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Elise Graves in 'Too Close for Comfort'

Elise Graves - Too Close for Comfort

Mature BDSM aficionado Emma could be Elise Graves? older step-sister or step-mother. Elise is here to give Emma exactly what she wants, which is a day of intimate bondage play that is full of love, beauty, and of course, much suffering and even more pleasure. Emma has some new experiences that push her boundaries and challenges her desire to remain in control, with neck play, luscious rope bondage, electrical play, a rubber hood, and much more, but Elise is there to lead her nervous and eager submissive through BDSM play. As Emma gasps for air during each orgasm, Elise?s pleasure grows.

Jesse Pony in 'Bondage Slut, Jesse Pony Gets Machine Fucked'

Jesse Pony - Bondage Slut, Jesse Pony Gets Machine Fucked

Jesse Pony has incredible sexual energy, so why not tie her up and fuck her with our machines. Another human would just get in the way and distract us from how hot Jesse is and how well she responds to being fucked harder than she?s ever been fucked before. She warms up with a vibe and then we get her bound and slide the first machine into her wet pussy. Her ankles are tied to her wrists, but she is allowed to move around in her chair as the machine pounds her sluttylittle hole. Next we put her in a very vulnerable position with her legs spread as wide as possible, but we have to cut it short since it was a lot for her to endure. We couldn?t help ourselves when we saw how flexible she was. We move on to the next position, Jesse on her back with one leg up. Her juicy pussy is fully exposed and ready to get fucked. The machine ramps up to top speed and Jesse cannot stop cumming. She writhes in the bondage, but can?t stop her pussy from orgasming over and over again. Jesse is still horny, so we do the only thing we know to do in this situation, and strap her to a sybian and make her cum harder than she?s ever cum before, sending our little Pony right over the edge.

Sarah Simons in 'gets her treatment'

Sarah Simons - gets her treatment

Sarah Simons had enormous huge natural tits and Peter is playing them with clamps and whipping. That brings her in the mood for some good proper sucking and fucking. Good girl!

Gizelle Blanco in 'Tormented and Machine Fucked'

Gizelle Blanco - Tormented and Machine Fucked

Gizelle showed up on the pages of Kink recently, and has proven that she is here for all of the bondage, punishment, and the orgasms! She craves the pain, and giving up total control to someone she trusts. The Pope guides her through the next steps of her BDSM journey by locking her in strict restraints, and pushing her as far as she is willing to go. The first position has Gizelle locked into a scavenger?s daughter. The point of this device is to slowly torment it?s victim with slow and agonizing restraint. The body slowly begins to betray you, and fights to escape if left in this device for too long. After some nipple clamps and torment, Gizelle is given her first of many orgasms at the hands of her captor. Next, Gizelle is held in place with steel shackles that hold her in a doggy position with her hands between her legs and her face against the table. Multiple floggers are used to turn her flesh bright red from all of the impact. Then The Pope uses his metal claws to overload Gizelle with deep sensation stimulation. Now that she is at a very heightened level, he administers multiple orgasms that push our little Gizelle right over the edge. Gizelle is bound in a very open, and vulnerable position that makes all of her flesh and holes readily available. The Pope enters and goes straight to work finishing what he started by pushing her even further still. The orgasms become so overpowering that she doesn?t know what to do wither herself, so The Pope grabs a hand held fucking machine and goes to work fucking her into oblivion. What?s left, is a puddle of a sweat and cum-drunk slut atop the table to recover from her journey.

Baroness Bijou in 'Helotry Clip 2'

Baroness Bijou - Helotry Clip 2

A life as a maid of the mistress means at any time and everywhere to ensure order and cleanliness, the maid does not do their work to the high expectations of the mistress, it can happen one night in the strictest bondage floating in the room, gagged and helpless delivered to everything the maid waits, or even the use as an involuntary sex object by the mistress or her friend.

Ava Devine in 'Angelina Valentine in 2 Cocks for Ava Devine!'

Ava Devine - Angelina Valentine in 2 Cocks for Ava Devine!

When I say big cocks I really mean to say 2 big cocks. Like the one I have strapped on me and the one that will join us later in the scene! Members of Pornstar Platinum will certainly love this set cause it?s with none other than, Ava Devine! Watch as join sex-crazed maniacs fuck with each other then fuck Wolfe! If the start of this scene doesn?t get you a Lil hard then I don?t know what will! Watch as Ava devour my big strap then takes a hold of Wolfe?s real cock. Whether it?s a real cock or a fake cock Ava and I are game for it in this filthy fucking update!

Sklave in 'The CBT Game Clip 3'

Sklave - The CBT Game Clip 3

Helpless fixed and his balls stretched, Mademoiselle Zo?s rubber toy must defenselessly endure her nasty cock claw that drills more and more him his flesh, the more she stimulated his sexual erection to keep him strong, he is fed with domina kisses also his sensitive nipples she does not forget ? and then Madame unpacks the needle!

Sub Lisa in 'MyVeryFirstTime: No Condom! Gangbang and Pussy'

Sub Lisa - MyVeryFirstTime: No Condom! Gangbang and Pussy

The weather was extremely nice and warm! Sure, my 19 friends and I have fulfilled the desire of my girlfriend Lisa and fucked her in my garden and cummed on and in her. Horny cocks fucked her for hours and inseminated the skinny girl to overflowing. Her long labia hung wide out of her pussy and were full of cum when I was the last to fill her horny cunt with my juice

Lydia Black in 'Every Fucking Inch: Lydia Black and Andre Stone'

Lydia Black - Every Fucking Inch: Lydia Black and Andre Stone

Lydia Black burns sage, lights candles, and casts a spell. She conjures her Dom, Andre Stone to torment and fuck her. She?s bound in rope to a metal structure, standing naked when Andre delivers his hard blows with the flogger. After that he gets a huge dildo and fucks her pussy with it. In the next scene, Lydia is tied to a chair. Andre presses a vibrator against her clit and she cums hard as she pees. In the final scene, Lydia is in a full rope suspension. Andre fucks her in the ass and she cums on his huge cock.

Madame Zoe in 'The CBT Game Clip 2'

Madame Zoe - The CBT Game Clip 2

Helpless fixed and his balls stretched, Mademoiselle Zo?s rubber toy must defenselessly endure her nasty cock claw that drills more and more him his flesh, the more she stimulated his sexual erection to keep him strong, he is fed with domina kisses also his sensitive nipples she does not forget ? and then Madame unpacks the needle!

Elise Graves in 'Tease and Denial of Breath'

Elise Graves - Tease and Denial of Breath

Rubber-clad J is in need of a special treatment. Thankfully Doctors Tech and Graves were on call to administer the experimental treatment known to some as Extreme Stimulation Sans Air. J is connected to a computer which gives him access to air for 15 seconds at a time, only to cut that supply completely off for 10 seconds - while simultaneously vibrating his cock! This means that J needs to not only deal with the complete lack of air, but while he is being intensely sexually stimulated! The computer screen counting down the seconds until his access to air is removed is visible to the room, however J is wearing a gas mask with kaleidoscope eyes, which distorts his vision, making it difficult to focus! J is brought to the edge of sexual arousal quickly and yet remains sexually frustrated the entire treatment, as he does not have enough time to orgasm, but remains entirely stimulated. Doctor Graves and Doctor Tech invite other patients to get a glimpse at J, but ultimately J is left alone to deal with his frustration.

Eriq Dikkerson in 'Studentatrix 2 - Willow Ryder'

Eriq Dikkerson - Studentatrix 2 - Willow Ryder

Eriq?s student Willow followed him home after school and discovered his shameful secret: he puts on a mask and works as a slave in femdom videos. She tells him from now on, she?s not going to do any of the assignments and she?s still going to get an ?A? in his class. If he doesn?t do exactly as she says, she will make sure everyone knows what a sick pervert he is! She pulls down her tight jeans shorts and it turns out she has a BIG ASS? she makes him shove his face in it as she laughs at him and degrades him? she OWNS HIM NOW! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, ARMPIT WORSHIP, AND MORE!

Baroness Bijou in 'Helotry Clip 1'

Baroness Bijou - Helotry Clip 1

A life as a maid of the mistress means at any time and everywhere to ensure order and cleanliness, the maid does not do their work to the high expectations of the mistress, it can happen one night in the strictest bondage floating in the room, gagged and helpless delivered to everything the maid waits, or even the use as an involuntary sex object by the mistress or her friend.

Tori Avano in 'Gets Machine Fucked'

Tori Avano - Gets Machine Fucked

Tori Avano stands naked, tied-up in rope bondage to a Saint Andrew?s Cross. An Hitachi is strapped to her pussy and she writhes in pleasure as the vibrator warms her up. Her hands are freed and she makes herself cum multiple times. In the next scene she?s in a doggy-style position with her wrists bound in rope. We get an unobstructed view of her gorgeous ass and her pussy getting machine fucked and she cums hard. In the final scene clothespins are placed across her tits as she straddles a Sybian and Tori cums multiple times from the vibrating saddle.

Jade Venus in 'and Jake Waters: When The Trainer Is Trained'

Jade Venus - and Jake Waters: When The Trainer Is Trained

Jade Venus takes trainer Jake Waters on a wild ride when she invites him over to her dungeon for one of her fun parties. She warns him that she doesn?t play nice and she wasnt joking. Blindfolded, gagged and bound to St. Andrew?s cross Jake is about to get a taste of Mistress Venus?s deliciously dominating training sessions. With long wavy hair and even longer legs Venus is decked out in a super sexy leather and latex outfit, thigh high stockings and platform pumps. First some teasing and discipline with the paddle, flogger and crop and then onto the real training. Mistress Venus saunters around the room flaunting her hot body and then selects a nice fat butt plug to warm up Jake?s ass for what is to come next. Jake moans in pleasure as she slides it in and out his tight hole. Venus drags her trainee into the next room and Jake sucks her cock while she tosses her hair around loving every second of it. Then with his head and hands trapped in guillotine style stocks Mistress Venus fucks her little plaything good and hard until she cums all over his face. Nice trainer that she is Venus lets Jake cum too and then puts him back in his cage to use again later.

Katie Kush in 'Katie Kush: Bendy Bitch in Bondage'

Katie Kush - Katie Kush: Bendy Bitch in Bondage

Katie Kush is very flexible and loves to push her limits when she does bondage shoots. She begged The Pope to push her hard today, so he puts her in brutal and strict rope bondage. The first scene has Katie standing in the middle of the dungeon with her hands above her head, which is basic, but keeps her helpless. Don?t fear, she is about to get a rude awakening as he begins to take this basic tie, and build it into something that Katie can barely handle. By the end of the scene, Katie is in a full wrist and ankle suspension. The next scene begins with Katie already in the air in a grueling inverted hogtie suspension. The Pope methodically makes Katie suffer with different impact, and then ties her hair nice and tight to add to her discomfort. In the final scene, Katie is literally folded in half with her legs behind her head. This time she has no choice, but to orgasm as many times as he commands her to. His boot presses into her flesh and he leans into her chest with all of his weight, as Katie continues to orgasm uncontrollably. He buries a large dildo deep inside of her cunt as her orgasms become overwhelming.

Madame Zoe in 'The CBT Game Clip 1'

Madame Zoe - The CBT Game Clip 1

Helpless fixed and his balls stretched, Mademoiselle Zo?s rubber toy must defenselessly endure her nasty cock claw that drills more and more him his flesh, the more she stimulated his sexual erection to keep him strong, he is fed with domina kisses also his sensitive nipples she does not forget ? and then Madame unpacks the needle!

Bella X in 'Teen Slut Pussy Filled with Sperm - German Creampie Gangbang'

Bella X - Teen Slut Pussy Filled with Sperm - German Creampie Gangbang

That was an extremely horny evening with Bella X. I know the 19-year-old from the Internet and she has revealed to me that she loves sperm above everything and wants to be fucked and inseminated. To test whether this is true, I invited her and 15 of my best friends to my fuck basement. Bella has made herself pretty especially for us. My highlight was her glasses, which we splashed several times.She has kept her word: amazing creampies in the horny tight pussy hole and multiple cumshots in the pretty face and on her horny bigtits. She is a very special cum teen - I love her!

Elise Graves in 'Twenty Minutes'

Elise Graves - Twenty Minutes

Elise loves to be tied up and choked. She especially loves when she is essentially choking herself. Her friend Jack decides to give her some quality alone time after handcuffing her hands behind her back, attaching a spreader bar between her legs, and hoisting her neck up tight. After setting a timer for twenty minutes, there is nothing Elise can do but try to maintain composure and stay alive. Warning: This video is for entertainment purposes only. Neck play is very dangerous, and there were many safeguards not visible to the viewer. Stay safe!

Angel Vain in 'I Can Break Your Cock'

Angel Vain - I Can Break Your Cock

?YOU DON?T DESERVE TO GET MY PUSSY, YOU ARE LUCKY JUST TO GET MY HAND. Angel rubs her pussy all over your cock, but you don?t get it. She teases your cock with her Ass and her Big Breasts but you don?t get to cum on them. She doesn?t know if she?ll let you cum or just break your cock. And when you cum it won?t be enough. SHE WANTS MORE.?

Ivy Maddox in 'Morea Black Is Ivy Maddox's Filthy Little Slut'

Ivy Maddox - Morea Black Is Ivy Maddox's Filthy Little Slut

Ivy Maddox is bored and ready to be served by some hot slut. There happens to be a beautiful, sexy woman cleaning her house all decked out in a latex maid?s outfit, stockings and high heels so she is going to have some fun and make Morea Black her filthy little slut. Ivy orders her girl to work starting with a deep cleaning of her shiny platform heels with her tongue but soon leads to toe sucking and foot worship of Ivy?s sweaty feet. Their special day together just gets better and better as Ivy uses all her toys and tricks to have her way with Morea. Ivy gets her little slut warmed up with a studded paddle and then fucks her ass with a clear butt plug and then a long hard strap-on dildo causing Morea Black to gape again and again. But it doesn?t stop there?these two sluts are anal queens so Ivy pulls on some long latex gloves and slides her fist up Morea?s ass and fucks her good until she cums hard. Then Morea serves her Mistress even better by licking Ivy?s wet pussy while fucking her ass with a dildo until she squirts all over the place. Super hot and fun time with Ivy Maddox and Morea Black!



?BRATTY HEATHER IS BACK FROM HER SELF-DEFENSE CLASS AND SHE WANTS TO TAKE IT OUT ON YOU!You are such a wimp she wants to beat you to the ground and make you GIVE HER YOUR MONEY. ?Poor thing, are you afraid I?m going to break your arm?! I?ll give you your arm back for your cash? Your arm for a new purse.? She puts you in a scissor hold and then puts your face in her ass. Squeezing your head between her thighs turns her on. This Brat Girl will beat the pants off of you, take your dignity and your money.?

Glenn King in 'Bully in the Gym 3 - Spencer Scott'

Glenn King - Bully in the Gym 3 - Spencer Scott

Spencer Scott loves picking on wimps in the gym. When she sees Glenn trying to bench press, she sees the perfect victim! She pushes him around and humiliates in as he whines like a little wimp? she makes him get on his knees and kiss her feet and then shoves her BIG ASS in his face. She loves laughing at him! She makes him do situps into her ass, and then sits on his face! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, AND MORE!

Vanna Bardot in 'Tormented Slut in Steel Bondage'

Vanna Bardot - Tormented Slut in Steel Bondage

Vanna Bardot has figured out that she loves pain, especially to suffer by the hands of The Pope. She is a slut that knows exactly what she wants and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it. There are days when the bondage is used to restrain sluts during the suffering torment, and other times the bondage is the suffering. Today Vanna is going to be restrained with the intent to make her suffer as much as possible though torment and domination. Her body is helpless, and the torment is plentiful. The Pope has curated a day full of sadistic domination, and non-stop orgasms. Vanna is gagged, and all of her really sensitive spots are covered with clothes pins. He uses his crop to flick the pins off to increase her suffering for your viewing pleasure. Her reward is multiple intense orgasms, so prepare yourself for loads of orgasms. She is pushed through several positions that expose different parts of her body so that every part gets the proper attention. Heavy impact pushes Vanna close to the edge, but being a pain slut means she enjoys this journey more than others, so even the suffering is welcomed. She is finished off with a zipper that runs from her tits to he thighs, and is fucked with the hitachi for the most powerful orgasm of the day.

Brooklyn Gray in 'Forgive Me Father'

Brooklyn Gray - Forgive Me Father

Brooklyn has a long history with the priest at church. It?s complicated, and complex, and now Brooklyn is realizing that maybe things have gone on for long enough. Maybe it?s time to end the cycle that has engulfed their life for so long. This is going to be harder than it sounds, but Brooklyn knows that something has to change, because enough is enough. Christian, her priest, isn?t going to release one of his flock that easily, especially one that is as hot as Brooklyn. He pays Brooklyn a visit and things quickly take an unexpected turn, and not the one Brooklyn was looking for. To control the situation, Christian renders Brooklyn helpless with bondage as he uses her body exactly the way he always has. The torment and control show Brooklyn how much he loves her, even if Brooklyn can?t see it.

Zecke Laura in 'Bang The Dirty Punk Slut - EXTREME CREAMPIE PISS'

Zecke Laura - Bang The Dirty Punk Slut - EXTREME CREAMPIE PISS

Naughty punk girl Laura just can?t get enough. The more horny cocks, piss and cum the better. Of course she greedily spread her legs as 20 men took her through in an old barn on an old mattress. Laura enjoyed it. She is just a horny slut who wants to be inseminated and swallow cum. One of the fucking guys was even allowed to piss on her before she was then taken to the finale together with her friend Loly. Not a drop of cum was lost!

Jane Wilde in 'Jane Wilde: Giving Up The Ass'

Jane Wilde - Jane Wilde: Giving Up The Ass

Jane has been flirting with her neighbor behind her boyfriend?s back. She is planning a big backyard show to let him see everything but her boyfriend Quinton has other plans. He noticed that she?s been distracted lately so when she leaves her phone on the counter he can?t help but take a look. He finds out that she has been flirting heavily with the neighbor George and that he has plans to fuck her ass in the backyard next to the pool. He makes sure that he is home just in time tocatch this anal slut putting on a show. Once she is caught in the act, Jane is given an ultimatum: get out, or give up the ass to Quinton. She?s not happy about it, but she doesn?t want to be put out inthe streets either. Guess what happens next?

Miss Loly in '25 Guys Big Creampie Gangbang'

Miss Loly - 25 Guys Big Creampie Gangbang

Summer, sun, cock - Miss Loly from Belgium loves to be fucked and inseminated bare in all holes. Of course, she?s part of our legendary summer outdoor gangbang. Today she gets all her holes stuffed by 20 German men and cummed on with extreme pleasure. No question, Miss Loly is a real horny cum and three-hole slut.

Alexandra Snow in 'Caught Masturbating'

Alexandra Snow - Caught Masturbating

Slave Jimmy has been explicitly forbidden to jerk off by his Goddess Alexandra Snow. But of course, he?s a horny guy and screws up. And gets caught. Goddess Snow is justifiably pissed and shows her displeasure with a hard round of flogging, paddling, and spanking. To further humiliate her misbehaving submissive, she makes. He wears his cum stained underpants on his head while she makes him such her big strap-on and then rails his ass but good. Has he learned his lesson? Probably not?

Elise Graves in 'Someone's Excited'

Elise Graves - Someone's Excited

Elise?s new bondage friend, Patrick, jumps head-first into play! Elise puts Patrick into a Max Cita rest sack, laces him tight, and then uses medical restraint belts to cinch him in! Donning a red rubber mask already, Patrick then has a gas mask placed on top. Elise hooks Patrick?s cock and balls up to electro current, which makes Patrick super excited about his situation. All the while, Elise is excited to be in such control over Patrick.

Liv Revamped in 'All Anal All Day!'

Liv Revamped - All Anal All Day!

Liv has got one of the tightest bodies and loves to show it off to us in her strip-tease. She slowly removes clothing from her body until she exposes enough to tease us, and thenmasturbates. She gets her holes all warmed up and has mind-blowing orgasms. Liv gets comfortable on her back for the first machine as it?s placed between her legs. We slowly slide themachine in her ass. Liv cracks a smile as it slides in deeper. The machine ramps up and Liv begins to orgasm as the while it pounds her ass. She grabs the vibe, presses it against her clit and the orgasms pour out of her. Next, Liv is standing up, bent over so that we can bury another dildo inside her ass that?s powered by our machine. Liv loves a good ass fucking, and we make sure that she gets as much as she can handle. In the final scene, Liv is on her side and the third machine is positioned to fuck her magnificent ass. The machine revs faster and faster as Liv goes in and out of anal ecstasy. Liv hasn?t had her asshole fucked like this before, but we?re sure she?ll be begging to cum back soon!

Aubrey Gold in 'Lyra Louvel and Aubrey Gold - What's Next 2'

Aubrey Gold - Lyra Louvel and Aubrey Gold - What's Next 2

What started as a sweet massage for teen Aubrey, Lyra had a sneaky surprise bursting out of my pants. A simple towel blindfold led to my cock in both cute young birds sucking and tugging at my balls. As I fucked both pink tight holes they had their toys out for extra pussy action until I blasted my splatter all over their cute faces and tongues.