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Alexa Nova in 'Petite Redhead Alexa Nova Loves BBC In Her Ass'

Alexa Nova - Petite Redhead Alexa Nova Loves BBC In Her Ass

Tiny redhead anal slut Alexa Nova craves a big black cock deep inside her tight ass.

Barrett Blade in 'Judy Jolie Loves The Taste Of Her Stepbrother's Cock'

Barrett Blade - Judy Jolie Loves The Taste Of Her Stepbrother's Cock

Petite teen Judy Jolie lets her stepbro fuck her before dumping his load all over her perky natural tits.

King Noire in 'Memories: Kira Noir and King Noir'

King Noire - Memories: Kira Noir and King Noir

Loss is a part of life. This is a lesson Kira Noir has had to learn recently. As she daydreams, thinking of her former lover King Noire, she can?t help but to drift into the memories of the hot, passionate sex the two used to have. Giving herself fully to him, the hot passion that they would share as she would submit to his each and every desire, the intoxicating pleasure he would give her. The memories of her former lover drive her wild and let her drift into ecstasy

Sklave Reinschlagfresse in 'I am your Goddess Part 2'

Sklave Reinschlagfresse - I am your Goddess Part 2

First, you were dazzled by my beauty, then you became a slave to me. As my personal property, an orgasm is forbidden to you but an honor when I kick you in your useless testicles, spit on you and slapped you in the face. As a reward for your loyalty, you may spoil my asshole every day and then lick me to orgasm. Your degradation is my pleasure!

Elise Graves in 'A Suspended Suck'

Elise Graves - A Suspended Suck

Elise is very pleased to be playing with Sasha and HeavyBondage4Life, a lovely young kinky couple! She has all sorts of fantasies to live out with them! This particular one, however, is very involved but worth it! First, Elise secures each one of them into a heavy canvas Max Cita sleepsack. In the case of Sasha, Elise has also fitted her pussy with a Stanley Jr. electro plug. Elise then hoists Sasha up into the air, face down, dangling right over Heavy. With Sasha?s recently split tongue, Elise believes she needs some practice using it, and so Elise places a gag in Sasha?s mouth and begins to probe her mouth her a gloved hand, all the while slobber is falling onto Heavy?s face. Next, Elise turns Heavy around, and lowers Sasha?s mouth onto Heavy?s hard cock. He has been patiently waiting in his sack while listening to Sasha?s Stanley Jr. electro moans. He likes hearing her suffer, you can tell. Elise enjoys it as well, so she turns up the electro while instructing Sasha how to suck Heavy?s cock. At first Elise gives Sasha the liberty to control her own depth, however Elise eventually takes control by hoisting Sasha up and down in the air on Heavy?s cock. This is one unique video that will probably appeal to those who enjoy helpless sexual service.

Tori Cummings in 'Captive Plaything: Mistress Dolores and Impala'

Tori Cummings - Captive Plaything: Mistress Dolores and Impala

Mistress Dolores fetches her pet Impala from his dark dusty quarters. She begins the humiliation and makes him dress in a silly, ill fitting clothes fit for a toy doll. She places him in a wooden cage with his hands and head protruding out from the top of the stockade lid. She places a hood over his head and whips his thighs with a cat o nine tails. After that, she ties his head and feet to a wrought iron gate with his ass in the air. The beautiful Mistress Dolores places clothespins down his thighs and balls and spanks his ass hard. She hits him with a crop and drips melted candle wax into the crack of his ass. Next Impala is secured to a wooden seat with leather straps. Hooks go into his nose and lift it up like a pig. She straps a medieval looking collar with several spikes keeping his head up. She puts spikes between his toes, a clamp on his tongue and foreskin. Mistress Dolores lifts Impala into the air in a full rope suspension. She gets his cock hard with her feet and then finishes him off with her strong hands. She pees on his chest, and sticks he foot on his head like a hunter.

Glenn King in 'Homewrecking Wedding Planner - Tiffany Watson'

Glenn King - Homewrecking Wedding Planner - Tiffany Watson

Tiffany the wedding planner loves ruining marriages. She loves the power rush of seducing another woman?s man and turning him into her slave. When Glenn?s fiancee has to miss their wedding planning appointment, Tiffany sees her chance to get what she wants?she degrades and insults Glenn?s fiancee while using her seductive charms on him? she tells him she knows he?s submissive and how much it turns him on to be used by a dominant Goddess like her? he knows he shouldn?t betray his fiancee but he can?t resist Tiffany?s power? he soon finds himself on his knees licking her ass and feet. Then when she tells him to sit down so she can RIDE HIS COCK, he knows he has lost all willpower. Tiffany can?t be denied? she?s a HOMEWRECKING WEDDING PLANNER! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, FEMDOM SEX, AND MORE!

Alyx Star in 'Busty Brunette Slut Alyx Star Loves Cock'

Alyx Star - Busty Brunette Slut Alyx Star Loves Cock

Super slut Alyx Star fucks married man Dan Ferrari in front of his horny wife.

Alexis Crystal in 'Has Multiple Brain Melting Orgasms'

Alexis Crystal - Has Multiple Brain Melting Orgasms

Sexy Euro slut Alexis Crystal gets fucked hard and has multiple orgasms.

Elise Graves in 'Elise Graves: Clash of the Titans'

Elise Graves - Elise Graves: Clash of the Titans

We have our fair share of top notch models that grace the pages of, but few are as iconic as Elise Graves. Elise is as powerful as a top as she is a bottom, and after almost 10 years, Elise Graves and The Pope are finally back together to bring you one of the most brutal shoots to ever be published on Hogtied. The rope is used in a way to become part of the torment. He uses his hands and other implements to make her suffer even more. Every piece of rope is tied with the purpose to inflict as much pain as possible. Elise?s body is pushed way beyond what a normal person could endure, but then again, Elise isn?t just any person. There is predicament bondage, suspension bondage, and traditional shibari as well. Elise digs deep to find the strength to get through every grueling position as The Pope layers more and more rope on her body to manipulate her and render her completely helpless.

Delirious Hunter in 'Mistress Delirious Hunter Punishes her Lazy Submissive'

Delirious Hunter - Mistress Delirious Hunter Punishes her Lazy Submissive

Submissive Jimmy was supposed to do the dishes before his Mistress got home, but he screwed up, so now he?s getting flogged. But that?s not nearly enough punishment, so Delirious Hunter encases his cock and balls in a chastity device, makes him bend over, and whacks his balls with a dragon?s tongue. Then, Mistress Hunter adds clothespins to Jimmy?s balls and nipples, then torments him with a Wartenberg pinwheel and crop. Finally, she makes him jerk off onto a plate, pours his jizz over her pretty feet, and makes him lick them clean. He?ll never forget to do the dishes again!

Aidra Fox in 'Aidra Fox: Submissive Anal Slut Gets Fucked Hard'

Aidra Fox - Aidra Fox: Submissive Anal Slut Gets Fucked Hard

Sexy brunette Aidra Fox is a submissive, anal-loving whore.

Kadisha Latina in 'Innocent Latin School Girl Teen! 18 Men Give It All!'

Kadisha Latina - Innocent Latin School Girl Teen! 18 Men Give It All!

After my first date with this Latin teen was so horny, I invited her back to my place. Kadisha comes to me right after school. Still, in her school clothes, my friends and I then started to take her through? At first, she was a bit shy, but then she thawed out! Kadisha is really so horny.

Sarah Simons in 'Whipped and fucked hard'

Sarah Simons - Whipped and fucked hard

Sarah sure knows how to please her master. She is giving him some deepthroat before he fucks her pussy. In the meantime, she is receiving some spanking and a huge cumshot.



?IT?S TIME FOR A CHANGE.Your wife, Electra, has gotten tired of your attitude. She is tired of entertaining you and putting up with your selfish cock. Now she has found a better man. It?s time to move on from your cock permanently. She only married you for your money anyway. Now she is going to do away with you permanently. While you were sleeping she slipped a rare spider into your bed. It normally isn?t dangerous? but if you happen to orgasm? you will slip away from this life.?

Helena Locke in 'Helena Locke: Rope Bondage and Extreme Torment'

Helena Locke - Helena Locke: Rope Bondage and Extreme Torment

Helena Locke stands naked, wrists bound in rope tied to the ceiling. With a ball gag in her mouth and a spreader bar between her legs, she anticipates what The Pope has in store. He creeps from behind and slaps her pussy. He grabs a leather flogger and delivers deep loud blows to her perfect ass. He sticks a knee in her chest and pulls her nipples. Helena endures the relentless flogger from all sides, turning her whole body pink. He rewards her with an orgasm and switches to the cane. The Pope lashes her with the can, making her mascara run. In the next scene, Helena is in seated butterfly position full rope suspension. He torments and teases her with a small cattle prod. He covers her eyes and brings out a bigger one. Helena gets zapped while The Pope presses a vibe against her pussy and then fucks her with a dick on a stick and she cums hard and loud. In the next scene, Helena is on her knees, bound in rope, ass in the air with her head pressed into the floor. He works her body over with his leather crop and scratches her skin with metal claws. He hits her with a cane and then fucks her with the DOS while he vibes her pussy. She cums hard and just when she thinks its over, The Pope grabs the single tail and it sends Helena to her limit.

Aubrey Black in 'Aubrey Black: Busty Slut Can't Get Enough Of Her Stepbrother's Cock'

Aubrey Black - Aubrey Black: Busty Slut Can't Get Enough Of Her Stepbrother's Cock

Aubrey Black gets her pussy stuffed by her stepbrother?s throbbing hard cock.

Brooke Johnson in 'Stuck In A Fantasy: Brooke Johnson and Quinton James'

Brooke Johnson - Stuck In A Fantasy: Brooke Johnson and Quinton James

Dr. Brooke Johnson has a new patient, Quinton James, in her care. Upon first meeting him, the man seems to not be fully a part of the conversation, zoning off looking at her physique, eyes, lips, and can?t seem to get him to fully check in. She keeps attempting to poke and prod in her questioning, but where could he possibly be? What fantasy could he be lost in? Unbeknownst to the beautiful doctor, Quinton is absolutely flooded with his desires of how badly he wants to dominate her. How he would love to tie her down and place pins all throughout her body and make her cum as many times as possible until she is left beginning for more but not able to handle anymore of the sexual pleasure done to her body. In Quinton?s dark fantasy, Brooke is in the most beautiful mix of pleasure and pain. However? it?s all him being Stuck in a Fantasy.?

Aiden Starr in 'Dominik's Dream'

Aiden Starr - Dominik's Dream

Lonely guy Dominik jerks off every night to his favorite video Domme, Aiden Starr. But one magic night, she visits him in a dream and gives him everything he?s fantasized about ? she flogs and paddles him, sits on his face and lets him lick her pussy, and bites and mangles his balls. She also gives him some advice about life, which sets him off on an adventure. This is a scene from our AVN-nominated feature, FemDom Dream Date.

Elise Graves in '2.4mm of Rubber Heaven'

Elise Graves - 2.4mm of Rubber Heaven

My most recent trip to visit Studio Gum in Germany included meeting two awesome new friends - Cymbelin and Lady Silver. This real-life kinky young couple was such a pleasure to meet and play with, as they are truly passionate about their play! Lady Silver and I stuff the lucky Cymbelin?s ass with an electrode and then zip him into his custom made Studio Gum 2.4mm rubber rest sack. I have never seen or felt such a thick bag - it is truly incredible! He has two layers of rubber hoods on his head, which are connected to a motorized value. His cock is also wired up for some electro, including a small urethral insert. The game begins when the valve and electro are fired up! Cymbelin has to decide whether he wants his air cut off or if he wants to suffer some really intense electro sensations! Watch as he writes around in his thick rubber cocoon! I couldn?t help but laugh and laugh at his suffering, knowing that he loves this type of play. It was an honor and a pleasure to meet these two and I look forward to playing more in the future!

Miss Macarena in 'I am your Goddess Part 1'

Miss Macarena - I am your Goddess Part 1

First, you were dazzled by my beauty, then you became a slave to me. As my personal property, an orgasm is forbidden to you but an honor when I kick you in your useless testicles, spit on you, and slapped you in the face. As a reward for your loyalty, you may spoil my asshole every day and then lick me to orgasm. Your degradation is my pleasure!

Alexa Flexy in 'Curvy Blonde Alexa Flexy Gets Her Ass Punished By A BWC'

Alexa Flexy - Curvy Blonde Alexa Flexy Gets Her Ass Punished By A BWC

Hot blonde Alexa Flexy gets DP?d in this hardcore amateur threesome.

Indiana Bones in 'Fit Slut Abbie Maley Drains Dan Ferrari's Hard Cock'

Indiana Bones - Fit Slut Abbie Maley Drains Dan Ferrari's Hard Cock

Suzanne Ferrari brings home hot, brunette babe Abbie Maley as a present for her husband.

Mistress Tangent in 'Suffer For Your Goddess: Cole Church Submits To Goddess Tangent'

Mistress Tangent - Suffer For Your Goddess: Cole Church Submits To Goddess Tangent

Goddess Tangent is a sexy dominatrix with an insatiable desire for sadism. She loves to see submissive men strain with pain and wants to test what newcomer Cole Church can take. Eager to prove himself, Cole endures intense face sitting, hand gagging, flogging, cropping, scratching, and having his holes brutally fucked.Cole is laying on a leather bench and bound in rope when Goddess Tangent enters the dungeon. She places her knee onto his crotch and shoves her latex clad hand down his throat. There is no escape for Cole, and Goddess Tangent emphasizes this when she sits on his face and teases his hard cock. But she wants to tenderize his flesh even further and needs access to his backside. Cole is then tied-up to the ceiling in a crucifix position, barely able to balance himself on his toes. This provides Goddess Tangent the perfect predicament to ruthlessly flog and crop Cole?s ass. His dedication to please his Goddess never wavers, even as she ferociously scratches his body with her sharp nails. Cole begs to be fucked by her, much to Goddess Tangent?s delight, and she happily obliges. Finally, he is put in a position on his back with his legs tied apart for ample access to his holes. Goddess Tangent straddles his face and crams her strap-on down his throat to ensure that it gets nice and wet before she moves onto his ass. She warms his ass up with her fingers, stretching it out one finger at a time. After she pounds Cole?s ass, Goddess Tangent rewards him by allowing him to cum; but she scoops up his load and feeds it right back to him.

Ana Foxxx in 'Shopping Slave - Ana Foxxx'

Ana Foxxx - Shopping Slave - Ana Foxxx

Goddess Ana graciously allowed her slave to come Christmas shopping with her! They walked through the mall and she pointed at various things and each time, her slave would scurry off to purchase what she wanted. She then made him pay for giftwrapping of all the gifts she picked out for herself. But now that they have returned home, she tells him he should have bought more for her. So, she tells him he will need to call his bank and increase his credit limits and apply for a loan. As she rubs her perfect ass up and down his face, he feels weaker and weaker? he wants to resist as his life spirals out of control but Ana is just too beautiful and powerful to be denied. He will be drained of everything he owns and she knows it! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, AND MORE!

Nicki Hunter in 'The Devil's Workshop: Body and Soul'

Nicki Hunter - The Devil's Workshop: Body and Soul

Struggling singer Nicki is frustrated with her life ? she performs in bars where no one pays attention to her, and she?s totally broke. She declares she would sell her soul to the devil for success. And, guess who shows up? She gives the devil a blowjob while he outlines her glorious future. Soon, her dressing room is gorgeous and fans are clamoring for her. She gets herself off in a beautiful bubble bath ? but then things take a strange turn and she finds herself in a dungeon, bound to a cross, as the devil whips, flogs, and otherwise torments her. Sometime later, she finds being famous isn?t really that great, she longs for peace and solitude, but the devil is back to demand more payment.

Alison Rey in 'Little Step sis Love Getting Her Pussy Fucked By Her Horny Stepbrother'

Alison Rey - Little Step sis Love Getting Her Pussy Fucked By Her Horny Stepbrother

Slutty brunette babe Alison Rey spreads her legs wide to get fucked by her step brother thick cock.

Abella Danger in 'Big Booty Babe Abella Danger Takes It Up The Ass'

Abella Danger - Big Booty Babe Abella Danger Takes It Up The Ass

Hot brunette babe Abella Danger gets her big juicy ass gaped and filled with big white cock.

Victoria Voxxx in 'Victoria Voxxx: Chained, Trapped, and Beaten'

Victoria Voxxx - Victoria Voxxx: Chained, Trapped, and Beaten

Victoria Voxxx is one of those models that gets more turned on the more you beat her. The torment is therapy for her, and the bondage is a way to ensure that she stays put during her time with her therapist. She begins locked in steel shackles on her wrists that hold her in place until The Pope begins the day of debauchery. One at a time, chain is added to weave a web of discomfort and suffering. Her body is slowly locked down and restrained tighter, and tighter. The Pope goes to work on her magnificent ass with a wooden paddle and other implements until the marking is very visible. Clothespins are added to her nipples for a little extra suffering before she is given a few orgasms. Next, Victoria is put in a doggy type device with her ass on display again; it?s such a perfect target to torment. More punishment is delivered to her ass before he uses his metal claw to over stimulate her brain, as well as her body. A dildo is shoved down her throat and then it gets buried in her wet pussy and it makes her explode with non stop orgasms. Victoria fights to escape him, but her attempts are worthless. In the final scene, Victoria is on her back with her legs folded under her, and her wrists bound to her ankles. Her throat is nice and snug with a heavy chain wrapped around it and pulled tight. Victoria doesn?t respond to normal torment, like other models, so The Pope takes it up a notch and finishes her off with a perfectly timed zipper.

Serenya Gomez in 'Played while hogtied'

Serenya Gomez - Played while hogtied

The sexy Serenya Gomez is getting tied up before she gets hogtied up by her bondage master. Once she is in the right person he gags her mouth and vibes her pussy. She feels uncomfortable but oh so horny!

Tato Switch in 'Venezuelan Hottie Tied Up For The First Time'

Tato Switch - Venezuelan Hottie Tied Up For The First Time

This SAS shoot is hot Kink from Colombia with sexy Venezuelan model Rebecca Johnson. Rebecca has a fantasy to be tied up for the first time so today is her lucky day. Decked out in a strappy, leather revealing outfit with thigh-high stockings and red heels Rebecca is a ready and willing trainee for her horny boss Cipriani who introduces her to BDSM.Starting with the crop, flogger and rope she gets a taste of BDSM and then some pussy eating and fingering which gets her turned on even more. Then Capriani fucks Rebecca in several positions and she sucks his cock until he shoots his load all over her pretty face.

Anna Rose in 'Elise's Ponygirl Transformation'

Anna Rose - Elise's Ponygirl Transformation

Famous Pony Trainer, Anna Rose, seduces a new pony, Elise, into her stable. Anna begins by testing Elise?s sensitive bits with crops, clamps, and plugs! After passing Anna?s initial exam, Elise is then dressed in a sexy leather pony harness, preparing her for the cart. Anna discovers thick, white pussy cream between Elise?s legs, exhibiting exactly her excitement about becoming a pony. Anna is pleased by this and continues to attach Elise to her new cart. Anna takes the reigns after admiring her pony?s shapely butt. After making the rounds with Elise as a pony, Anna treats her pony to some standing mummification orgasms!