is back to demand more payment.

Alison Rey in 'Little Step sis Love Getting Her Pussy Fucked By Her Horny Stepbrother'

Alison Rey - Little Step sis Love Getting Her Pussy Fucked By Her Horny Stepbrother

Slutty brunette babe Alison Rey spreads her legs wide to get fucked by her step brother thick cock.

Abella Danger in 'Big Booty Babe Abella Danger Takes It Up The Ass'

Abella Danger - Big Booty Babe Abella Danger Takes It Up The Ass

Hot brunette babe Abella Danger gets her big juicy ass gaped and filled with big white cock.

Victoria Voxxx in 'Victoria Voxxx: Chained, Trapped, and Beaten'

Victoria Voxxx - Victoria Voxxx: Chained, Trapped, and Beaten

Victoria Voxxx is one of those models that gets more turned on the more you beat her. The torment is therapy for her, and the bondage is a way to ensure that she stays put during her time with her therapist. She begins locked in steel shackles on her wrists that hold her in place until The Pope begins the day of debauchery. One at a time, chain is added to weave a web of discomfort and suffering. Her body is slowly locked down and restrained tighter, and tighter. The Pope goes to work on her magnificent ass with a wooden paddle and other implements until the marking is very visible. Clothespins are added to her nipples for a little extra suffering before she is given a few orgasms. Next, Victoria is put in a doggy type device with her ass on display again; it?s such a perfect target to torment. More punishment is delivered to her ass before he uses his metal claw to over stimulate her brain, as well as her body. A dildo is shoved down her throat and then it gets buried in her wet pussy and it makes her explode with non stop orgasms. Victoria fights to escape him, but her attempts are worthless. In the final scene, Victoria is on her back with her legs folded under her, and her wrists bound to her ankles. Her throat is nice and snug with a heavy chain wrapped around it and pulled tight. Victoria doesn?t respond to normal torment, like other models, so The Pope takes it up a notch and finishes her off with a perfectly timed zipper.

Serenya Gomez in 'Played while hogtied'

Serenya Gomez - Played while hogtied

The sexy Serenya Gomez is getting tied up before she gets hogtied up by her bondage master. Once she is in the right person he gags her mouth and vibes her pussy. She feels uncomfortable but oh so horny!

Tato Switch in 'Venezuelan Hottie Tied Up For The First Time'

Tato Switch - Venezuelan Hottie Tied Up For The First Time

This SAS shoot is hot Kink from Colombia with sexy Venezuelan model Rebecca Johnson. Rebecca has a fantasy to be tied up for the first time so today is her lucky day. Decked out in a strappy, leather revealing outfit with thigh-high stockings and red heels Rebecca is a ready and willing trainee for her horny boss Cipriani who introduces her to BDSM.Starting with the crop, flogger and rope she gets a taste of BDSM and then some pussy eating and fingering which gets her turned on even more. Then Capriani fucks Rebecca in several positions and she sucks his cock until he shoots his load all over her pretty face.

Anna Rose in 'Elise's Ponygirl Transformation'

Anna Rose - Elise's Ponygirl Transformation

Famous Pony Trainer, Anna Rose, seduces a new pony, Elise, into her stable. Anna begins by testing Elise?s sensitive bits with crops, clamps, and plugs! After passing Anna?s initial exam, Elise is then dressed in a sexy leather pony harness, preparing her for the cart. Anna discovers thick, white pussy cream between Elise?s legs, exhibiting exactly her excitement about becoming a pony. Anna is pleased by this and continues to attach Elise to her new cart. Anna takes the reigns after admiring her pony?s shapely butt. After making the rounds with Elise as a pony, Anna treats her pony to some standing mummification orgasms!

Mistress Tangent in 'Rebecca Vanguard is Eager To Please Sexy Mistress Tangent'

Mistress Tangent - Rebecca Vanguard is Eager To Please Sexy Mistress Tangent

Talk about a Whipped Ass! Rebecca Vanguard gets her ass whipped into submission by super hot dom Tangent and her sadistic tools of the trade with slapping, flogging, cropping, caning; repeat. Rebecca wants to rise up in the ranks to graduate from house bitch to Tangent?s personal slave so she is eager to please and willing to do anything to make it happen. Starting in the luxurious pool Rebecca is ordered to sensually spread tanning oil all over her body but her soft little hands just aren?t cutting it so Tangent decides to make herself very comfortable and get what she wants. Facesitting, sensory deprivation and teasing torment encourage Rebecca to do her best to please her master. Tangent needs loyalty, dedication, durability and more if Rebecca is to actually become her personal. Next bound in the stocks Tangent relentlessly pushes Rebecca to her limits with hardcore corporal punishment leaving visible marks on her trainee?s ass. Next in full suspension Tangent straps on a sinister looking dildo and fucks Rebecca?s slutty pussy until her eyes are rolling back in her head. Congratulations Pet! I think you made it

Charlotte Sartre in 'Fresh Meat For Charlotte and Maya'

Charlotte Sartre - Fresh Meat For Charlotte and Maya

It?s a fun time for sadistic Dommes Maya Sinstress and Charlotte Sartre, and they have the perfect victim in Tony Orlando. He?s firmly bound to a cross and helpless to resist any nefarious games they have in mind. First, the Mistresses gag him with a horse bit and warm him up with double flogging. After adding some clothespins to his tongue to make the gag so much worse, they turn their attention to his cock. They attach some weights and then try to find out exactly how many clothespins his dick will handle. (Hint: it?s quite a few). Of course, it hurts more to take clothespins off ? and afterward, Charlotte and Maya finish up his mangled cock by attaching some heavier weights!

Slave Fluffy in 'Prison Bitch 2 - Kitana Montana'

Slave Fluffy - Prison Bitch 2 - Kitana Montana

Fluffy?s new cellmate Kitana runs the prison. She expects every inmate (especially soft, wimpy ones like Fluffy) to bow down and kiss her ass. She makes him give her his shoes and then get on his knees for a nice blowjob on her big strap-on dick. When she sees how easy is to make this scared little bitch do whatever she wants, she sits on the toilet and makes him rim her asshole. She slaps his wimp face and then makes him worship her feet? she completely humiliates him and treats him like a little bitch!! ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, STRAPON WORSHIP, AND MORE! ONE OF OUR HOTTEST SCENES EVER!!

Emma Rose in 'Call Me Princess Emma: Emma Rose Dominates Vic Lowrey'

Emma Rose - Call Me Princess Emma: Emma Rose Dominates Vic Lowrey

Vic Lowrey has never ever been tied up or been dominated by a woman but he is excited and ready to try something new, brand spanking new! Introducing Emma Rose who gladly welcomes Vic into her sweet and sassy world of BDSM. After strapping a pink collar and chain on Vic?s neck Emma orders him to call her Princess Emma and to follow all of her commands. She makes Vic take all of his clothes off so she can warm him up for an afternoon of naughty fun in her pink, playful dungeon. All day delights including spanking, rope, plenty of teasing, cock sucking, ass play with purple anal beads and pink pony tail butt plugs, hardcore fucking and more!

Casey Calvert in 'Casey Calvert: Extreme Rope Bondage and Torment'

Casey Calvert - Casey Calvert: Extreme Rope Bondage and Torment

Casey Calvert is at the top of her game, and is more than willing to let The Pope put her through her paces to prove it. Casey?s day begins with a brutal inverted suspension, with her body tethered to a piece of bamboo to keep her rigid. Her arms are bound and then pulled tightly behind her, along with one of her elbows being tied to one of her legs. Casey is completely helpless and has to endure everything The Pope throws at her. In the second scene, Casey is now tethered to a column by her arms which hold the back of her neck firmly against the column. All of her weight is hanging from a waist rope and her arms. Casey is very aware of her body at this point. She is toyed with by her captor, and little by little he finds ways to intensify the tie to make it even more extreme. She is fucked and made to cum several times before they move on to the final position. Casey is on her back with her legs pulled up and spread. Her hands are bound to her thighs, and a few perfectly placed ropes across her tits keep her from escaping. The Pope works meticulously to ensure that Casey endures as much suffering as possible from implements, since the first two scenes were dedicated to heavy rope torment. Once the bastinado, pussy torment, and the general infliction of pain has past, The Pope hoists Casey into the air for one final suspension where he administers heavy breath play and orgasms to finish her off.

Sarah Simons in 'Big tits and ball gagged'

Sarah Simons - Big tits and ball gagged

Sarah is getting a ball gag in her mouth before her rough treatment starts. With the strong vibrator on her clit, she wants to scream, but that is simply not possible. Sweet!

Natalia Pearl in 'Natalie and Penny: INSANE 14 MAN DP GANGBANG ORGY WITH TWO BABES!'

Natalia Pearl - Natalie and Penny: INSANE 14 MAN DP GANGBANG ORGY WITH TWO BABES!

(The video is transcoding error) What a horny three-hole team: Natalia is a mega petite skinny model. Penny, the horny sperm slut, needs to suck men like no other. I have invited my 10 best friends in a bar and we banged the two chicks. My highlight: I put a funnel in the pussy of one of the two and we cummed into it. So dirty!

Leya Falcon in 'in Caution: Please Disturb with those 2 Cocks!'

Leya Falcon - in Caution: Please Disturb with those 2 Cocks!

What?s a white girl with a cushy they gotta do to get some black dick around here! I guess dressing up in this hot outfit, putting on a helmet, throwing some roller skates on, and having my hands tied up and caution tape wrapped around my face should get some attention! And it seems it has worked, it looks like I?m gonna get my wish because Chris Blackwood and Kris K just showed up to give me the fucking that I deserve. With two hung studs like these guys pounding away at my pussy, I?m going to be squirting all over this room. They gaged me. They spit-roasted me. Now I think that I earned that jizz. Come on guys, cover my fucking face with all your hot cum!

Lilly Bell in 'Teacher's Pet: Lily Bell Fucks Tommy Pistol and Oliver Davis'

Lilly Bell - Teacher's Pet: Lily Bell Fucks Tommy Pistol and Oliver Davis

Lily is obsessed with her college professor, Tommy. They have been fucking after hours in his classroom but her boyfriend has no idea what kind of slut she really is. She fucks Tommy and then goes and fucks her boyfriend Oliver in the same night. She meets him at the barhe works at and he ties her to a pool table and fucks her from behind. This is the kind of treatment this dirty slut likes, but she can?t keep her mind off of Tommy. The next day she can?t wait to talk to him, but Tommy has rules. Rules that he has already given her, so when these rules are broken Tommy punishes this slut for her infractions.

Elise Graves in 'Vacuum-Packed'

Elise Graves - Vacuum-Packed

Today is the day that Dart Tech experiences his first vac bed! As he slides into the rubber bed, Elise explains that she has the capability to monitor his respiratory and heart rates. The electro butt plug that was previously stuck up Dart?s ass is able to be connected to the power box through a port in the bed. With Dart?s head inside the bed, only a short tube connects him to the outside world - including his breath. After exploring Dart?s sucked-up rubber body, Elise uses a breath control device and the electro box to get a noticeable reaction on the patient monitor. This is all fun and games to Elise, who ends up pleasuring herself to an intense orgasm while sitting on Dart?s bound body.

Vanessa Vega in 'Peeping Tom Gets Gangbanged'

Vanessa Vega - Peeping Tom Gets Gangbanged

Dommes Vanessa, Jessica and Charlie are enjoying an afternoon of topless sunbathing by the pool when they hear some rustling in the bushes. They spot slave Fluffy spying on them and quickly capture him. Man, did he pick the wrong women to peep on! Before you know it, Fluffy is trapped in a round hanging cage with the Dommes whirling him around, smacking him with crops and rulers, showering him with spit and kissing and eating pussy just below the cage as a demo of pleasures he will never experience. But the cage doesn?t really afford enough access to really beat up on him, so Fluffy gets suspended in rope bondage with all his vulnerable parts exposed. The Mistresses take turns flogging and paddling him, and amusing themselves by placing a complicated and painful CBT device on his cock and balls. Are they done? They most certainly are not. Next, Fluffy is tied to a table as Mistress Jessica sticks a dildo in his mouth and flogs him with maximum impact, while Vanessa gives Charlie a strap-on blowjob and enjoys being fucked by her, all the while taunting and humiliating Fluffy. Finally, it?s time to take turns pegging him and sticking the just used dildos in his mouth. He?s never been fisted before ? but there?s a first time for everything, and the Dommes have the perfect way to finish up with their little pervert, who?s certainly learned his lesson.

Glenn King in 'Enslaved by a HomeWrecker'

Glenn King - Enslaved by a HomeWrecker

Glenn never meant to cheat on his wife, but then he met Aften. She?s 30 years younger than him and knows exactly how to charm, seduce, and manipulate him. He soon found himself in a torrid affair, spending thousands of dollars on gifts for Aften and shamefully making up excuses for his wife. When he finally tries to break up with Aften, she smiles a cruel smile and tells him ?if you don?t want your wife to find out about this, you are going to be my slave?. She tells him that she owns him now, and she owns his cock. He is helpless as she sits on his face and makes him worship her feet, and then completely loses any willpower when she sits on his cock and RIDES HIS COCK!!! See what it?s like when a submissive man completely gives up his will for a sex goddess! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, BLOWJOB, AND FEMDOM SEX!!!

Ashlee Cox in 'Teacher dream: we suck cock in college!'

Ashlee Cox - Teacher dream: we suck cock in college!

The three world-famous porn stars Ashlee Cox, Natalia Pearl and Penny Payne go back to college. To improve their grades they make a deal with the teacher. They want the best grade for which they blow him all three together. No question that the horny teacher agrees of course. After a horny blowjob he pisses one of the three also still in her pussy. After the lunch break the two sluts Elina Flower andBella X get fucked. The whole men college bang the two. What horny schoolgirls.

Serenya Gomez in 'tight up in the basement'

Serenya Gomez - tight up in the basement

Serenya Gomez is with her bondage master in the basement. He uses all kinds of different rope techniques before he is whipping her and treats her with a magic wand. Tight up and struggling, that?s how we like to see those girls!

Brooklyn Gray in 'Brutal Bondage and Grueling Domination of Brooklyn Gray'

Brooklyn Gray - Brutal Bondage and Grueling Domination of Brooklyn Gray

Brooklyn Gray is one tough cookie, so when given the opportunity to face off with The Pope on Hogtied, Brooklyn jumped at the chance. We start with this pain slut?s hands tied to the ceiling, and a spreader bar between Brooklyn?s legs. The Pope enters and starts tying more rope to intensify the already bound Brooklyn. The torment begins almost instantly, and Brooklyn smiles when the pain comes. This is a familiar sensation that is craved by Brooklyn, and can only be delivered from The Pope. He knows what buttons to push, and exactly how hard to push them. By the end of the scene, Brooklyn is pulled in every direction with a crotch rope doing most of the pulling. Next, Brooklyn is subjected to a grueling suspension that is designed to cause the body a great deal of suffering. First the cane to tenderize Brooklyn?s flesh, and the ?Fluffy?, The Pope?s dragon tail is used to create the perfect storm of pain and agony. Before issuing massive orgasms, Brooklyn must first earn them with some brutal bastinado. A massive dildo fills Brooklyn?s cunt and the orgasms pour out. The final scene starts with Brooklyn atop a wooden box in a hogtie, wrists tied to legs. There is an up line that will slowly be pulled tighter, and tighter, until Brooklyn takes flight in a brutal suspension. First Brooklyn endured grueling torment and earned the right to be lifted into the air for one final orgasm.

Jazlyn Ray in 'High Dollar Anal Whore'

Jazlyn Ray - High Dollar Anal Whore

Jazlyn works as an elite escort, only giving her time to the people who can afford her. Tommy finds her profile online and applies to hire her for some dirty BDSM ass fucking. The process didn?t take long to approve him, especially with the amount of money he has to offer. Jazlyn shows up and they negotiate how the day is going to look for her. she knew he wanted some BDSM, but she had no idea how intense it would get. Tommy eases her into the whole process until he gets her bound. There?s no more Mr. Nice Guy now, and he buries his cock balls deep in her ass and throat. He could care less about her pussy, and spends the entire day dominating her mind and ass while she lay helpless in tight bondage.

Heather Starlett in 'Heather Starlet in Tied Down and Bound To Cum!'

Heather Starlett - Heather Starlet in Tied Down and Bound To Cum!

?One of my favorite things is to be tied up to cum. Watch as I can hardly move. My Lil titties are tied up and are being pinched just a bit. And my pussy well it bound up and I have this Lil toy hooked to a metal arm to make me cum. Whether you like bondage or not I?m sure you will love this hot fucking set. and yes I came how could I not!?

Rubber Jeff in 'The Blue Room - Ass hooked and vibed'

Rubber Jeff - The Blue Room - Ass hooked and vibed

The sweet latex toy Lara may make acquaintance in this session with the magic light of the blue room and chain bondage, her horniness is then further increased with an anal hook before her master takes care of her pussy and brings Lara from one orgasm to the next.

Richelle Ryan in 'Mean Bitch Boss 10'

Richelle Ryan - Mean Bitch Boss 10

Eriq is the best sales rep in your company, so he finds out he has a new boss, he proudly goes into her office and asks for a raise. He is stunned when she tells him that she has already decided to cut his pay in half so he tells her that he can easily find a job with her competitor. She laughs at him and tells him to go ahead. When he calls other companies, they tell him they heard bad things about him from his new boss and would never hire someone like him. So, he goes crawling back to her and asks for his job back. She tells him that the pay is now to cut to 1/3 of his previous salary and he pathetically accepts? then she tells him to get on his knees and start kissing her BIG ASS!! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, CUM COUNTDOWN, AND MORE!!

Veronica Vixen in 'How's My Little Victim'

Veronica Vixen - How's My Little Victim

Veronica Vixen has major-league pain slut Marcelo in a cage on wheels and takes pleasure poking him with a cane while trundling him into her dungeon. She tells him he?s in a lot of trouble and doles out a warm-up that includes a cane, paddle, and police baton. His asshole itself doesn?t need a lot of warming up, but the cruel Mistress does take him to his limit by inserting a big dildo, then smacking the base with a big wooden paddle. Finally, she reams him but good with some heavy pegging, and afterward, makes him lick her dildo clean.